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    It's always a good time going back to the launch of any game to see what reviewers had to say. Turns out... they're almost always wrong. NBA 2K20 day 1...
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      Sound like he said Russell westbrick 3:21

    2. Sloan Jackson


    3. Qura

      Should I buy nba 2k20 guys?

    4. TeddyTheYeti

      Ign is looking at it from a basic players perspective not a park grinder. I play 2k for myleague and to play with buddys. You cant really blame them.

    5. Julius jeaN baptiste

      At least in Live 19, girls could play with and against the guys in the parks.

    6. SonOfPerdition -

      Yeah fr I’ve gotten my ankles broken on 2k16 plenty of times I can’t say that it wasn’t embarrassing because it was but it made me laugh and it made me have fun because I could do it too.

    7. Sean O'Connor

      I actually really like 2K20 tbh

    8. David G

      People like numbers. It helps make game purchases easier. Seeing 1-10 ratings help determine whether or not a person will make a purchase on something. Who are you to say someone doesn't have "the authority" to rate a game? That's their job! Who gave you the "authority" to decided to gets the rate a game and who doesn't? Nobody. You and everyone can blast me for confronting you on this but someone had to step up and say something. This whole video reeks of extreme bias and absurd arrogance.

    9. EduSanjuan777

      EA sports get your shit together. Make a decent NBA live and lets make NBA 2k dissapear altogether. Lets send them to do microtransactions in hell.

    10. Xavier Sims


    11. James Pegg

      It’s definitely faster progression you don’t have to do a specific action to get a badge

    12. Myst Clan

      Me:2k is actually a good game Agent: 9:30

    13. xmustangmanx

      9:28 When your dad tells your mom you play 10 hours a day on that damn game

    14. Shalsyeed Kearsaeed

      9:51 TO 9:53 BUT THAT FACE THOUGH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    15. James Scott

      There’s not much more you can do with MyLeague.

    16. KingCrisp

      Agent no disrespect but..... IGN is an authorized rater be doing that shit since before you

    17. Wes Hoolahan

      2k16 and 2k17 stories destroy this year wtf. They just added a combine pretty much.

    18. anony mous


    19. Prod. By Napé

      0:24 *Cleveland brown theme music starts playing

    20. NoLyinItsRyan

      2k20 was released September 6th

    21. Nate Persing

      Agent lookin slimmer

    22. aXBlackDeathXa

      You have a Shure SMb9 and your audio is trash because the LEVELS ARE TOO HIGH! Particularly when you're recording other voice chat - its so bad most the video is filled with distortion. Your levels should be peaking around -12db to -8db tops. When I got HRsel below half volume and my headset at 40% and I still hear distortion you're shit is fucked up.

    23. No Allegiance Nor Loyalty

      Yo Agent slimming down??? Keep grinding big boi

    24. Drowzey

      agent are you gonna play last of us 2

    25. David O'Sullivan

      Story was good but, ended once you got in the league. An NBA video game with a story mode, where the story ends before you get to the NBA!!! Also anyone notice you have Fear of god gear in college and when you get to the league you dress like a bum? Fuck this game. MyLeague the only enjoyable game mode.

    26. Henry Tokar

      Behind the back, frick they patched it but cant giv us our vc or our a new park

    27. Hamlet

      Bruh ya still play this game maybe they’ll get it right next 2k lmao

    28. AtownAmbassador

      Boy you making a video about a 4 month old review.smh u better than this

    29. Ethan Dillingham

      Bruh literally I’m grinding for badges then the legend shows up so I’m getting a ton and after one drill it crashes this has happened multiple times :(

    30. Ty Bailey

      9:30😭😭 he capped really really hard

    31. igreenthose

      he said nba 2k best mode is myleague

    32. roger

      It's a sports game....ign doesn't give 2 shits about if 2k is actually good or not. 2k pays and ign gives them 10/10 that's it. Y'all should know by know nobody respects sport games in the "gamer" community.

    33. blazebills5000

      Ya bugging 2k19 was trash too

    34. Flying Hippo

      Ion even play park bc of the latency cause it ruins the game

    35. climax050

      They killed bigs this year. Point guards are getting 100% contests on my 7’0 interior force C. Not to mention everyone has a 95+ glass cleaning lockdown which just shuts the entire paint down even if they’re out of position. Like they get 100% contest from behind or the other side of the paint it’s so broken I want my money back seeing as I obviously wasted it on a big this year...

    36. Marcus Housley

      Bro go to the lakers them doubles make me average like 35 assist off nun but lobs to ad and LeBron

    37. sheed36p

      u feel off

    38. Jonathan Martinez

      If nba 2k was free it would be making 1000x more money then they already do

    39. Jacob Maszaros

      This ign dude fuckin high everyone knows the best my career was spike Lee's 2k16 and that's big fax

    40. fade x 2k

      Hey Agent should 2k add a Dunk Creator

    41. Knux D Echidona

      6.8?... You sir are generous. Lol

    42. Magic

      Bruh Ronnie 😂

    43. Majin DaGREAT


    44. itz_kbaby

      Sorry agent I didn’t click off the video cause it was bad it was the review


      Not saying this cause i get hella people to comment on my videos but when you gone play the best youtuber in the game????)😈

    46. The Ant Gamer

      Ign plays with the IQ of Flightreacts lol

    47. Reagan Lawson

      Me:turns on ps4 My little brother 0.00001 seconds later: 9:52

    48. Dinzilla

      If we want the game to be better than stop buying the game and definitely stop buying VC

    49. m667457wil

      My league online 60day trade glitch? Help

    50. kaleel clark

      Agent your being too nice and you know it. 6.8/10? 2k20 had a sketchy release, no new park, too many patches early, i literally lag in park 50 percent of the time and its not me, all other games i play are fine and never go out of connection. With all the ass people playing and lag 2k20 is kind of a struggle to even play. 3.5/10 for 2k20

    51. kaleel clark

      O cmon the story mode? NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FOOK. Its always more annoying than anything. How was 2k20 on the better end? THEY ADDED NOTHING EXCEPT MY PLAYER BUILDER. 2k20 has rec centre which other games had and other than that its ass, no new park, no new modes, they put no effort into this game and thats why its a 3.5/10. 2K customers have to protest next year and demand to see whats new in the game before buying

    52. kaleel clark

      How about how they didnt change save loose ball at all! Its the fucking same as 2k19 WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HAVE A SAVE LOOSE BALL BUTTON WHEN YOU JUMP ON THE BALL OUT OF BOUNDS 999/1000 TIMES. You know i like 2k because i like rec but between the CONSISTENT LAG IN PARK, the shitty release of the game and not much new AT ALL. The only good thing is my player builder.... 2k20 is ass and deserves a 3.5/10 at best. I still play though because i like basketball and competitive rec games are really fun but if their was no rec i wouldnt play

    53. Icy Custompants

      Nikola Jolie looks nothing like that

    54. Storm Rip

      Mans really said myleague is the best mode

    55. justin dair

      Yes I love my Gm and lg I have 25 loyal people we been following each other since 2k16

    56. Henry Donovan

      we not gonna talk about FOF career story 🙏

    57. blop blop

      I mean if we're being fair, Agent is caught lying in most of his vids lately. Clickbaity titles and screencaps is shady as fuck.

    58. LiL WHY

      At this point I’m redownloading 2k17

    59. Kyle2324

      My league isn’t the most popular, but imo it is the best quality mode

    60. Ed Killa

      I hate this dude man, he wants to be a meme so bad. And every year he talks shit about 2k only plays 2k, his only source of income is 2k. Then says last year was better I honestly don’t understand

      1. Chase Orton

        Ed Killa Id be depressed if I played NBA 2K as much as this dude.