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    Join us as we celebrate the best video games of 2019 and take a sneak peek at what we can look forward to in 2020 and beyond. Ghost of Tsushima has been teased for the Game Awards already and there will be high profile presenters like NBA All-Star Stephen Curry and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker from Muppet Labs. Plus Reggie Fils-Aime is back for the show! So much to look forward to!


    1. ShamikSaren

      Hedio kojima look so cool love from Kolkata India

    2. Dominykas Zakrys

      Resident Evil 3 Remake The Last of Us 2 Ghost of Tsushima Nioh 2 Cyberpunk 2077 Dying Light 2 FF7 Remake *_2020 will be a slaughterhouse..._*

    3. Jacob Bates


    4. Horizon

      Lol I’ve never even played sekiro

    5. t800

      Mortal Kombat

    6. iStolenAgeraXp

      I don’t get it ign version of the show it doesn’t make sense to me

    7. Helene Brisson

      I love you I love you I love you videos I hope you make them every day if you don't I understand yeah I'm just a f****** rapa f******talking about my videos videos

    8. Miju Dewott

      I'm a Smash fan. I see other Smash fan disappoint at this for no dlc reveal (not me, I only want to see this) And now finally Nintendo reveal a new DLC fighter few days ago, but however the fans were left disappoint because the new fighter was another Fire Emblem character (I'm ok with the new dlc fighter). Now I've seen so many companies on Twitter. Those fans were so ungrateful and toxic at the end

    9. HobiWan801

      who down voted this 3000 fortnite players lol

    10. Isla Sophie

      Imaginative Games

    11. Excalibur Weilder

      Joker taking his mask off for the first time In P5: 2:24:17

    12. Noob master 64

      Where’s mk11 joker at

    13. Taylor Amos

      Gears 5 trash

    14. james quinones

      At the end of the show when they were gonna announce the game of the year award who were the two guys that were singing. I hope they return next year.

    15. パクジョンフアン

      1:14:00 music name please..

    16. Tyler Nguyen

      Yang2020: Path to Presidency on Steam! funny game

    17. Adam Hawks

      2:58:25 The Trailer that completely makes fun of fortnite.... that played as the guys representing Fortnite were walking off the stage.... wow, I laughed so hard.

    18. I'm quitting YouTube for good

      2:59:12 They will be a rabbit FPS game but it trolled me for that. :/

    19. Francisco Seeber

      3:17:27 ENDGAME MUSIC

    20. Francisco Seeber

      I only came here for green day And the wolf among us 2

    21. Alexander Xu

      No 5th smash fighter

    22. Hunter the Gamer

      3:47:20 A BLEEEEEEEH

    23. Suhadisgood

      I can’t believe that game won sekero die twice it’s not that fun I have it I only played it for 1 hour that’s how boring it was I pre ordered it cause GameStop was giving away some free things and I opened it cause I was able to play it before release date the game again is boring not to many people know about this game not to many heard about it yet I would choose resident evil 2 over this game

    24. Liam Alcoba

      Best community support should have been apex or warframe

    25. Jeffrey Schmidt

      Elon Musk looked rather awkward as he rose to give a standing ovation and found that few others really shared his enthusiasm 2:09:45

    26. Jeffrey Schmidt

      Doug Bowser works for Nintendo?

    27. _Draxin_

      2:58:44 Is what you're lookin' for future me.

    28. EpicGamerKTB

      1:57:00 is that game connected to "The Forest"?

      1. Dániel Toók

        Yes its the forest 2

      2. Big Daddy Egg


    29. azyobynnus

      2:29:55 Need for Speed Heat was robbed

    30. Gaming With Forrest

      Biggest over rated game of the year award goes to . Disco Elysium . Biggest under rated game of the year award goes to Plague Tale innocence

    31. M.A.B 95

      Sekiro amazing ghost of tsushima I cant wait

    32. Lord Erinaceidae

      I was waiting for Crowbcat to make a meme video but I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to make my own meme video. Check it out here and tell me what you think ;) : hrsel.info/video/video/faWuvoyabqurq3o.html

    33. Kendriel Sindoni

      Red dead redemption 2 or Minecraft should’ve gotten the award not shekiro

      1. game median

        Read dead redemption 2 is a 2018 game, and minecraft is a 2009 game, and it's Sekiro, Not shekiro.

    34. Jack Richard

      Literally the shittiest games won this year. Least effort was put into games. No red dead no spiderman. Wtf these anime games 😂

    35. Sirez TheCoolArtist


    36. james young

      I’ve been hearing about this precious Japanese woman with cute engrish. Who is sbe

    37. Jackamomo

      Hardly any of these trailers showed the actual game. These awards were not well organised at all! Also, when will Mirage die? Is it soon? You know what I think? Capitalism is totally fatigued. Corporations have almost wrung the industry dry of excitement. Next step: games as a service?

    38. drummer0113

      Let me bust out the PS2 for that Fast and Furious game.

    39. DivineMallow

      Dmc5 should’ve won the best music


      🙏🙏 0:44 💛💙 👇👇👇👇

    41. HeWhoHates

      “I have a gaming injury of my own. I went for the triangle button and I uh. Accidentally killed my whole family. Its gonna take some time for it to heal. And so the winner of best esports is.... not faker

    42. Arshmeet Singh

      Fortnite roxxxxx!!!!

    43. Super

      If anyone’s looking for the Nintendo switch has games 1:29:20

      1. Franx ITA

        Nintendo switch has games tho.

      2. Angel Mercado

        You are a wizard

    44. PS Platinum


    45. The_ JRod

      2:03:03 *gets kidnapped* *unmask* *give PlayStation Vr* WAIT WHATTT

    46. Faisal Ansari

      Crossroads is for PS1 or Pentium ?

    47. Nicholas Araujo

      Haha right after fortnite got that award they got mocked hard by that trailer

    48. Kyle Langdon

      So did Aloy from Horizon Zero: Dawn show up in any of these trailers or am I just crazy?

    49. Abdullah Aloudi

      At 2:28:50 somthing falls from the ceiling onto the crowd?

    50. Miles Deckard

      This cyberpunk ost is about to be insane.

    51. BiZzAA. Jr

      the forest 2(sons of the forest) i can not wait for

    52. 35Mimeface

      I had the same exact deal with pavarti in the outer worlds

    53. banana dopio

      Last year's was better

    54. Mahabub Rahman Rokon

      2019 Worst year for gaming. 2018 was the golden year for GAMING ♥

    55. Big Maccaroni

      that SILENCE on community awards for fortnite lmao

    56. Unknown 2.0


    57. Brad Schaefer

      The lack of Smash news and Batman Arkham news was disappointing

    58. C.A. B.T.

      wasn't there like new doom gameplay or something

    59. Teddy McCarthy

      people still play LoL ???

    60. Aung Kyaw Hein

      Sekiro the best. I wished they would win 2019 best game and congrats on Devil May cry best action game.