Top 100 Movies of the Decade



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    With the 2010's coming to a close let's take a big, sweeping, epic look back at a great decade for movies. From indie hits like Black Swan, Tangerine and Call Me By Your Name, to massive franchise entries like Avengers: Endgame or Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse and every Mad Max, Babadook and Green Room in between, the past decade was one worth spending in a movie theater. Here, in no particular order except one that made for a good video, are the 100 best movies of the decade.

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    1. Warchikken z

      wow. no spongebob movies? i am emotionaly scarred, mentally damaged, and physically hurt that you didn't put any sponge bob movies on the list

    2. RAM Sketch

      Where is X-Men: Days of Future Past? ☹️

    3. swapnil singh

      Why is Dark Knight not there? That movie trumps the entire superhero genre Now that doesn't put a smile on my face

    4. Zach Priddy

      Denis Villeneuve had the most films on here with four.

    5. Edison Lai

      Really solid list, loved it.

    6. Akram Ahmed

      Totally agree but i guess Hacksaw Ridge also deserves a place here

    7. Κωστας Μακρης

      A drift is a underated movie

    8. PixelPhoenix

      This isn't a proper ranking. For example when there is no marvel movie in ranking yet but suddenly 5+ of them are ranked i a row. Or NO Christopher Nolan movie is ranked below 80 but then three of them are randomly put in there.

    9. Raj Sekhar

      What about dark knight rises

    10. Officer K

      First song?

    11. Officer K

      Silence and The Lighthouse should have made the list.

    12. 10000 SubsWithoutVideos

      whiplash was better than any super-hero movie...

    13. Vlone LouiS

      No argo? No inglorious bastards? No marriage story? Its a cool list but some masterpieces should have been on here.

      1. Vlone LouiS

        Sorry inglorious bastard is 2009 my fault

    14. The Caped Crusader

      Man Of Steel deserves to be on this list

    15. aryan verma

      Where is The dark Knight rises

    16. Xavier.600

      man. 100 movies and they couldn’t include the finale to the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

    17. Isaac Kovacic

      Dark knight rises?

    18. Porter Pierce

      what’s with putting all the mcu super hero movies in a row? seems lazy to me

    19. Jimmi Sulley

      THAT EDIT @ 4:32

    20. Jimmi Sulley

      sooo... bridesmaids is better than Lady Bird? What kind of a list is this? IGN trippin'

    21. Jon Burn

      I think The Greatest Showman must be in the List instead of LaLa Land


      where da fak is the matrix, where is it, it's like one of the best movies released with a unique concept

      1. Kenzuro ' Ardnir

        u joking right? because you can clearly see the title "last decade"

    23. EDP445’s Father

      This list has some trash picks but respect it for the most part

    24. Carson Smith

      This list stinks

    25. Barend Van Dyk

      IGN is so lame, looks like they did a lazy job. They just put all the scary movies together, marvel movies together, instead of actually putting them where they should be rated and ranked.

    26. William Cole

      yo, um.. Rango came out in 2011.. just sayin.. best animated movie of the decade..

    27. William Cole

      Damn... Arrival, Sicario, Prisoners, AND Blade Runner 2049, ALL BY DENIS VILLENEUVE. He really is the best director of this decade.

    28. William Cole

      OK WAIT AM I THE ONLY ONE who thought at first that they were going in order from best to worst? Because like.. Birman, Her, and The Master are deadass my top 3 films of the decade lmao

    29. poop dealer

      they forgot birdemic

    30. Aidan Bacon

      The Irishman only 87?

    31. Kermit

      Wait when it says 1 does that mean that birdman in their opinion is the best film of the decade? Or is it the other way round? Someone please help me out


      He hasn't seen dark knight rises yet..

    33. Jupiter Mathew

      Wtf where is inception? Interstellar?

    34. K H Kazmi

      Please tell me ‘Mother!’ Is in this

    35. Ruairi O'Hare

      the one problem is Rogue One

    36. Barney Hill

      Ummm green book?

    37. Bodhi Banerjee

      Not including the Dark Knight Rises, (Which everyone seems to agree should be on this list) every Christopher Nolan movie is here

    38. ItsCainGaming

      Where the duck is parasite

    39. Dushyant Thadani

      43 out of a 100. Not bad at all.

    40. Jeff Santos

      Where's the guy that writes the whole list on the comment section?😂

    41. veds 11

      Interstellar should be much higher

    42. Swapnil Jain

      Thanks a lot for putting Green Room in this list.

    43. R18bbit

      Coco and Frozen made the list but tangled didn’t ?

    44. lxuise

      I got happy when i saw call me by your name

    45. Antreas Euagorou

      Star wars the last jedi 9.7 and not even mentioned :)

    46. Nikos Vytogiannis

      The dark knight rises?

    47. Idk ?

      Ready player one?

    48. jmak487

      jojo rabbit

    49. Mistyx AP

      Harry Potter?This list is joke

    50. Tanner Hedrick

      Ex Machina is overhyped

    51. Bogdan Didenko

      Umm, The Great Gatsby?

    52. Wint Herr

      The true "Marvel Age" Stan Lee could not even dream of in the 60s.

    53. Soapymigt

      Can anyone tell me all the songs used in this video

    54. Xcell 2187

      If endgame is in this list, then IGN is officially fake.

      1. Zach Sutton

        Whatever dude

    55. B K

      "And the award for editing goes to... IGN"

    56. rounakthakur

      Everyone forgets Edge of Tomorrow :"( what a great movie it is!

    57. 2001: A FILM ODYSSEY

      Anyone knows the names of the songs? Especially the last one after the snap.

    58. Sachin Weatherburn

      Iron man in the thumbnail threw me off but damn this is one solid list

    59. Gwen Kearney


    60. Christian Morgan

      Where are the Star Wars Sequels???