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    After leaving Juventus, Mario Mandzukic made his debut on Saturday for Qatari side Al Duhail - but failed to lead the team to victory against Qatar SC. The Croatian had a 'goal' ruled out by VAR, thanks to one of his teammates being in an offside position.
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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 14 dana


    1. Anibal Figueroa

      Donde esta la afición yo veo vacío el estadio

    2. Arbiyan Hikmat

      Even my school supporters are better than this team


      Man united should grab him. We don't want to see a painful ending of his football career . Ucl winner and World cup finalist doesn't deserve it.

    4. Youssef 14 Mohamed

      Wasted career

    5. Kresimir Kralj

      Every seat is a front seat

    6. Roberto Eldios

      Son and beach madafacket is mauricio sarri the is juventus 2 in italian and despreciend a mario mandzuckic

    7. MOHAMMED Yusouf

      I loved the crowd song It's the YOU NEVER WALK ALONE version in Arab

    8. Debabrata Manna

      Play two years get the money then go back to Europe

    9. Ludovico Cianfanelli


    10. Safnat .L

      Why would he play for such a club

    11. Marcos Estrada

      Did he join the Sunday league?

    12. Holibas Fraser

      The player's is more than fans 🤣🤣🤣

    13. Denry Alfat

      Money money money

    14. DJ

      Imagine coming from Juve than going out to an empty stadium in Qatar. that would suck!

    15. Bagus Putra Nuswantoro

      Liga kuburan

    16. john stones

      This so depressing

    17. lion 8t

      Wtf........ Men

    18. Hary Haton

      Robert Lewandowski ⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅

    19. Ergenekon Celik

      He can better play in belgium / holland 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    20. zamri erhh

      Gd luck leagen juvi gd by cr7🤣

    21. Paulie 247

      What the hell is he doing here ? Should be in Europe.

    22. Mankusa

      This is nothing but "When you choice MONEY than LEGACY. "

    23. Flame8

      Al duhail: the average Juventus players retirement village

    24. محمد الزهراني

      يحليلهم القطرين

    25. Buletin Football


    26. Son Jason

      This is so sad to see. Mario Mandzukic is one of the worst treated football player 😐

    27. jamescooling

      What a dream it must be to play there..


      Is there strike?

    29. Chirag Rawat

      Honestly we have better crowd than this in India lmao

      1. ed vonschleck

        Indian crowds are compared to serie A mate, you have big population but leagues sucks

    30. Celtics are best

      Lmfao how do you go from juventus to this

    31. MMA - Muhammad Masyhur Alkhirid

      sepi amat stadion nye 😥

    32. olavo disolo

      Nossa como o estádio tá cheio em kkklkl pqp

    33. прогноз на футбол

      Рашидов вперед

    34. hkjjb

      All those fans were paid to come 😹

      1. Andy Uhu

        How u know It?

    35. Arthur King

      Full of nubs

    36. maximus Ilive4theking

      He had offers from MLS, should of just gone there, that is depressing.

    37. Christopher marimoutou

      Passer de la Juve au Qatar c'est quand même 2 monde différents😅

    38. Patsy Griffith

      Should have went to Man Utd

    39. PlayStation 4

      "Mansukesh" ahahah

    40. Anjas Asmara

      Sepi gak ada penontoya

    41. Bhavya Shah

      You expect a good world cup here

    42. forza juventus

      Know the money is great but he should have gone to USA or stayed at Seria A

    43. 8 ball pool

      А чего на стадионе не кого нет? 🤔

    44. iqbal johansyah

      player 22, subtitute player 14, ref and official 4, manager 2, asst manager and other staff 8, steward 30, announcer 1, total 81, crowd 50

      1. HaytersTV

        football mate, not bingo. HOuSE!

    45. Sreelal H

      Come to Kerala Blasters💛

    46. Luke Kinsella

      Sure he's dirt 0/0 draw 30 people there

    47. Afis Cemeng


    48. Harlan Faiz

      Terlalu sedikit penontonnya

    49. Mohamed B. Mansaray

      I'd rather play in my backyard with my friends, their families and mine will make a better crowd

    50. Toka katty ventures

      He should have gone to man utd ..this world cup finalist deserve better

    51. Eduardo Aviles

      This Qatar league is trash.. He should join Manchester United instead. Such a waste of talent and career 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Dieter Neuman

        *Saudi Arabien

    52. Ray Perez

      Es donde los que fueron grandes vienen a morir.

    53. Rick Garcia

      That’s a sad league 😂

    54. Piotr Konieczny

      Feel sad for Mario

    55. k Justice

      The other team Number 10 looks decent

    56. MrX

      Sta uradi ceni Mandjo? Gdje ode bolan iz srca evrope doso si tu shejkovima i pedofilima da igras ? Imo si para dovoljno nije ti toliko trebalo

    57. Supermendol rs

      Your the best Mario from Juventini Indonesia

    58. Alijon Murodov

      Sardor Rashidov

    59. Angelo Sciuto

      Da notare lo stadio pieno

    60. Andreas K

      DREAM DEBUT GOAL am I watching something else ???