Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake



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    "Life is Good" available at: smarturl.it/LifeIsGood.Future
    Official Audio: hrsel.info/video/video/i6ay04nMbK28Zag.html
    Directed by Director X
    Future online:
    (C) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Freebandz.

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    1. COSMO JOE

      My favorite part is @03:46

    2. كركي فخم

      في عربي

    3. SJ xano


    4. Robert Villalpando


    5. 1000 Subs with no video!

      Futures part ruins the song. Change my mind.

    6. Bloodxhound Productions

      Futures part was asss

    7. Mary Mack

      Futures part brings the whole fucking song 2gether....take drake out....

    8. Fidel Hemstone

      I got 2phones one need a charge

    9. Tim GamingNb ChN

      Did anyone saw 21savage HE IS FAT !!!! 2:49

    10. Amardev Singh

      This song would've been 10x better with just Drake and no Future

    11. Piurity Junior


    12. Zenox_Fxrious Fn

      Ayyy big up the 21 savage feature 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    13. Daylen M

      1:40 Gets me every time😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Marcus Rubio

      Future made the song trash

    15. Smartboy Pachuau


    16. Diego Duketo

      future change the song in other song... god

    17. chuy -tastic

      I died when I see 21 wit the dpubble cupp as cashier

    18. peter mbugua

      Drake: my day are numbered but I keep waking up Me: I die

    19. Jordan Woodhouse

      This just set a new standard for music videos

    20. nicpap35

      drake's part ruined the damn song

    21. Lamborghini gallardo


    22. ReasonableDoubt

      Never knew removing an Ethernet cable can cut the power off.

    23. Gilbert Vallle

      I like the instrumentle it hits 🔊

    24. TheClaark

      This music is like life, until you have 18 years=min 1:35 is cool, after that goes down the pipe, wow

    25. DaJuanFury

      Song ends at 1:35.

    26. ϟ Nightcore - Rock ϟ

      𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚 𝙄𝙨 𝙐𝙣𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙 !

    27. Keanu Jegels

      drake be killing future lol " you cant spit

    28. Amanuel Mulubrhan

      0:56 no one is looking

    29. Ahmoet Ahmsowet

      Car on fire. Point proved. 😂 I love these guys.

    30. John Anyell Santiago Otriz

      Hit 💥💥💨💨

    31. hi_fi


    32. Athenaland

      They look good in the chef gear though

    33. AlternativeOutcast

      I swear the line to that fast food would be bigger than popeyes

    34. essex

      being rich, Future: "Life is good."

    35. Athenaland

      Drake needs to come work with me lmao

    36. Bangger Alert

      drakes part gives me chills everytime i listen to it smh

    37. EriPages

      Judge about to sentence: 6ix9ine: Drake didn't do his taxes

    38. Prince C

      Search up Jesse Duplantis “your saying and believing” he’ll be wearing a blue tie trust me he saved me from everything and changed my life bro!

    39. EriPages

      Shoulda been two songs

    40. King Ni-jel

      I swear I'm gonna be blasting this song at work now 😭🔥😂

    41. Martasticx

      Soon as the future's part kicks in, I turn the song off.

    42. Albert Ledezma

      Future, Drake , Migos🔥

    43. Peter Joo


    44. Agus Bustamante

      Bro, cuando venís a Argentina?

    45. Chin Teeq

      Drake verse got me turnt up🤪☺️🔥🙌🏽

    46. Jason S p u r l e y


    47. Fierce Eagle official

      2:51 21 hiding the fact he’s drinking Tea

    48. Albert Amos

      People: good things don't last Me when drake's verse goes out : yeah yeah

    49. Jrb Vision

      Drake verse go hard, the rest of the song is Ehhhhh.

    50. Dabtrak Music

      Dabtrakmusic.com🔥🔥is drake doing trash? Support local jobs

    51. Bertegue 5

      Why is this video suggested in this video

    52. M M

      Drake’s part/ beat was fire!! Is there a longer version??

    53. Rebico Gino

      Life ist good if you live like Drake

    54. wildoutboy23

      Damn drake🔥

    55. luwany Amilcar


    56. l3qit

      Where are the Ufo361 fans?

    57. NOOB _JOF

      life is good

    58. Kevin Bergé

      1:35 all the mechanics have already taken this famous bumper

    59. KT Game

      he tried to do another sicko mode

    60. Jager is Ez

      1:06 when you don't know what to do so you watch a HRsel video and a Indian man shows you the simple mistake