The Champions Extra: Jose Mourinho's Best Moments

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    You can only judge Jose Mourinho properly after three seasons. Here are his best moments from The Champions so far.

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    1. Bamba Gueye


    2. LadyToluu Praiz

      Lmao. My centre back is killing me

    3. Carson Travieso

      *Mourinho smears white paint all over himself as he joins spurs*

    4. Ernst Kristian Stølen

      I am a Manchester fan, but I actually hope that Tottenham makes it to the champions League. Wanna see this guy in the next season 😂

    5. Dennys Costa

      Add subtitles in Portuguese, this channel has many Brazilian fans. And your videos are successful here.

    6. Lutthor

      1:03 FOR SHADOWING

    7. Jean Paul Hernandez Rodriguez

      Special in the head

    8. Papesouley And Youssouf

      0:49 lmaooooo

    9. Craig Waters

      I agree with you

    10. Canal Do filho do pastor

      José predicted what would happen in season 3 😮

    11. Mbanik Mbaku

      Brilliant Bald Barcelonian

    12. Paddy

      442oons is so much better

    13. Joshua Gonzalez

      Jose proves he’s the special one, especially cuz they made a whole mini episode just of his moments

    14. hanshal sethi

      1:02 things did go really bad in season 3 of Champions (V)VAR

    15. Anthony kordula

      The most decorative episode

    16. Mauricio Catach

      "Can I have a bigger roll?" "Bun intended" 😂

    17. Ivanhoe Sanchez


    18. mac dang45

    19. Giancarlo Torres

      Kate Abdo lol

    20. Blake

      If you don’t have some deep down love or admiration of Jose Mourinho you’re fooling yourself.

    21. ArtMazing

      Is this the end of the champions

    22. Andor Fanjul López

      I fucking love this show and I fucking love Mourinho in it!!!

    23. opengame

      1:22 "Just because you are not good doesn't mean we can't have a good time" 😂

    24. Albert Hunduza


    25. imamuzir azura

      Camon man!! This show must go on!!!!

    26. King Bisanka

      My center back is killing me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏

    27. SudoSociety

      Have you guys seen Mourinhos first movie trailer? It's up on HRsel and shows that he is the SPECIAL ONE! :D

    28. Толов Е

      Where: "..... respect, respect me, I'm the most decorative, respect! Hello, red devils...

    29. Lopes23 Scoop

      Make a movie..i will buy it

    30. willy oscar lehman

      1:21 reason why Mourinho took Pochettino's job

    31. Jemo

      I don't know why i'm laughing hard

    32. wolfe dima

      "for the annual bake off Manchester United is making a... huge mistake" -Jose Mourniho

    33. MarioAlberto _

      Vuelvan a subtitular los capitulos en español:(

    34. Jack Macneise

      “What’s the matter Luke ? Not enough cholesterol in it?” 🤣🤣

    35. Jacek Korzeniowski

      Love it.

    36. Rohith Raman

      Phil Jones best moments on the Champions and 442oons MUUUURRRGGHH😃

    37. frank unodostres

      YOU'RE ON LOAN TO MILLWALL! how did I miss this one the first time nooooooooooooooooo XD

    38. Akif_S.Rahman 1298

      The special one ✨🧐😺

    39. R K

      Why do I feel mourinho joined Tottenham just to be in the champions.

    40. Suthathip Sararith

      Poch: i can be ur rival Josey Jose: not u....

    41. DYSCO DUNK 21

      The centre back is killing me line is the best. Haha

    42. Marta Stafie

      Man ,there are too little moments ..

    43. Mister M

      0:13 Armmistake

    44. Sam Johnson

      Zidane’s head going through the door when Jose slams it on him 😂

    45. Ali Alhassi21

      Who else misses the champions? 😔💔💔

    46. clark games

      Make seson 4

    47. Altynay E.

      When is the next season coming out?

    48. Joao Canha

      Born in my city...Setúbal. A great guy, very human.

    49. Aditya Sharma

      Who started hating Mourinho after knowing he ruined kaká career

    50. STHE.M

      Zidane headbutt😂😂

    51. Merlin Herrera

      Can you make more of these episodes

    52. Imam Malaysia

      *Paul Poba feel grateful...*

    53. Ankit Mishra

      Didn't know I needed this😂😂

    54. Delron Mackay

      Man u or should I say man me

    55. Bulingir Nadvidov

      There wasn't enough eritage in this episode

    56. Boogey Gaming

      My centre back is killing me 🤣

    57. Anurag Dhole

      I'm excited to see Ouique Setien on champions

    58. Travis Morris

      Who does the voices??? These guys are geniuses

    59. sanjay subramanian


    60. Asianboi Dumpling

      “It’s called smiling and having fun, it’s overrated don’t get any ideas.”