Joaquin Phoenix Drops F-Bombs in 'Joker' Speech at the Golden Globes


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    Joaquin Phoenix took home the Golden Globe on Sunday night for his role in “Joker,” but not without some drama.
    After acknowledging his fellow nominees, Phoenix, a long-time skeptic of Hollywood awards shows, said “There is no f-ing best actor.” NBC proceed to cut out the audio as he appeared to drop multiple f-bombs, all of which were muted for viewers.


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    1. One Winged Kuriboh!!!

      Walk The Line sequel? 🍿 🐃

    2. منتظر محمد


    3. Cai Jones

      Robert De Niro: “These Golden Globes will be brilliant, what could go wrong???” Somebody On The Stage: “And the winner goes to Joaquin Phoenix!” Robert De Niro: “Fuck!”

    4. フ ㄖ フ 丨

      i love him uwu i cant social anxiety sucks tho felt that :((

    5. Urigehead Mot

      1:16 can't stand this guy

    6. oovoo javar

      “Drops the f bomb” Silence

    7. Stay Classy

      "Hi Murray..."

    8. everybuddy

      why is this scene deleted from the movie.. ;(

    9. wingedguardian

      well leave it to a vegan to always bring up their diet and personal views every chance they get.

    10. bohdilama

      Look at all those phony fucks.

    11. Edwin Schafranka Hoo

      It's late for me to love this guy........ He gain my respect.

    12. the comedian

      He shore sounds like an idiot talking about climate change and cow's milk

    13. lakanto

      Adam driver loves Joaquin. every video ive seen with them together

    14. Summer Snow

      I was happy he won award 😝

    15. Erogenesis Art

      Can the fucking American media please just get over their problem with swearing already? Air it after 10pm or something. The world is not owned by children and children usually end up as adults that swear... fuck me sideways, Jesus H Christ! Let me hear this man's impassioned speech, you utter babies!

    16. Mr. 79

      De Niro almost shit on himself remembering the bad moment when he get shot by Joker. 💀

    17. sory4beinanonymous

      Fuck sensorship

    18. sory4beinanonymous

      Fuck this censored video

    19. Tauseef Asad

      Came here for my cringe doze

    20. Ghostbusting Bro


    21. funny

      Does that mean no season 2?? :(

    22. Amalie Sofia Vestergaard-laustsen

      Does anyone else think Joaquin looks like Franz Kafka?

    23. Volodya Le Gloan

      Françaises français. Avez vous vu ßon film. Is hé an ss to be that rude

    24. Anika Tabassum

      Congratulations to him and of course DC need to make a movie on Heath ledger joker if gta v Trevor cast so awsome can be happend. And thanks to him because he takes a action against climate change

    25. BaltimoreBumm

      Damn Christian Bale intimates him as an actor?

    26. Three Six Nine

      Lost respect for all the fake actors looking at him like "wtf are you doing" when he's actually acting like a real human... Something they're not used to.

    27. Brian Villegas

      Arthur Fleck receiving the award

    28. jack life still bad jacky

      Mr joker we'll come again now all I have a positive thoughts

    29. Nick

      Oh god, he mentioned sacking the private jets to palm springs. Crank the exit music! Louder!!

    30. GENIZOOM

      He is a genius

    31. Sophie

      Such a great, humble and honest human being !! I love him :))

    32. Gaius Baltar

      There is no link between animal agriculture and climate change. The earth heats the earth cools. Get over it. Now go take a private jet to your massive carbon footprint mansion HAHAHAHAHAHAhypocritesAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    33. Cam Balam

      He's high as fuck. Haha

    34. Diend Kitty

      0:56 he played characters that inspired from my movies.....and why he won awards and i didn't?

    35. Heaven Sent

      We all know there's no fucking climate change (bar the natural kind).. good man.

    36. The Revenant

      Who’s here after he won the Oscar

    37. everybodyXD

      Censored parts: 0:38 We all know there's no f*cking competition between us, it's like this thing that's created to sell advertisements for the TV show. I'm inspired by you, i'm your f*cking student... 2:06 Contrary to popular belief, I don’t want to rock the boat, but the boat is f*cking rocked.

    38. Mr Nash

      Hey Joaquin if you see this i mean like if you just decide to like search yourself up on HRsel and see this comment we love you i love you k bye

    39. Chris Davies

      You've been a vegan since you were 3! I'm shocked that you believe the link between animal agriculture and climate change .. not. Absolutely ludicrous when all these hypocrites cause more emissions than anyone to make movies, flying about in private jets, but no let's blame farmers all across the world. Even having a knock on effect in U.K. Who've already seen livestock numbers dwindle, guess what it hasn't solved a thing because most carbon and methane emissions are in London and around the cities.

    40. Gu Quinn

      Anxiety is a killer I know iv had it for a decade now his the best actor on planet he gaves so much

    41. Esmeri

      He’s married to the joker role he can’t get out of it

    42. Arslan Jani


    43. Love Animals

      One of the best cinema performances forever. Phoenix is an amazing actor and man!


      Stupid, stupid, cowardish and hypocritical censors! Here is the uncensored full speech:

      1. Pirousaha L



      Is there ANY video of this on youtube WITHOUT the stupid censoring? Anybody? Thank you very much.

    46. KEVIN anderson

      over medicated and over payed, these ppl don't have a clu what life is like on the streets where they live and breath... we shitin and pissin in the streets where they live and they ignore us even the more we shit and die in dthe streets of LA and San fisco. and other places,,,,,

    47. Sora Rei

      Where I can find uncensored verison?

    48. Omrani Mariem

      He seems like psycho why he talking like that

    49. Pleiadian

      Why has been left out from the speech when he spoke about the cows being first raped to inseminate them for us to steal her Milk designed for her baby's cow?????

      1. Andrea A

        that was the oscar speech

    50. SWAT


    51. atcred3


    52. xixidoyouloveme

      All the good things he said about being compassionate and kind to the voiceless, and most of the media outlets are talking about him using the f word

    53. Julio Gil

      I love you joker

    54. Ahmed Waleed

      ولا يا محمد يا محروس يلاااا..

    55. SumWear 7

      Total lunatic.

    56. Tracey Handcharm

      He's in distress, he has a step ladder of handlers

    57. Natasha Trendell

      Oh yeah the Golden Globes are sooooo environmentally aware. They could of just skyped and avoid the gas guzzling limos, delusional twaaats.

    58. Kea Michelle

      You are a fucking perfect human being!! Fact.

    59. Claire Keegan

      Why does everybody pick him apart? Go pick yourselves apart mofos

    60. millhouseinch9

      What a dick.