Is 5G Spelling Our DOOM?! How EM Waves Can Hurt



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    With 5G upon us, there are tons of worries and controversies around it. Should we worry?
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. ElectroBOOM

      Hello BOOMers! As they say, only death and taxes are certain! So make sure to peer review. I'll add the good points here. - Remember AGAIN, at ANY frequency if the energy is high enough it can hurt you at least with tissue heating, which can lead to other complications or maybe indirectly to cancer. That's why all transmissions are limited to very low energy that can do nothing. - Long exposure to sun light's UV-A and UV-B, although not ionizing but because of sheer volume and higher frequency and energy, causes tanning and sun burn. Those cause side effects that can lead to cancer, like accelerated aging of skin cells. - 5G wireless range is pretty short, see MKBHD's video: - I'm hearing from a bunch of people that 5G effects the oxygen level in air or body for some reason?! HOW?! oxygen molecule (O2) is non-polarized, so no electrical imbalance in it to interact with EM waves. H2O in microwave oven interacts with 2.4GHz because it is polarized. Which hoax paper talked about this nonsense?! Just because people yell wrong things doesn't make them right! unless there is a very legitimate test report... SHOW ME! - one more good point: light shining on plants can break molecules and store light energy in plants through photosynthesis. So... can light at lower frequency ionize? Now I'm not familiar with how plants work, but I can assume light does it indirectly. For example, visible light can generate electricity through a solar-cell and that electricity can be used to break water molecules into gasses. You can do all sort of magic with electricity like run a Tesla Coil! So light energy at any frequency can be processed to do other things, but at lower than UV frequencies can't directly break molecules.

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      2. Eugene Vovk

        5G causes global warming

      3. social Engineer

        Photons coming from the sun in waves heats your face but as they travel through eather or the field they heat up the surrounding atoms too.. I believe this plays a role in heating your body too..thats why its cooler as you get higher even though your closer to the sun and the waves are more concentrated even if you face the sun. I believe if the photons coming from the sun heat you up then the closer you get the hotter it gets but when we climb a mountain it gets colder because of the thin atmosphere which the flying proton cant heat up fast enough.

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    3. Q.D. White

      According to Health Canada's Safety Code 6, the worst frequencies for tissue absorption and heating are those between 30-300 MHz. Where are all the walkie-talkie conspiracy theorists?

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    5. Mark Dean Mcgrath

      You are completely right non-ionized radiation in small quantity would not do much, but here's the problem in order to make this work worldwide they have to have signals every 500ft to 1000ft that much would do a lot and they've just started. it will be in the millions around the world our bodies can't adapt not possible. it will affect emf sensitive first then pre-existing low immune systems next. They're may be a virus but they're may not be we will never know they have this sewed up from all angles media bought and paid for, so it's about control and 20 trillion dollars does not hurt either that's a lot of reason for them to tell lies to people

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    14. Downstream01

      One guy in Finland managed to cook himself twice in a transmission tower. Once at Tiirismaa mast. Dude was talking on the phone for 15 minutes inside a transmitter when the power was supposed to be off and his dosimeter wasn't turned on. Got eye damage and permanent headaches. Didn't seem too different from what I'd assume a microwave would do, just very inefficiently.

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      How come 3G cell towers operating at lower frequencies have warnings of ionization area warnings. ?

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      Thank you for telling people the truth. This is very accurate. You should be more scared of the sun than 5G.

      1. Chris G

        @Chris T 1977? That's 43 years ago. Why would you assume this is still relevant? The methodology of these studies is of questionable nature. Taking whatever this study says for granted is ignorant, as it simply omits everything we've learned for past four decades.

      2. Chris T

        No, you shouldn't. That's not 24/7 exposure. CIA declassified study on harmful effects of 5G (mmWave) from 1977:

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      Enlighten us about RF disclaimers in smart phones.

      1. Chris T

        Shills won't do that. CIA declassified study on harmful effects of 5G (mmWave) from 1977:

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    68. Espen Haug

      I think people need to get their head out their ass, and realize that it is not just tin foil hat conspiracy theorists who worry about wireless technology. People have been studying the effects of wireless for a LONG time, and they have some VERY convincing evidence (basically 100% proof) that it is in fact harmful in various ways. I suggest looking for videos by serious pepole who actually work with studying these things. This video is one of my favorites:

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