Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work



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    Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work! Haven't done any diy lifehacks in a while... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Dumb People Caught STEALING Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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    1. Jamgirlkay84

      You can't use fresh corn to make only end up steaming it. You have to use dry corn (as in air dried until the kernels are hard). My dad used to dry the corn and then plant the kernels.

    2. Xclusiv Fortnite

      U are so pretty

    3. Vantzy YT

      Did you say suh lad

    4. Silan Zengin

      OMG you ar sooo Cute

    5. Lee Rockach

      Me eating Oreos at the same time as the hawks about Oreos

    6. Robloxz

      nobody: Literally nobody: SSSniperWolf: WE GOT SOME REEESEEES LOL XD

    7. Yasmin Rostom Åk4 Dalhemsskolan

      you ar 😡😈

    8. Glenda Lavalais

      Hi SSSniperwolf 😀

    9. shelly deckard

      I love soft Oreos

    10. 0 robux GIRL!!!!!!

      hello i am new to your channel and i am loving it !!

    11. Keith No problem MVTK

      Okay,I'm no genius,but like..was the first hack a joke?? 🤣🤣 (Sorry those who believe to that hack but I personally think its funn)

    12. your typical girl

      Only Greeks know the first hack with the pop corn... This bag is from a Greek supermarket

    13. Ashtynn 78

      I’m gluten free too lia!

    14. Nizam 6277

      Today is my birthday I am now 15 years old

    15. Taengkwa Dawney

      Wait in America you can’t bing snacks to the movies!? In Australia we can bring anything

    16. Ariana Eilishnstyff

      «Hotel? Trivago» lmao

    17. Kasxandra Presas

      In the phillipines its allowed to have snacks tahts from another store

    18. Katherine alhassanieh

      When I was little my dad used to peel grapes and feed them to me. I was 2 years old

      1. vinasu maaj


    19. Jackson Lanier

      If u didn’t know popcorn is a whole different plant there is a popcorn farm next to my house

    20. Music with aisha

      The hack for being pregnant no one will use that in our fam couse all i do is put is in a shoping bag from a clothing shop and bring it in

      1. vinasu maaj

        SS sniper Wolf Creek Rd

    21. ღ•Αlex Sαn•ღ

      1:07 lol

    22. Savannah Lopez

      There are gluten free oreos, but I do like what you got better than the gluten free oreos

    23. Lexi Vlogs

      My cinema doesn’t even care that we bring snacks

    24. Bella Love

      Before the how to cut watermelon you said it was 3 in the morning but before that you said 4 in the morning LIKE WHAT

    25. Leslie Contreras

      Causally cooking a channel bag lmaooooo😂💀

    26. Maria Nyberg

      In sweden it’s okay to bring snacks to the movies, there are even stores for it outside of the entrance

    27. v_Taehyung_ v

      I have a low pregnancy😂

    28. aayyyo BTS RM da bes

      UnDeR mY UmbRelLa

    29. Nathan Henslee

      Lol it’s not milk it’s whipping cream

    30. Strawberry Millk

      Yeetus feteetus who else saw the of brand item pringleetus

    31. jacquie lacanienta

      i’m pretty sure you have to cut the corn off first then heat it up but mmmmmm kay

    32. drue gover

      My worst witch was the dumbest was the orio

    33. Samantha Williams

      SS sniper Wolf Creek Rd

    34. Samantha Williams


    35. Iyana Princess

      Are you from tic tok from the part hi mister ohm

    36. Sophia Thomas

      U are awesome

    37. Yana Chernova

      I think ur supposed to boil the corn first lol

    38. Kailey Carrasco

      You are my favorite youtuber ever I really want to meat you

    39. Blue Belle Brinson

      You did this on my birthday

    40. Ima Shark

      Those gluten free wafers are dah frikin best I have celiac too

    41. Ava Williams

      West Brook?

    42. Random Things

      I-oop sksksk hi please answer

    43. Kristal Lopez

      First you said that it was 4:00 am then you said it was 3:00 am and now you said ti is 1:00am????

    44. ag slime

      "I like my grapes skinless" -sssniperwolf

    45. Ella Van Dam

      My name is ella

    46. seeriu ciihy

      “I only have a Chanel Bag” Said no one ever.

    47. Ian Tate

      I watch those videos

    48. Sophie Hamilton-Mead

      Ella my sisters name

    49. Robin Hrynuik


      1. seeriu ciihy

        When she pulls out the corn and says:it smells like corn. me: no dip Sherlock!!!


      ????? 0:57 ?? ? ? ?

    51. GameApocalypse

      I don’t know if it will work but the channel bag is plastic

    52. {•violetsblue •}

      I lIkE My OrEoS EcTrA sWisHiE Sniperwolf 2020

    53. Tegan Rand

      I like my Oreos soggy as well

    54. Angela Williams

      Help get Shane Dawson to see this

    55. Tali Forever

      You need oil

    56. Talk with Tiffany

      17.9 million subscribers watching a grown women microwave a corn on the cob in a Chanel bag... this makes sense.

    57. Jocelynne Xiong

      You need popcorn kernels corn doesn't turn into popcorn

    58. Wyatt & Audrey

      On the egg soft thang came on a eggtronic comercial came on after xd

    59. Badasmr4 Life

      SniperWolf:Smash like if you don’t try these hacks Me:*smashes like*