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    NCT 127's 2nd Album Repackage 'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round' is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    01 Punch
    02 NonStop
    03 서곡 (序曲; Prelude)
    04 영웅 (英雄; Kick It)
    05 꿈 (Boom)
    06 낮잠 (Pandora's Box)
    07 Day Dream (白日夢)
    08 너의 하루 (Make Your Day)
    09 Interlude: Neo Zone
    10 뿔 (MAD DOG)
    11 Sit Down!
    12 메아리 (Love Me Now)
    13 우산 (Love Song)
    14 백야 (White Night)
    15 Not Alone
    16 Dreams Come True
    17 Elevator (127F)
    NCT 127 Official
    #NCT127 #Punch #NeoZone_TheFinalRound
    NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Punch' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. Angeline Elguero

      Just finished watching Reacttothek’s reaction to Punch and I’m satisfied, this song will never sound the same, I didn’t even realize the piano! (I used to be a saxophonist so I try to dig deeper in the songs) haha yeah

    2. Anggi Syafira

      Ayy we ballin We fight together Everybody: That punch!!!

    3. Anggi Syafira

      Ayy we ballin We fight together Everybody: That punch!!!

    4. Anggi Syafira

      Ayy we ballin We fight together Everybody: That punch!!!

    5. Anggi Syafira

      Ayy we ballin We fight together Everybody: That punch!!!

    6. Anggi Syafira

      Ayy we ballin We fight together Everybody: That punch!!!

    7. e toz

      yassssh my king-!

    8. Siti Hunainah

      kivv jungwoo-ssi :3

    9. Dona Farina

      210k til 15m!!! if you guys want the special dance practice video, keep supporting the mv!

    10. Ren Jun

      Fighting 15M

    11. ssox

      are y'all still str3*ming???

    12. Manusia biasa Yg penuh dosa

      Ges mau nanya dong, yg punya lysn trus pick jungwoo, mau nanya ni aku, jungwoo sering up lysn ga?:v

      1. Sun Full Sun

        Kalau dari yang aku liat sihhd iaa jarang yang terakhir dia up itu yang dia bilang kalau dia satu kasur sama jaehyun

      2. Jaem nana

        Jarang yang sering banget nana sama jisung

    13. Diviana Brilliantari

      14.789.563 Hwaiting

    14. Yumnaghanii

      does anyone know how to add caption

    15. Apa Aja 123


    16. • Bungul

      I'm readyyy for 20M skkrrtt skkrrttttt

    17. uwuSerena

      let's geddit nctzens 20mil here we go WE CAN DO IT!!!! I'm gonna stream as much as i can today, these boys deserve it :

    18. ww

      медленно и верно мы плывем к 20м

    19. Iuna V

      Hope you have a great day str34ming czennies, don’t forget to take a rest and to stay hydrated, fighting !!

    20. Upekshya Welikala

      14.7 M let's go 15M

    21. ww

      14,8 добить бы

    22. hey bubu

      czennies don't forget to stre am their inkigayo stage

    23. Pudu Deer06

      maghrib 15M, bisa gani??? Yuuu gaskeunnn lah

      1. Amanda Aulia

        Bisa bisa

      2. silvya ajeng

        gasss slurrrr

    24. neo got my back

      Nctzens, please vote for NCT 127 PUNCH in *Idolchamp* for MV promotion. If they win then their punch MV will be displayed in all the internet cafés in Korea and the views will increase :)

      1. hye jin


    25. Ranii

      siapa masih blum inget liriknya kecuali ayyyy we ballin??? gueeee //nngis

      1. Ranii

        @Pudu Deer06 ok, i will edited my comment

      2. Pudu Deer06

        Dont use capslock pleasee

    26. rani

      keep going

    27. dzakiyah yumna

      Hmmm kok v13wsnya naik nya lama ya :(

    28. Putri Ayu

      Jangan sampe lapak k0mentar ini sepi yaa.. ayo saling kasih semangat satu sama lain. Terus kita saling jbjb biar yang lain juga pada seneng str34m1ng nyaa.

      1. nahda

        yok semangat yokk

    29. ratunayla

      ini yt ato gmnsi lama bgt naiknya :(

    30. ww

      14 786

    31. Nicole Vallente

      20M lang naman gusto namin yt bakit ba ganyan ka ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

    32. Just Doyoungie

      !!! Let's end the day with 15M czennies, since we're almost there and start stre4m*ng again, even we're moving slowly that's okay we just keep on, but let's not stop stre4ming everyone.

    33. Jisung Pwark ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      I wish this was a real video game i would choose hmmmmmm I don’t know who to choose 🤷🏻‍♀️😅

      1. Jassi K

        please remove emooojis

      2. Fullsun day

        Delete 3moj1!!

      3. hye jin

        don't use 3moj1 pls

    34. avy

      Don't tell me I'm the only one who thought that they were saying "everyboy" instead of "hey we ballin'" when I first listened to punch

      1. Amanda Aulia

        Bish me too

    35. Alifia Alya

      is there any str3am1n9 tips so my views count? im afraid its not count

      1. Minhee

        don't replay the video play 2-3 vids in between manually search the mv don't skip ads (if longer, you can skip after 30 secs)

      2. Ranii

        @Alifia Alya idk tho, but maybe its better than before. cheer up girl

      3. Alifia Alya

        Ranii im sorrryyyy i didnt know. its already edited, is that okay?

      4. Alifia Alya

        Woo Jae im using both my phone and laptop

      5. Ranii

        dont type str34ming like that

    36. random lee

      The way I prioritize strming over new content is crazy

      1. random lee

        @hannah aikhara i noticed it bc i was str34ming for genie but i dont participate in menpas anyways hshaha

      2. hannah aikhara

        i thought i was the only one, skip their dance practice and weekly idol, i didnt even notice mark and jungwoo did menpa yesterday

      3. Blue Pigeon

        Same, I haven't even watched the dance practice damn!

    37. Pearlygirl


      1. Amanda Aulia

        Kalau mas anang gimana?

    38. Derriah Bolden

      keep on str34ming nctzens! v31ws are slowly but surely going up!!

    39. luwoo please reunite

      open ur eyes!!!!!!

    40. luna firenzia

      Semangatt str34m1ngnyaaa

    41. luwoo please reunite

      does str34ming punch on spotify helps too?

    42. Yokshi Chicago

      yoo i can actually sing this from start to end. What str34ming since day 1 did.

    43. Nurul143

      Taeil Johnny Taeyong Yuta Doyoung Jaehyun Jungwoo Mark Haechan

    44. Niea Ise

      falling in love again with mark lee

    45. Renlicsx

      Buat yang baca ini, kamu hebat masih bisa bertahan. Makasih ya udah mau str3aming bareng-bareng

      1. Putri Ayu

        Iyaa fighting....

      2. kim doy


      3. Vita ninda

        Yokk semangattt!!!!

      4. Wulan Agustiani

        Sayang banyak < 3

    46. sifaa axx

      jung uwu jung uwu jung uwu jung uwu jung uwu

    47. Ranthy Sha

      15M goooooo

    48. Tika Sri Rahayu

      Yok 20M yokk

    49. Tika Sri Rahayu

      Aku cinta kalian

    50. luna firenzia

      Semangatt sijeuniiiii

    51. Yunk nct

      У нас 14/20 лямов, работаем

    52. Sakuranotme

      I watched this mv 20 sets per day and 20 sets = 10x . Im done 10 sets

    53. nat re

      as high as we can get

      1. Wulan Agustiani

        As loud as we can get

    54. Putri Ayu str34m1ng yang ini juga ya guys.... Penting itu

    55. Micah Gonzales

      ang tumal ng v13ws anuna

    56. 네사Nessa

      Vi3ws currently froze so it might explain why the numbers aren’t going up, keep fighting nctzens

    57. Nabila Ayu

      Semangaat (lope ijo banyak banyak)

    58. zefanya thalia

      awalnya ak semangat ngasi tau org2 yg komen pake 3moji sama caps tapi uda cspe aja gtsaking banyaknya ......

    59. _o5

      Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 14.8 M when

    60. tiara

      Yang penting komen Yang penting komen

    61. Jinelle Sison

      Let's get that 20m views for the dance practice!! Str34m~

    62. 닾닾두비두비

      missing 127 Winwin hours :(( well, as long as Winwin and the boys do what makes them happy (and that is to make us happy), then, as a czennie we should support them, with all the love we got in our hearts (green hearts to be specific hahaha lol)

    63. Renee Co

      please continue st34ming. we did not even pass 15m after 1 day......

      1. Renee Co

        @네사Nessa it is. i was expecting to wake up to 15m.

      2. 네사Nessa

        Very disappointing

    64. Alfina Rahma


      1. •tae.ten17•

        12 seconds

    65. zefanya thalia

      capek guys.. kapan 15M :(

      1. Vita ninda

        Semangatt, bisaa dong pastii!!!! Kajja

    66. luna firenzia

      Yuk kita kasih punch first win besokkk ( lope ijoo )

    67. vionna n.

      baseball or farm animals... hm

    68. vellen clowers lie

      Cara jadi salak 1. Gausa ngadi-ngadi loe 2. Kan kentank kok tba" mw ke salak 3. Kalo jadi salakpun doyoung gabakal suka sama salak kek gw 4. Gawsa bnyk ngarep haha ( green lope lope)

    69. Kimara channel

      14,778,184~ 14.51

    70. Mila Ruan

      yt please stop being a meanie and let us get 15m im begging you so much

    71. Inka Mutia Lestari

      first win amin

    72. Inka Mutia Lestari

      nct127 yohooo

    73. Daphne Nicol

      Nasaan na yung mga Twitter stans at ig stans dito maosnsidbid amputa. paki usap naman kung sino man jan malaki ang following sa Twitter o ig paki inform sila na mag stream ang bagal tumaas ng views pag tayo nag sama sama lahat 20 million to agad.

    74. Ytpeach

      💚💚💚💚💚 NCT !! you are one of the things that changed my bad perception. Remember you guys are not a failed project from SM Entertainment. try and don't mind the words of haters, we NCTzen will always be with you

      1. Gunn Cheska

        If you really stan NCT remove emoji plsss its fr33zing the vi3ws

      2. fara

        well said , but pls dont use em0jis while commenting dear

      3. Jassi K

        please remove emoojis

      4. zefanya thalia

        dont use 3moji please !!!

    75. siska putri ayu


      1. Manusia biasa Yg penuh dosa

        Em0ji nya tolong di hapus, fake fans kah?:)

      2. zefanya thalia

        hapus emoj1nya ya siskaa duh

      3. Jassi K

        Please delete emoojis

      4. Tasnim

        You probably didnt know, I just found out myself~ Please remove em0jis! :)

    76. Putri Ayu

      "mark lee lahir ketika tuhan sedang tersenyum" :)

      1. silvya ajeng

        ketika alam sedang tertawa

    77. Nicole Vallente

      why is that (TT)

    78. Minhoe

      Today is important let’s go up

    79. Bts. Armyforever

      Lmao I love how these KIND haters are here c0mmenting some hearts for us, dumbasses doesn't even do any research to know that it doesn't do anything at all so thanks for the v13ws and c0mments

    80. Acong Kandacong

      Pa minjam hp bentar wkwk