Mortal Kombat 11 - The Joker Official Gameplay Trailer



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    The Joker disrupts Mortal Kombat 11 in Early Access on 1/28, Full Release 2/4.
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    1. Galy Aispuro

      1:43 yeet Yeet YEet YEEt YEET

    2. NumSkull

      I guess you can say its a Killing Joke? Kill me :3

    3. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

      Is this the joker or just inspector gadget??

    4. Amit Mandal

      Can somebody tell me the background music?

    5. Wannabe 1 Me

      Joker: you thought I was dead!? You can’t be serious...right? The Justice League: well um... Joker: wow...just doesn’t matter now I got new friends. And unlike you guys, they’re immortal. Just like me

    6. Abi Showkath Ali A

      Joker Wilds

    7. Raymond Lo

      That's not a game trailer. It's JOKER OP! :D!!!

    8. MKGAMER-94

      Dude I gotta get this dlc this is mk 2020 best character right here. I'm telling you

    9. futuroid android

      There the too many things that marvel can't do and one of them is that they don't even critics their character sarcastically but dc do. I'll save the day 😄

    10. michael clark


    11. Ong's Jukebox Channel

      What if we have Pyramid Head, Mr X and Nemesis in Mortal Kombat?

    12. ya boi meowth

      What’s next,Carnage?

    13. Jeremy Boateng

      Super Smash Bros: "Introducing Joker" Mortal Kombat 11: "Wow, we should probably try that"

    14. Space oddity, Bitch

      Joker better be laughing when the fatalities are used on him.

    15. Jaycob Walker

      Reptile: What’s so funny? Joker: *You wouldn’t get it.*

    16. Puzzle and Dragons

      Killer soundtrack, what's it called

    17. Michael Patrick

      Who's voicing this Joker?

    18. meijiemeiji

      I thought it will be tiktok joker

    19. Wikit Ninja Multimedia Official

      About time been waiting for thus

    20. emrah şimşek

      we need mxyzptlk for mortal kombat

    21. AxlDM124

      Nice nod to the bloody smile scene from the recent joker film in the beginning there. Very cool!

    22. Nestly Nes

      It's the joker baby

    23. Ghetto Santa

      It's crazy how they got Mike Matei to do The Joker

    24. Christopher Chambers

      He is savage, bro!

    25. anthony bruno

      That noob saibot had head gear and a look similar to the Batman who laughs - I have to find that - that was my favorite party - and this will be a nice player to try I’m pumped for spawn lol honestly- joker is in ever mk - spawn has been “said” to have been in everything since Mk 10 or injustice and never happened either way how’d

    26. Know Know


    27. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ


    28. Joey Friedman

      All i can say is WTF

    29. Fishfins

      He looks really janky.

    30. Marvel Antonio

      0:32 Welp, there goes Baraka’s kids

    31. The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda

      Is anyone else more excited to have the batman who laughs as a noob saibot skin than any other skin in the game?

    32. A.J Thomas

      Pennywise: I make the Joker float with me in the Epic Rap Battle Of History! Joker: *Hold my crowbar you giggling sewer ginger.*

    33. Alberto C

      It’s that Tom Holland !!! As the joker ???

    34. Nneon Knightt


    35. Grey Way

      Still can't get over that he looks very young

    36. Shawn Bijani

      Am I the only one is glad they change his look

    37. Tazdivil

      What’s the trailer music?

      1. Moe Fawkah

        I like it too.

    38. adolin kolin

      "Joker smash is looking pretty cool"

    39. ioioiotu

      The true power of friendship

    40. Ed Wil


    41. troryANCAS

      Did they get Hamill to do the lines for this? If so, awesome! If not, the voice actor sounds great.

      1. Moe Fawkah

        Not him.

    42. Poor Ford transit owner

      Its no tekken

    43. DemonicVoodoo

      I think Joker shouldve had a better voice actor for this game. But its whatever, still happy to see my homie J make it into MK11 time to "save the date" boys

    44. The MIRLVerse

      Loved the gameplay! This trailer was worth the wait! Also, that background music sounds dope!

    45. Bach Pham

      His fatal blow remind me of Jason Todd is being hit with a crowbar

    46. Arun Johny M

      That was crazy 'Joker' seen so far!

    47. Kaycee 310 Toys and collectibles

      Joker and spawn will be my mains this i promise u 👊

    48. DarkCyborg

      What of music in the video?

    49. irkenus

      I want Panty and Stocking for a future MK game.

    50. nothing to do

      Where is my scorpion he can kill

    51. Zaveis247

      I think Sindel will want joker

    52. eyomayo


    53. Ellario Tonality

      you get what you f***king deserve!

    54. Martinho Jr

      I understood the references.😏

    55. TheGamingGuitarist

      OH YUHHH

    56. Cvoes eSenesi


    57. Fms! Videos

      I think this fatality says a lot about our society

    58. KEN SHIRO

      if he swaped the stick with a crowbare in the special attack would be nicer and classic

    59. Val Zod

      1:43 JASON TODD

    60. Carlos B