OnePlus messed up.



2,1 mil. pregleda498

    The OnePlus 8 Pro comes fitted with a colour filter "X-Ray" camera, and its caused people privacy concerns and has been suspended in China - Whoops.
    Also credits to GSMArena and Getty images - I have used a few images from them, and forgot to add in visual accreditation
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    1. Lai Yuin Hong

      Well nobody is stopping me from seeing through some boobs and punanies

    2. EJ Buce

      can it capture ghosts?

    3. Ant 3451

      I bought the one plus 7t cause im not rich and this phone is amazing

    4. Karlo Tekeli

      This could be useful on the beach😏

    5. Brien Lim

      wait that means it can take photos in the dark

    6. Alexander Simanovsky

      I'd buy that phone only for that camera

    7. shreyash kadam

      Poco f1 was able to do two years back with front IR camera

    8. Michal Puzder

      /b/ be like : hm interesting

    9. nivan singh

      Please auction used phones for Indians. I belong to the middle class family so I can't buy an expensive phone so if you can sell used phone or opened box phone then it will be good and beneficial for us.

    10. Nabeel Hamza

      Well it's never show totally inside things because the camera is to small so the radiation is also in small quantity, if you want to watch inside of thing then you need large amount of radiation

    11. Daniel Armstrong

      This whole controversy is ridiculous. You have to be under very specific circumstances to see through clothes with any sort of clarity. The video that really blew this up was the unbox therapy video where he had to stretch his shirt tightly over a brightly coloured and boldly patterned box for you to barely be able to make out the pattern on the box. Under those same circumstances you'd be able to make out the same amount by using flash photography and some super minor photo editing. If you're buying this phone for the purpose of seeing through clothes you're stupid.

    12. nasdoc1

      All I've been doing is clicking photographs using that lens since I saw this video. Couldn't see through anyone's clothes. In order to click a partially see through pic you have to beclose to the object, at a perfect angle with light falling in the correct direction. It's easy if you are doing it manually like holding up a cloth and keeping something behind it and then taking a picture with proper lighting and angles.

    13. Henry Romero

      They just wanted the controversy because controversy sells

    14. 789 VTX

      if you want to keep the camera, just dont update your software, easy as that

    15. V P

      Your accent is a spot on, mate.

    16. D

      this is nothing new however it being much affordable and accessible now peak my interests. I think i'm gonna get 1 myself for research purposes thank you.

    17. Neru

      "This will make your photos stand out." *Gallery full of seeing through clothes.*

    18. Tropical Mega

      Hmmmm good to know now I think I need to see my doc

    19. newsynthetic

      It's not as effective as commercial equipment. This only works for certain plastics that is black coloured.

    20. anand gayatri

      Technology makes humans ,mad ,moron,s idiots ,senseless ,even company like oneplus

    21. David Cortés

      Tbh the phone having an ir camera has made me more interested because i have never had an ir camera before

    22. bcvbb hyui


    23. James Denby

      Few years ago, Sony came up with a camcorder with night vision and they took it out few month after when people found out it was like an x-ray vison. I guess government can use the technology but not the general public.

    24. Bas

      ye sorry, this has happend before and was expected to happen to this phone

    25. OP乄 IRONMAN

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> it's g gurujis video 😀😀

    26. chigo

      It could also help to discover the hidden camera in the public or in the hotel lol...

    27. Kenneth Kingsley

      Now tell me who's an average user

    28. Cow ard

      Fk the colour filter can and give me an sdcard

    29. Nathaniel Graham

      They're trying to capture the lucrative pervert market

    30. GOKU BLXCK

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="231">3:51</a> THAT BEAT THOUGH🔥🔥🔥

    31. Mister Man

      I legit thought that the new camera would be literally falling off

    32. Shiva Hemant

      Noooo I want that! Seems like it would be useful!

    33. Werner Beroux

      I'd guess that their fix will be a loud sound of you turn on this mode or forced flashlight, so that it's obvious that you're using this mode when in public.

    34. Yes It's Me

      Disables the camera but won't turn on the fuking dual sim future

    35. Djordjeblrs

      What happens when you shoot in dark with that camera?

    36. Burnt Chicken Nugget

      In the end its more or less used for art and photography to the average user its useless. But if you partner this camera with the other 3 it can turn it into a powerfule qaud camera setup. Even if you dont use it. The 4 cameras working together will make photos look better. Sadly its the people who use stuff like this for uninteded purposes who ruin the tech for the rest of the world. Im sure it will come out later down the line and people will be ok with it.

    37. Ansari Umar

      If Oneplus did it they had something in mind i swear to god theyre on the top in android.


      So a lot of people watchinh this channel are kardashian fans. 😂

    39. Arun Kumar A.J

      Thats how english people spell my name ? o_0

    40. Adrian

      I wonder what OnePlus would do next. I just want them to remove that X-ray feature and use that space for something else.

    41. Venkata Visweswar

      Does One Plus 8 also has the same filter that you are talking about?????

    42. Shakeela Roshan

      Hey can u please put a video on oneplus 8pro vs redmagic 5g vs black shark 3 pro with all the details?

    43. Enes Karaca

      If they had also added a small ir blaster, that infrared camera could actually be used for improving night mode/portrait mode edge detection/sharpening as a supplement to main camera, idk why they did not do that.

    44. Stijn van Kampen

      They only disabled the camera in the Chinese Rom, HydrogenOS, so fake news?

    45. Tommy Turner


    46. Haksolix

      Wait what about cheap plastic alike chinese swimsuits.

      1. newsynthetic

        Remember it needs to be black coloured and a lot of plastic won't work, especially if they are thick.

    47. Rohan Reloaded

      Wow I never thought it so deep, good work dude!

    48. adam6638

      It seems like a clever marketing tool to me. Advertise that you have an "x-ray" camera and it turns out to be disappointing for users then the company looks bad. Let HRsel blow up with videos about the hidden feature and all of a sudden they get lots of attention.

    49. Hammad Ahsan

      I fucking need this phone right now.

    50. LIGHTNING r

      Heres what i think- 1. Oneplus is based in China which is notorious. 2. The govt. wants to spy on everyone. 3. Where do we keep our phones most of the times when we are active, in our pockets, bags etc. So how to monitor everything even that which cannot be seen easily- this is the answer. Even if you tape the lens it can see through. Just my thought.

    51. rahul1989ism

      Xperia 1 II​ - please review this phone

    52. neo delta

      Why would anyone want that?

    53. Me MaE

      bla bla and he thinked and the he asked and bla bla

    54. Last breathe


    55. Brad Crandall


    56. 420 Friendly

      You didn't go far enough: They created such a camera in order to create controversy and therefore free marketing. Congratulations for falling into it

    57. Macky Travel

      try green color changer filter in Instagram

    58. Clint Hightower

      I see how a camera that can see through some types of clothing could be considered an invasion of privacy, but it is a cool phone and a cool feature :)

      1. gaming creates worlddd 24

        especially I am 100%sure boys will use it if not remived

    59. Ēxøtīč Mēmēś

      * One Plus Camera Can See Through Plastic* Nicki Minaj : *Sweats*

    60. Deep Attri

      This should be banned

    61. KeenT TooT

      I just FOUND the X-ray i can avoid setting now on places were CUM stain. hahaha

    62. Luz Navarrete

      Your view is amiss and your analysis is anal -retentive. Too stuck-up!

    63. 88DopeChords

      ᔕᑌᗷᔕᑕᖇƖᗷƐ GᖇOᗯ ᗩᑎᗪ ᔕᑌᑭᑭOᖇƬ 1ᏓιΚε=1⟆υβ 👈🔥👈

    64. Danial Jawaid

      That plant you claim to be demonstrated by the one plus team is right behind you bro, be careful when you plan controversies 😐 this one looks like a mega fail!!

    65. Christian Kamsu

      HAPPY 4M+ SUBSCRIBERS, BRO!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

    66. lia

      I thought the red thing was a bow tie in the thumbnail. Lol

    67. Yoloish

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> how many people went to their phone to look at the infra red

    68. VIKING

      Hi bro i need a phone 😤 if possible please...✌️

    69. Trey Love

      This mode was the main selling point for me.

    70. Debonair Watt

      Lol a custom rom will fix that ban

    71. Anthony Hernandez

      It's not even a problem. If you think it is, you might as well cancel technology all together. Technology can be as helpful as it can be harmful.

    72. tony montana

      I knew my husband was cheating but had no evidence but I saw someone named Oleksandre on here, I contacted him. Omg this guy is a genius I got more than enough evidence that my husband was cheating, he mirrored his phone with mine and I was able to view everything on his phone including deleted messages. I knew his location every time. You can also reach out to Oleksandre on whatsapp +1 318-479-0559

      1. Sandra Ashly

        I have no idea but the hacker is really good and effective he is so fast

    73. Vishnu Acharya

      Nice..... analysis and observation of that vague u said it could harness privacy....

    74. Erikas L.

      Dude thats a great feature, they would sell me the phone with this feature alone. I mean i would use it for lots of "research" u know looking through remote controllers and stuff, for sure not clothing *cough* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    75. Wykius

      You cant stop progress. Banned today, new normal tommorow.

    76. TheMinigato

      Its a very cool idea. They shouldn't have removed it. You can see through almost no things, I have tried it. Those are very picky examples. This is too exaggerated.

    77. The Tinnitus

      I see 007 🙀

    78. AndreeaTube

      Now that's what I call a phone for perverts

    79. Stinger

      you can get this color filter in a pic by doing the following (you need samsung for this cuz I dont know if this happens in other phones or not) take a photo go to settings go to accessibility go to vision then tap negative colors or color inversion then go to ur pic take a screenshot then turn to normal settings Arun if u r reading this please make about what I think

    80. rohan dhuri

      oneplus is china dont buy it