The Witcher Cast Respond to IGN Comments


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    IGN comments are funny, knowledgeable, passionate... and sometimes pretty weird. We got Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra (AKA Ciri and Yennefer) to respond to some of our favourites.

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    1. Lone Jedi

      The actress that plays Yennefer is beautiful 😍

    2. Zoltan Ivanyos

      Ciri is Ciri, but not Arya! Stop comparing the two shows ..

    3. Krishanu Konar

      Well, I still cant believe Geralt hasn't yet mentioned gwent in the series, really disappointing xD

    4. Damen

      Can someone PLEASE get Freya Allan to READ THE BOOKS. I understand that they are going with a slightly different/older version of Ciri for the show but it is still so important to have the background knowledge of the series you are a main character for.

    5. Random Guy

      *oh boi*

    6. OneEyedDemon 82

      Loved the show bring on season 2 hopefully wont be waiting too long 🤞

    7. hussein mahmodi

      Who is arya? I already forgot her.

    8. Zayan Watchel

      WHY. IS. YEN. BROWN?

    9. Eugene Flores

      Next Arya?~ Nope Ciri is more than Arya! and don't compare her, Ciri is created first than Arya Andrzej Sapkowski has already writen the witcher before Martin did asoiaf!

    10. Omair Shafiq

      Wait how old is the ciri here? She sounds like a 40 yo..

    11. Maksymilian Michalski

      Americans will always make things their own wouldn't be surprised if they tried to say someone other wrote the book and he was English or American because we are just builders.... Slavs are Slavs stop trying multi colourise us...

    12. amoghkh

      Ciri would really have to become very less powerful than she is to become Aarya though

    13. Mk. Rowe


    14. Sunny Panwar

      Isn’t her name Anya not Arya?

    15. Christian Neyra

      Roach isn't a single horse. Roach is all the horses

    16. Hakuna Matata

      I just absolutely love Freya! She’s so stunning and funny 🥰 And her voice is beautiful

    17. Sibin Solomon

      Hey, Please show them my question, " I like to see Ciri as the next Queen Of Cintra" How many here wanna show them the same question?

    18. jirka2142

      Imagine liking this show haha

    19. Ema nuil

      I've never watched GOT and I have no plans to

    20. CptnJCFG

      Roach casting was spot on wtf every scene was gold when he was in it

    21. jak ovasaur

      100% agree with first comment. The best show ever on netflix... besides ash vs evil dead ( evil dead being my favourite franchise ) definitely going to be better than game of thrones.

    22. The Last Roman

      I understand the frustration to the first comparison, because the OP unwittingly implied that Ciri isn't her own character, but the second one that compared Legolas to Geralt was a harmless joke, because of the whole white hair thing? Which is a fairly common trope in fantasy? Comparisons in general aren't bad, it's how we, the audience, like to relate to everything, for instance I love Aragorn and Jon Snow(books and 1-4 show) as characters and instantly notice many similarities between the two, and yet at the same time I recognize that they are not the exact same and have their differences.

    23. Romane Magnan

      First teenage girl in the witcher Peoples : OMG They created a new Arya Me : Crying inside

    24. KK and sims 4

      Arya just put her on the list 😂

    25. Nike Z7000

      People really think they made the tv show because of the Witcher 3 game? I know I wish hey? 😏😫

    26. Mexter Spiteri

      Ciri is better than Arya

    27. PRoP

      She both very cute !

    28. Kuchi Kopi

      Doesn't even look like Yennifer, imma sorry....

    29. Atharva Dixit

      I'm in love w Freya Allen

    30. Franzus Gütlus

      Game reference... *whoosh*

    31. Bill Kerman

      Netflix will destroy this story...

      1. Bill Kerman

        @hammertapping they already did and next season will be continuation of this drama but this is only my opinion I've read the books long time ago and I see how Netflix is trying to push political correctness and changing the story

      2. hammertapping

        they didn't

    32. Guy R

      Arya was the next Ciri, if anything.

    33. kartik singh

      The transformation of anya was mind blowing ....i didn't know about her so for first time watching the transformation was really impressive

    34. Mr Stone

      I likehow Freya got triggered when Ciri is compared to Arya

    35. sami 1

      لو كنت عندها لتزوجتها

    36. Sr. Young

      1:14 she is so cute when she is angry ❤❤❤❤❤

    37. Quora Monique

      I absolutely loved Game Of Thrones. But this show is nothing like it ! I get why ppl are comparing the two . Cause I’m not going to lie , I was sad that GOT ended. So I needed my fix on something else lol . The Witcher is a GREAT show , with a lot of Originality . I think it’s an insult to the writers to compare. Watch the show with an open mind. The books are great too! It’s the same GENRE NOT THE SAME SHOW.

      1. Mk. Rowe

        "It’s the same GENRE NOT THE SAME SHOW." That's the best description I've heard.

    38. Zachary Zimmerman

      Stop responding to comments get to work on season 2

    39. mrs7195

      'Legolas got buff' 😁😃

    40. Klekot

      The Witcher (book) is much older than GOT

    41. sim

      "She looks like yennefer" lol no she doesnt

    42. Vaibhav Rokde

      Ciri next Arya? : No Yeneffer next Deanerys ? : *HELL YEAH!*

      1. Mk. Rowe


    43. Prometheus Nexus

      Ciri is ciri guys. Please stop comparing the witcher to Got

    44. Hello World

      Idea has potential 👍, love both guests but sadly the video was a waste of time

    45. Sachin Padmajan

      The disfigured form of Yennefer looked very similar to Ramsey Bolton. That's the only similarity I could find between GoT and the Witcher

    46. James Drake

      Next Arya? Haha I love Arya but Ciri is so much more badass than her.

    47. Cloud25XD

      This series is always so cringey. Really should stop showing them IGN comments.

    48. MAG Studios

      Can we all just stop comparing this show to game of thrones like they are completely different and have completely different lore I feel like the only reason why they get compared in the first place is simply just because both shows involve knights and castles and creatures meanwhile every fantasy themed show, film and book has that. So annoying when people compare this show to got because they are so different from one another just like how got is so different from lord of the rings.

      1. MAG Studios

        And like this show is nothing like game of thrones either like got was all one big game of chess meanwhile this show is based on a badass who is a monster hunter for coin totally different stories being told and totally different lores and I love fantasy lore like lord of the rings got and the Witcher not because of how similar they are cause they are not but because how different they are and how much they really stand out from the rest of the fantasy genre

    49. Niox Binzky


    50. NetAndyCz

      1:35 Every horse Geralt uses is called Roach, what a silly comment.

    51. Сергей Николаич

      даже у актрисы, сыгравшей цири, тонна вопросов. нетфликс максимально ошибся с наймом хиссрич. хуже этого только новый цирк с пэлтроу.

    52. xavier chaves

      No one can replace Arya

    53. hussan jhjhjhjhjh

      Geralt is geralt

    54. hussan jhjhjhjhjh

      Triss ain't triss

    55. hussan jhjhjhjhjh

      Yennefer aint yennefer

    56. Beria Dumankaya

      You’d wish girl... Arya is the one badass character⚡️

    57. Arthur Morgan

      I’d say Vilgefortz is the new Arya. The way he teleported behind those Nilfgaardian soldiers and leaped through the air at them.. only Arya’s can do that.

    58. andromeda

      how and why didn't she understand the ghul comment?! did she even watch the trailer? did she read the books? she made it look like she has played the games, but doesn't know what ghuls are? they were everywhere!

    59. AkairuFuyuNoAme

      All I needed to hear was Cavill casting the horse for my day to get immediately and infinitely better.

    60. PR1NCETD0T

      What i dont get is, why did they cast a black woman to play a white woman’s role? It just doesn’t make any sense.