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    everythingawful subreddit is awful suprise epicly
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    1. Joseph Mazzucato

      12:01 looks like David Bowie fell down the stairs and landed on Boy George

    2. vbddfy euuyt

      2014: Everything is Awesomeeee 2020: EVERYTHING IS AWWFULLLL

    3. Hi NUGGET

      Too late Felix there are ready Terry for me the Earth and killing the children and making them retarded and killing all of the insects and animals on top of it just slower than you would.

    4. sixtysevendodge

      If all insects are dead, the arachnids will devour us instead

    5. KoliaGch

      I'm Russia я русский

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Was that Peanut Arbuckle

    6. November mind

      Felix for God emperor 2020

    7. sui

      i just realised this was uploaded on my birthday

    8. Jouni Viljanen

      any finnish people watching this?

    9. MakeItOrDieTrying

      1:39 Ivankov is real? - One Piece

    10. Pęrçý Fişh ŲwŲ

      Join the cult Reply if you know where this comes from UwU

    11. Wedding Table

      3:35 "The Box" anyone else heard that?

    12. I’ll do it tmr

      Now see I boil my water in a kettle before I pour it into the pot to cook my 2 minute noodles. My sibling on the *other* hand cooks their noodles inside the kettle whist it’s slowly boiling

    13. D n’ G. Drawing n gaming

      Everything is awful Like school

    14. Ms. Menacing

      4:18 MFW you're sitting on a bus.

    15. wolfdarknes

      nah man water is good here in holland. does not matter if its cold or hot.

    16. Vulgar

      Hey man, if you get rid of Mosquitos, Spiders, and children. You've got my vote XD

    17. Creebot The Great

      12:08 Consider thousands of these are walking around your body right now

    18. Augustgreg Djem Caronan

      at 2:04 it was a hairworm and its veryYYY EEEWWW

    19. Illavick

      You laugh but those beanie babies are easily worth tens of dollars

    20. Gir Doodie

      Was that Peanut Arbuckle

    21. Hamori Chan

      Everything's awful but are you???..

    22. Angel Salcedo

      Screw the children, let's go for the teens!

    23. Square Peg

      9:53 ls that The Rewired Soul?

    24. minSWEAG

      Friendly advice: don't watch this while eating. *been there done that*

    25. Nicholas Steiner

      Pewds, I swear I’ve seen that face at 9:54 too. Can’t remember much but what I do know is that he can’t keep getting away with it.

    26. Vomitance adopted you.

      im fine with the insect thing as long as we keep the bees

    27. Young Berg Майнкрафт


    28. Jasperisapup

      I already knew this

      1. vinasu maaj

        ??? 1:48 ? ? ? ??

    29. Artixell Animations

      The intro was a whole vibe

      1. vinasu maaj

        i knew goblins were real

    30. Ashlan Fulk


    31. Axnourx Beats

      i was eating when i watched this

    32. The Real Eggman

      u no that moth someone confirm if real?cause i live in australia

    33. Amy Phelps

      Wet sleeves are a constant struggle

    34. Nicole Banister

      Pewdiepie sucks

    35. Ajlez

      smashing like

    36. Podo - Intros


    37. Logan COllinz

      Hey apple users if your not watching in your phone leave If you press the turn off button 6 times on and off It will call emergency services don’t believe me try

    38. Jonah Webster


    39. Potato Steve

      Just leave the crickets for the FROGS

      1. Potato Steve

        BTW I just want to say that I felt like something was crawling up my leg during the parasite stuff. Tape works are like my number one fear. It's hard to use the bathroom when they always come to mind the second I sit down. Trust me, you wouldn't ever want one or even see one, but it's too late for me.

    40. Al Krill

      we miss you pewds

    41. I'm A Fan

      Well... Eating this during breakfast was certainly *awful* , thanks Felix.

    42. FireBallz

      When he said Bobson dugnut I felt that


      i knew goblins were real

    44. TamsCorner

      don’t remove bees felix bees pollinate most of our foods and they are important

    45. Max wear

      Selamün hello PewDiePie kardeş

    46. Dominique Z

      the water at my school was brown

    47. Egg Gaming Pro

      Just saying that if the water is black something or someone has died in the water supply

    48. 卐Zoomer

      Arent insects and children basically the same though?

    49. F0rT!le

      pewdiepie: *im a puppet all along* my mind: HIS LEGS ARE FAKE, MEANING THAT HIS LEGS ARE A HAND IN A PUPPE- I wish I wasn't so smart, but thanks, I hate it*

    50. Beatriz Arriaga

      Im not on bord because im a kid

    51. Dash Girl

      I luuuuv drawing and apple These phones are prettycool

    52. C.Q

      Insect, bees count? Bees die, we all die. Seems good to me. HI I'M MR. MEESEEKS LOOKATME!!!

    53. Diego Flores


    54. Hello help

    55. TC369 inc.

      That egg skull looked like the small grey alien from Ben ten

    56. Leah Tiemann

      I literally saw the title and went *"true that"*

    57. Rock Solid

      Of course I would eat ice cream when I choose to watch this fucking video

    58. Lita

      LOL funny Pewds I liked this video yes!!!! :)

    59. k i y o t o h i r o s h i m a

      pew pew half of us are 9 year olds, say bye bye to like.... al of yo subscribers.