Trying GENIUS DIY Food Hacks & "Funny" Tricks (123 Go)


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    Sometimes 123 Go goes ahead and makes a video that pops off real hard. I'm curious how genius these hacks actually are so I'm trying them myself.
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    I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
    I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

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    1. Gloom

      Oof lots of comments saying I copied here! Search 123 Go and look at their thumbnail, I def copied it haha. It's impossible to make a video like this in an hour. Sometimes queens think alike :P

      1. latrelle fame

        Gloom is the ugliest that I watch

      2. Aoibhinn Notaro

        At the shop and on my day off work i got some noodles I watch 123 go and MUMMA WHERES THE ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️🍲🍲🍲

      3. Layla Monaghan

        Gloom your my favorite

      4. SadiesStuff

        Ur not a queen if u copy wolf like azzy

      5. Morgan Ward

        Ha so tru

    2. Juanita Wanderi


    3. gacha TT

      Where can u not bring in snacks to the movie In sweden No problem

    4. Hanna the pusheen cat UwU

      The thing with the ores is that sometimes when you dunk it your fingers get covered in milk sooo

    5. Haryan vlog chanel

      Yes i have

    6. Liza Loren

      Why do you say who oh

    7. Alexis mensah

      Who has just came from Sssniperwolf is video and it is the same video as this one!!!😂😂😂 And also like if you have been a fan of gloom!! And comment if you would try these hacks??

    8. Ravi Kiran

      They do check our bags or pockets in theaters in our place

    9. Trxxi

      Kassie, if you ever get pregnant, I'm the best option for the godmother.

    10. Malak Jaber


    11. Pancake Frausto

      i cut my lip doing that

    12. DerpyBrick

      Why does everything unhealthy taste amazing but healthy stuff doesn’t always taste nice ;-;

    13. Keiah Nelson

      Roses are red Violets are blue Gloom is awsome And so are you

    14. AJ Coubrough

      I’ve tried it and the cookie just separates and the cream goes in fork

    15. life for one

      You did it wrong

    16. Denise Arvizu

      I was eating ramen noodles while watching this. I be like "Nope!" I like my noodles nice and long!

    17. Mercedes Dockrill

      When I was younger I was at a babysitters house and she gave my sister and I a yogurt as a snack. So she told us to use this hack and use the plastic lid because she was too lazy to wash a spoon once we were done with it

    18. carly schiltz

      2:20 I use this

    19. Mildred ttbvfe


    20. Danielle Kelley

      I love that much ranch 😂 You can think I’m disgusting

    21. Malia

      you yelling at him for being dumb with the yogurt without utensils makes me feel personally attacked. I once bought a can of spaghettios while away from home and didn't have a spoon or fork to eat them with so i began trying to just pour it in my mouth before bending the metal lid into a sort of scoop to use (which is, I will say, a tad more dangerous than using a yogurt lid bc it's metal not foil so it's sharper)* *please no bulli for this...I already have so little dignity left from doing this in public

    22. Lighting Bliss

      Girl walks in with snacks all over her Me:SnAcK aTtAck

    23. Melanie Arzuaga

      Casi I love your vids

    24. Pamela Pyle

      Lucky u get EarPods

    25. Victoria Lavengood

      With the yogurt hack someone actually did that in class

    26. Kim Taehyung

      The tube yogurt is called go-gurt yw

    27. runa yamada

      Gloom=there was a little milk on his lip Me= that was a white icing on the middle of the Oreo

    28. Fantastic Fanta

      With the pregnant food thing that wouldn't work for the guys only the girls

    29. Layla Cudmore

      Yes I have🥺

    30. Mariela Sanchez

      Lol me when I little and trying to be like an adult 3:48 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂

    31. Melissa Pan

      I have a cookie in milk

    32. Hala khalifa

      Those last few minutes were so deep 😂👍🏻

    33. valerie lamb

      please choose me

    34. Alicen Santiago

      Gloom no hate but the spoon one your spost to lick the yogurt off

    35. Princes puppy


    36. Aqsa Karamat

      I gave my dog chocolate now idk what happened to him

    37. Amelka Pawlak

      Sorry Glom

    38. Amelka Pawlak


    39. Sarah Price

      I literally just ate Oreos and milk before watching this video... 😂😜🤪😝😛

    40. Sunset Stuffs:3


    41. Isa Sunshine

      I eat Oreos with a fork don’t judge me😂😂😂

    42. Eric Audrey

      Yes I have had that Oreo problem and I got a different cup. Also I like Oreos to sit in my milk


      We have used the hack to sneak food in a theater bc our theatres search you

    44. Camelia Saleh

      In 0:46 When u was eating noodle I was eating noodles too But i added the entire spicy powder packet and my mouth is litterally on FIRE🙁☹ LIKE IF U LIKE NOODLES ⬇️

    45. Donelle Katzenberger

      Do a giveaway

      1. Donelle Katzenberger


    46. Jokūbas žaidžia


    47. Super Moon Rainbow Cookie

      2:08 I also suffer from Pringle cans.

    48. Mario Onofre

      My dog is a chihuahua and his name is coco and he also loves yogurt!

    49. Catfishqueen

      In China you never cut your noodles. A long noodle means a long life.

    50. Jannah Elhalawany

      you know what’s even more gross about the scissor hack and ramen? *your science project’s glue got on it*

    51. Super Holly

      R Kassie and Azzy still bffs?

    52. Zavoo2010


    53. Petal Berry

      Gloom: I hate salad Me: *YAAAAASSSSSS QUEEEEEEEEN* #sassthesalad

    54. Team Happi Happi

      Kassie:I'm going to eat these bad bois Bowl:I'm floating Edit:it's was the ramen noodles bowl

    55. Maddie & Daddy Carver

      Crazy crazy kassy

    56. Shanon Clein

      I know it works cuz I’ve already tried the Oreo hack and it worked

    57. ANN O'KEEFFE

      I love you gloom

    58. Taylor Williams

      In England your allowed to take food into most cinemas

    59. Alexavier Ong

      What a copy