Prank like a Rebel! 11 Funny School Pranks: Prank Wars

Crafty Panda

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    Feeling rebellious? You should be! We are getting back to school, thus, you might need some prank ideas to get you in the mood! Learn to make some yummy trap snacks like an onion cake or toothpaste flavored cookies for your classmates! Discover how to set a trap by adding flour on a napkin or hacking your water bottle for your thirsty friend! Prepare for prank wars and many more school prank tips!
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    00:04 Soy Soda
    01:25 Toothpaste Flavored Oreo
    02:58 Onion Cake
    04:35 Frozen Cereal Trap
    06:14 Floured Napkin
    07:36 Lock The Glasses
    08:48 Paper Policeman Prank
    09:53 Endless Thread
    11:16 Water Bottle Trap
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