Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk



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    Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.

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    1. Neil Kitson

      “ Partly a Cyborg “. There’s a Country & Western song in there somewhere.

    2. Fire Gaming

      There is something that you missed, there are realms of being that you can communicate on a subconscious level. It revolves around the Holy Spirit. If you don't know what I am talking about then you simply never tasted it; but it exists. It's more real than you can imagine. In the future you might see, it is amazing. It is what God intended. It's a very hard place to get to but I assure you it is real. So few people have experienced it that you wouldn't believe me if I told you. What God has to offer you is greater than what you could ever imagine.

    3. Sally Stearns

      I think there’s a flaw in my code... can I be helped?

    4. 0523 Eleven

    5. Rocky Mountain Hobo

      Yes, its just like ice fishing.... Now wheres my jacket coat...

    6. Doubleu D

      these people are dangerous AF. You do realize all this talk of plugging brains into computers and turning people into cyborgs is transhumanism and will only lead to a bigger gap between the rich and the poor and the elite will have ultimate control over everything and everyone and balancing things out will be more difficult than ever. But hey, it'll cure parkinsons right? FFS

    7. Globo

      Could I download "masteries" from the internet with this implant? Like that scene in The Matrix when Neo "learns" kung fu and the entire canon of mankind's martial arts styles, by having it downloaded directly into his brain. Can Neuralink do that? Because that's the coolest most world-changing shit right there. Imagine learning all the languages fluently in one day

    8. Magic Manticore

      Yeah, yeah, she’s great at . . . Quietly: names

    9. DarkEnergyDoctor

      He’s playing god. He’s trying to be immortal.

    10. messinian fiorella

      Hearing Elon say "Original Gangsta" is as entertaining as hearing an OG saying "Totally, Dude! Add more Kale to my smoothie."

    11. Squirrel

      Elon has an in-tray on his desk where he stores all his random ideas. The in-tray is labelled "Elon Misc".

    12. Tyler Kadle

      Elon probably invented the sibyl system in psycho pass

    13. CHIGGA

      i thought i had trouble talking to someone

    14. CHIGGA

      hes too calm.........I dont like it

    15. Art Emis

      Elon : e e. e e Joe : wow

    16. Art Emis

      No need for mouth sounds no need for words ...🙄

    17. Lefa Joseph

      Man's from the future 🙆

    18. Paul Talbot

      neuro link sounds like the chip from kingspan

    19. imaddalal

      Could u never age again with this?

    20. imaddalal

      Would this be able to cure aging???

      1. Paul Talbot

        Mentally, maybe

      2. Paul Talbot


    21. Real Estate Unplugged

      AI is NEVER going to replicate the human soul, our spirit, or our reliance on God for life or life more abundant. AI is 'merely'(yeah, it's cool) programming electrical impulse. It's creative. It's observable. It's theoretical. It's science. I wonder if some people actually beleive we can create an eternal existence outside of God on our own intelligence. People are smart, but compared to the genius of creation and life?????? Such a thought sounds EXTREMELY naive, overinflated, over confident. How long until I die? I'm not betting on myself or man, I'm betting on the holy blood and mercy of God through Jesus Christ to keep me from my wickedness. Funny huh? I hate gambling(rigged loosing odds games) and betting on myself or 'AI' is an absurd bet. I'll take the slot machine before I take myself/AI/humanity for eternal life. Better yet, I consider Jesus Christ the BEST bet, period. Big question. Big bet. We're all in this game. What are our options? What are the odds?

    22. J M Torra

      What a complete chud

      1. Paul Talbot


    23. Austin Conboy

      Yo sounds like altered carbon is going to be real life in the near future, wow amazing. I think its awsome. Im 26 years old, hopefully i will live to experience it!

    24. BackIntoGear

      Next time Musk is on please put up the microphone or turn up his volume . It's hard listening in my work truck lol

    25. GoldenHesus

      Elon musk looks like 720p

    26. Kenneth Irgendwas

      I definitely think most of the criticism directed towards elon in the aftermath of his free America tweet was absolutely justified. I like most of what he does and think he is a reasonable person, but i feel like he definitely underestimates the severity of the virus even if i kind of agree that we are kinda lucky that it is as mild as it is.

    27. GumBall Gaming

      We don't talk anymore ft:elon musk 😂 🙈 🙊

    28. HLSK K

      Joe needs to have a chat with his mate Bill Burr so he can calm him the fuck down about this virus.

    29. GumBall Gaming

      Some one give elon some weed get stonned or lsd to think his crazy brain

    30. Kerry Demetriou

      So basically someone can hack into your brain and make feel like hell - on loop forever... no thanks. I'll stick to the old grey matter I've got.

    31. daniele anyday

      he got cooler, respect

    32. Kerry Demetriou

      Musk looks like he's holding back on stuff. Rogan."astraliapithagus"- debunked years ago!

    33. Sean Payton

      Elon is gonna neuralink his kid and he'll become the new supreme overlord.

    34. Alex Murgueitio

      Quite elementary for the non brain-injured. I would venture to say, atrophy of the myelin sheath is clearly exhibited. Band-with enhancements recommended. Added shunting around nerves, including those in the brain and spinal cord. Since this is made up of protein and fatty substances, nutritional augmentation required. The myelin sheath allows electrical impulses to transmit quickly and efficiently along the nerve cells. "Allow the Musketeers to enhance your sunset years🎃🎗🎄"

      1. Alex Murgueitio

        Mr. Musk. 3% body fat. Top 3% percentile in reading comprehension I love physics, calculus, running and pushups. I am turning 60 in June 2020 Please sign me up for neural anti -aging enhancements Bestloanz2@

    35. Gregg Johnson the watchman

      Why didn't you warn us that we'd need a phuckin pillow! Gawd, get me an oxygen tank! Stat!

    36. Richard Day

      Joe talks about a lot of relative things in this podcast..... but he should have asked if, with all the money and resources Elon has put into space-x, does Elon believe we went to the moon in 1969?

    37. Mark Peter

      "If you don't make stuff, there's no stuff." Every politician and pseudo-economist in the world needs to take a few moments to consider this statement, because most of them act and speak as if it isn't true.

    38. James Church Nicholas

      Can we get Joe, Elon and Mike Rowe in the same room to talk about the whole less finance and law and more manufacturing jobs. I think with Rogans level headed way of doing things, Rowes passion for work ethic and trade jobs and Musks money and brains they would do some great things.

    39. Clare K

      The Irish Times is a good one to look at for reliable news, an independent island in the middle.

    40. Bjarte Nataas


    41. Tian Lan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="351">5:51</a> at that moment i thougt that my computer was disconnected with the internet

    42. John Conneally

      Yo Elon. I'm getting an BA in cyber security and going for my masters. I'll help build the "firewall" Hook it upppp. I'll even be a tester. I want to help.

    43. Las águilas

      A politician who wanted to ban cigarettes would lose all smokers as potential voters, they would never win

    44. Jon Garcia

      I don’t see our brain accepting the neuro net. A body has trouble accepting a new body part and it’s hard to find a good match. A piece of tech in our flesh and in a delicate brain 🧠 is difficult to say the least. How is it powered? How does it connect to the brain? How do we keep it from damaging the brain? Or keep our body’s from rejecting it? Don’t think we are as close as he says. Hope something like that does help people tho.

    45. Kay23

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> you can see the regret in his eyes

    46. Vasu Maru

      Elon should be on the show every month! It's very interesting to listen to his thinking!

    47. judy parker

      Elon is 100% right with all the wuhan covid virus talk

    48. Crazy Thought

      I'm really surprised they didn't touch on SpaceX.

    49. Steven Alvarez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a>:21 the honesty in Elon is gold! 😂

    50. Tim LaVergne

      In the middle of watching the part where they talk about covid a stay home ad popped up 😂

    51. x-perthunter.

      God Elon is insufferable

    52. Thorin Hannahs

      Lol the way Joe went to a champion of covid being a terror and then the switch clicked like oh it isn't, thanks Elon.

    53. Klaus Knudsen

      Fuck me.... i have mad respect for Joe and Elon, but jesus! i have "ADD" so i see shit people dont see... and for 29 years im like.. stupid people.. and now they fix it with AI.. deal with youre emotions and brain, dont jump the pence at the lowest part, but i can for sure see medical benefits, but dont cheat the game, but play it!

    54. asusedz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2216">36:56</a> joe tried to catch him out. FAIL

    55. Christian Garrett

      My brain hurts

    56. Folie A Deux

      The best person in he world period.

    57. Robin psyastrial B3nnett

      Just a thought, would be insain if tesla open factory in south Africa , guess we first need another nuclear power station or more solar and wind power., we have the land , loads of wind and the sun is always shinning. ... we deffantly have the work force . What's people's thoughts ? ( cape town farmer)

    58. Soinas Doyi

      When they talk about VR it makes me think of Red Dwarf- Better than life.

    59. nicholas knight

      I have my headphones as loud as they go and can barely hear Elon...

    60. Vytautas Ramanauskas

      You know they didn't touch most important topic. HAIR TRANSPLANT

    61. MELKO 1

      The X goes deep. He's lying big-time. The AE is for the theosophical society. Google George Bertrand Russell AE was his insignia. There's an 89 part series on the X symbolism on Dark Journalist's page. Also his father is military intelligence, Grandad is Canadian high ranking.

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Hits blunt...

    62. 6sixty1 Gixxer

      Elon needs to use more comic book/ anime ghost in the shell

    63. Gav H

      Elon Musk is the birth of SkyNet. One day we will be sending back a terminator to kill him.... presumably during this interview

    64. Kurt Brooks

      It's sentimental to me I'll never sell it, How much.... sold.

    65. Allen Mcdonough

      Joe rogan for president ,elon musk vp,..rational ,smart informed descision with the ability to say i was wrong and its still ok.Because we know they arent liars just maybe wrong..lets gooo!!

    66. Rob Jacobs

      9 Advances that will make us superhumans (namely machines) until 2030

    67. Richard Chislett

      Nice t shirt Elon. We're can I get 1.anyone

    68. GABO

      Basically Covid19 does not prove that we need "far more resources to react to these events"; what the world really needs is far more natural habitats, far more wild animals, far far less people inhabiting this world, far less pollution, far less politicians and far less people that play irresponsible games with genetics-viruses and related. Let's wake up, the fundamental problem is in the human race.

    69. Israa Thiab

      Be ware of the Wumao (五毛)

    70. Ashton Brush

      In 5000 years a future species is going to dig up a bunch of 1” diameter skull bone discs and they’re never going to understand

    71. Mickey Gilmore

      One of Joe's best guest EVER!!!

    72. William H.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1810">30:10</a> what movie do they reference?

    73. Rodi San

      will you appreciate it when youre a supernerd? im cryy

    74. Rodi San

      when did elon get so chill.

    75. Bruce Halford

      I don't listen to this Musky idiot with respect anymore. I listen to him with suspicion and contempt nowadays.

    76. Pierce Johnson

      Hits blunt...

    77. Pugilist King

      Musk is a scumbag

    78. Macio Zelip

      Elon: returns to JRE Podcast Tesla stockholders: sweats Intensely

    79. Keshab Khatri

      I feel like Elon Musks friend while listening to the podcast...

    80. DJ Euphoria

      "Where do I sign up for my brain implant? I want!"