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    20th Century Fox in association with Marvel Entertainment presents “The New Mutants,” an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring. When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive.
    In Theaters April 3, 2020
    Directed by: Josh Boone
    Screenplay by: Josh Boone & Knate Lee
    Produced by: Simon Kinberg, p.g.a., Karen Rosenfelt, p.g.a., Lauren Shuler Donner
    Cast: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga
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    1. Psychology Hub

      Is this in the X-men universe?

    2. Youtubiu

      Doctor: Would anyone want to share their first time? Rahne? Rahne: It was january, when the trailer came out i thought i was a dream, when someone said "the movie looks bad" i just lost control. Sam: I started panicking. People got hurt for saying that the trailer was bad. Roberto: My girlfriend i burned her, she didn't like the trailer. Illyana: I killed 18 haters... one... by... one.

    3. Viktoo J

      Worst CGI I have seen for years

      1. Chris Corley

        I like it. Looks like Bill Seinkiewicz's comic book art, which the CGI design is based on.

    4. Aubreanna Duckworth

      I clicked on the conjuring trailer video how did i get here? i watched the whole video not realizing it wasn't some new modern conjuring 3

    5. DBNROP

      This is interesting, doesn't even look like a superhero movie it looks just like any other random movie I wouldn't mind watching. But casting Maisie in a mutant movie just because Sophie was in X-Men is ehhhh... Especially because of the disaster that was Season 8 of GOT.

    6. Anthony Diamandi

      Fox wy

    7. Chris Corley

      Between Deadpool 2 (2018) and Logan (2029) there is a decade of no stories... The New Mutants return to a new 2023 -- Six years prior to Logan (2029) events. Excellent chronological place for their creative trilogy to go. 🎥🤔

      1. Chris Corley

        It's one linear timeline, released out-of-order, left unfinished, remains unrevised, and needing more chronological content. 🎥 _c.

    8. Nick Dorenkamp

      You know the funny thing is that this is the last x men movie trailer to use the 20th century fox logo right before they dropped the fox part.

      1. Chris Corley

        20th Century Studios. Beautiful. 🎥

    9. Owais Khan

      Who came to check Fr Wolverine... Hit luke

    10. Owais Khan

      X men series is useless without wolvwrinw

    11. htut zin Lin

      "We don't need no education''

    12. Jennie

      Yesss anya taylor slayingggg

    13. jo0o0o0o0o0ović

      Anything about Logan??

    14. G G

      Lora should be in these movie

    15. Robert C

      Is this part of X-men?

    16. Fénix Figueroa

      What I’m confused about is in this trailer Magik’s armored arm is her right arm but in the comics it’s her left....or am I tripping?

      1. Chris Corley

        I see what you mean, but she's capable of forming full-body armor... So, the right arm works too.

    17. Asebuque Russel

      This is more likely horror movie than mutants thing.

    18. ClassifiedRanTom

      Based on how Phoenix did, I have no idea why they are still banking on this non-movie.

      1. Chris Corley

        X-Men: Dark Phoenix is a masterpiece.

    19. Norbert Caillet

      Another asylum, seriously? What about creativity? Something new for change huh?

      1. Chris Corley

        But, Asylums are so cool for Mutants. ☕

    20. Rad

      So was this just stuck in production hell or was it something else

    21. Ferni Fresh Fresh


      1. Minx

        Pink Floyd - Another brick in the wall

    22. Rishi kumar

      is it a sequel of Logan

      1. Chris Corley


    23. Avery Bui

      When is this going to forking come out?

      1. Anxious Dude

        @Avery Bui if it can be delayed anytime , then why Tf did u ask about the date? By ur pov u shouldn't since no one should know if it can be delayed , seems like u just feel into ur trap

      2. Love Damaged

        Avery Bui They delayed it long enough and the movie is already finished and the Director Josh Boone said he’s happy with so I feel like April 3rd is the final official date ^-^

      3. Avery Bui

        @Love Damaged lol not true. they can delay it anytime.

      4. Love Damaged

        Avery Bui the date was shown at the end... April 3rd

    24. Hifly13

      Why did it take so long again?

    25. Dalavine

      I'm so glad this is finally coming! Also... what happens when you toss a Cannonball into a coal mine? I can't wait to find out!!

    26. supererick911

      The New Mutants🐺🗡🏹🌞⚡

    27. Gabriel Donovan

      I’ll be ready for this movie .

    28. Scott William

      Box office bomb Rotten tomatoes score 8 %

      1. Chris Corley

        You're such a good trash talker. I give you 0% bub. ☕

    29. Plague Produkshuns

      "This film is not yet rated." You literally had three years.

      1. Chris Corley

        @Plague Produkshuns PG-13 isn't a rating in comics, but "T for Teen" is a comic rating = the same equivalent of rating. 🎥🤔

      2. Plague Produkshuns

        @Chris Corley we don't know yet. Also PG-13 isn't a rating in comics.

      3. Chris Corley

        It's rated PG-13, like the Marvel Comics.

    30. AvatP5

      So what is the villain exactly? Some type of cosmic entity?

      1. Chris Corley

        Gotta see the movie to find out. 😱

    31. suii


    32. Mehdi Abe

      Did anyone catch the Madea goes to Jail reference?

    33. Wolverine AD

      X men origins wolverine is a better film

    34. Jonathan Rebollar

      Fox uploads a new trailer and watch it gets delayed again

    35. LEGO carlofilms

      I gonna cross my fingers because I will trust this film.

    36. LoveElen GT

      So this is in the west of westeros..?

    37. Unbreakable Gamers

      Will they ever get an X-Men movie right?

      1. Chris Corley

        You're a friggin idiot.

    38. Jose Ruiz

      "Deja Vu! I've just been in this place before"

    39. NathanTheAsian

      "What's the last thing you remember?" Having about 50% of the same scenes here, just different CGI.

    40. Mike B

      is this real or are we pushing it back again

    41. Rafi Gross

      Do you think that Kevin Feige will make it that all marvel films that are non-mcu take place in the multiverse?

    42. Nictorious

      I absolutly love this horror version of another brick in the wall

    43. Marco Alessio Pellegrini

      This is a creepy horror movie not a mervel one

    44. Ιησούς Χριστός

      Is it in the MCU?

      1. Chris Corley


    45. Valeria Molina the Rabbit

      I wached that trailer in cinemas 😰😰😰

    46. Ethan Solorzano

      Sad thing is that this movie had no ties to the other xmen franchise. If diseny had played the cards right, they would have started the franchise starting with this movie.

    47. Karuppu Samy

      April 3 2120

    48. 瑋瑋葉


    49. Victoria Troianas

      Can’t wait for this movie

    50. Dyllon Susi

      It’s gonna most definitely going to come out April 3rd but we don’t know what year it will be

      1. Veena Bhure

        Last thing I remember logan dying

    51. Molly Ringworm


    52. GøûThäM HøpZzz

      I Have a Doubt, This Movie Have any Relation Between X- Men Series?

    53. Michael Dwyer

      I think I know what's really going on

    54. Jake yvl

      So this movie takes place in the x men or mcu universe?

    55. astovia

      anyone know why this movie STILL hasn’t come out? It’s been like 3 years.

    56. jaxxstraw

      Is this the first time a studio has basically remade a movie to match the misleading trailer for the first cut?

    57. disaster bi

      this trailer always gives goosebumps

    58. 91MoonKnight

      Finally a Darker Marvel film. So tired of MCU fun at this point.

    59. yellow Black

      Cgi.... looks so bad

      1. Chris Corley

        CGI actually looks like Bill Seinkiewicz's art, and that's a good thing!

    60. Tea9000

      3,000 comments here....wait, nope, it's 3 comments repeated 1,000 times.....