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    In today's Daily Fix, Sydnee laments the delay of Cyberpunk 2077 and details the release for other delayed games in 2020 like the Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Last of Us Part 2, Smash Bros Ultimate gets another Fire Emblem character: Byleth, and another slew of fighters coming in Fighter's Pass 2.
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    1. Turkboyz20

      Love you sydnee 😘

    2. Henry Tucker

      I get that devs should really stick to their release dates, but c'mon. We all know no matter how long they make us wait, Cyberpunk will be worth it.

    3. Stealtz sid


    4. Robert Surratt

      I just want the last of us 2😩

    5. Brian Montesino

      All smash characters available December 2021 not 22

    6. Akira Kurusu

      That watch dogs is gonna flop so hard It's unbelievable that this game hasn't launched yet, the hype is DEAD and i barely see someone talking about it

    7. John Doe

      Watch dogs Legion got delayed aswell

    8. John Doe

      Worst year for gaming.

    9. Joe Smith

      Don't remind me


      Dying light 2 just got delayed so this list is incomplete

    11. LoLBuZzeR Re-

      Crap let me guess all of these games would be on ps5... ah jeez I’m not going to be buying ps5

    12. bigShooter

      Definitely cant wait for Cyberpunk! Can't wait to be able to put up some content for this on my channel when it releases!

    13. Jason Woods

      Ahahahahahaha September bye !

    14. Flurry

      If anyone thinks this is a bad game, you’re part of the system. Glad CDPR wants to polish the game. And time for my wallet to breathe

    15. Omar Wiswasi

      I think the game delayed because they want to be played on the next generation console

    16. stolen innocence

      Watch dogs legion?

    17. HenryRuins

      Cyberpunk 2077 should have just be made for PS5

    18. _TheDreadDoctor_

      does someone know the delay for Rainbow 6 Quarantine ?

    19. Shazam_TO

      I would like to think John Wick would have a Cameo

    20. Logan Paul official

      what was the thing i was miss...

    21. Logan Paul official

      i prefer a delayed game rather than a rushed one

    22. Shadow X

      I want S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2 news 😊😊😊😊😁😁

    23. abar rolugos

      Smashbros the next streetfighter milking game

    24. Hang Haam

      We all know the issue is Cyberpunk didn't want to compete with FF7 remake All the Game devs/company didn't want to compete with each other No one especially wanted to compete with RDR2

    25. zoroxtreme

      At least the delay fixes bugs and other things

    26. my mind is blur

      "and every other delayed game in 2020" You only said TLOU2, RE3 Remake and FF7 Remake. There are more Double and Triple A games being delayed

    27. ꧁A K I R A꧂

      Wondering why games delaying...pff folks all the games are with a lot bugs, no wonder if the delay date come and they will say uff sorry, but maybe next year... it seems this will became next No Man Sky thing... LMAO... 😈

    28. Tempest

      Kinda glad its that time we will know when ps5 and xbox come out...and no matter what I guarantee they gonna release this on next gen so u mine as well wait if u plan getting nextgen console's

    29. Oliver Katz

      These companies should allow themselves more time in giving a release date. Think the game will be ready by April? Give it an August release date.

    30. Sunrise Alex

      Delayed because devs needs more time to finish those games properly. It's always for the better but some players wants to have games ASAP (no idea why)

    31. CMONCMON007

      I never was impressed by the new additional characters in Smash

    32. Ritwik Srivastava

      I'll just play Doom Eternal till Cyberpunk comes out

      1. John Doe

        Fkfkfn Nnrkk unfortunately yea

      2. Fkfkfn Nnrkk

        Those games only have like a day if day value

    33. Beyond Zetabyte

      Marvel's avengers delayed only to get destroyed by *JOHNNY SILVERHAND*

    34. mjolnir112

      Samurai pressing the snooze button... Look as long as these games end up being amazing no one is going to remember the delays it’s annoying but in the end if it means a better game then great. I’d rather they had no date until they were absolutely sure like a month out but that’s not how marketing works

    35. Edson Senho

      Marvel's Avengers: Initially supposed to launch in May but delayed to september Cyberpunk 2077: Initially supposed to launch in April but delayed to september as well Wow it looks like this game can't get away from Cyberpunk

    36. Nicol Vegas

      cyberpunk 2077 wil be released in 2077 dumbs

    37. angryengineer1

      neverrrrrrr pre-orderrrrr

    38. Mills Unpingco

      I might as well just wait for the PS5 before getting cyberpunk 2077 now,

    39. RPRsChannel

      Past 5 years, it seems like EVERYTHING IS DELAYED. Delaying things is a sign of depression.

    40. Beast Within Gaming

      I really hope they delay the big games until ps5 and they will be well better

    41. DARTH ASH

      This is fine (;ŏ﹏ŏ)

    42. Alec

      Cyberpunk delayed till 2077 CDPR STANS: I don’t care, take your time

    43. SigMa Prime

      im getting that feeling cyberpunk is gunna be stale puddin

    44. The Troll


    45. Ak47

      like really how many times

      1. Ak47

        7 damn years

    46. deanofcool

      It’s more games than listed here. Wonder why. They all cited that they need more polish, which is fine, I’d rather have a polished game, but is that the real reason? Seems to much of a coincidence that so many games are delayed. I mean it stops conflicting sales a little bit, but apart from cyberpunk, which got delayed by quite a while, most are only delayed by a month or so. I thought at first it might help my wallet, but I don’t think it will, it’s just gone from buying 3 games in one month to buying one game a month for 4 months, then waiting for cyberpunk.🤷🏻

    47. Hq

      Syd so hot

    48. danur rahmajati

      because next Gen console

    49. TheScaryDoor

      she could care less about games lol

    50. Pdubz21

      Not that ign ever listens (because they’re too busy trying to be funny) but y’all forgot about the avengers game being delayed.

    51. greg cord

      Wake me up when September ends!

    52. _yungdaemongod667

      Keep whamen out of male spaces...

    53. old_ NIKO

      Gta V : september 17 / 2013. Cyberpunk 2077 : september 17 / 2020.


      "thats what we get for complaining april is too packed with games" umm what? no one was complaining about that....that makes no sense in any way. its not like you HAVE to buy a game the second it comes out, and its not like you have to play it, and only it, untill you beat it, before moving on to the next........ waiting is always an option, their not gonna stop selling the games once april is over.

      1. Reverend Dickie

        @mjolnir112 ONLY Playstation owners were complaining. Those of us with Gaming PC's and Xbox Consoles saw only one AAA game coming out in April.

      2. mjolnir112

        To be fair I saw heaps of ppl saying that.

    55. Dark

      3:02 Just to be clear you don't need to pre-purchase to get the ancient zelda armor, you just have to buy the fighter pass at some point to get it.

    56. Takoshi Hitsamaru

      A month from now: "Cyberpunk 2077 delayed till March 2021"

    57. Sai sooraj Ramagiri

      I have a feeling dying light 2 is gonna be an amazing game... And also the games producers aren't people with big mouths like others cause they didn't release the date years before the actual games release

      1. Monsta

        @私の名前を翻訳しないでください too bad it just got delayed

      2. John Doe

        私の名前を翻訳しないでください it got delayed , look it up

      3. 私の名前を翻訳しないでください

        Same, Dying Light's the only game so far that hasn't been delayed, which gives me a little bit of faith.

    58. Hunter Powell

      Missed ark genesis

    59. Frank Hernandez

      They might also be waiting for the new GPU's of 2020 to come out in the summer with better RTX implementations, who knows

    60. Frank Hernandez

      Better delayed than broken. Now I can finish Red Dead 2 before Sept...