Conor McGregor on UFC 246, Khabib, Mayweather | Extended Interview | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show



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    Conor McGregor sits down with Ariel Helwani as he prepares to make his return to the UFC to discuss: The improvements he’s made for his well-being, (12:15) how becoming a father for the second time has changed him, (16:23) fighting Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, (24:15) the buildup to his bout vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov, (31:54) negotiating a new contract with the UFC, (35:40) working with Tony Robbins, (40:33) his aspirations of becoming a billionaire by age 35, (41:47) wanting a rematch with Floyd Mayweather and (44:40) having talks about a potential boxing match vs. Manny Pacquiao.
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    1. Asad Zaman

      Khabib time

    2. lilly white

      chin ring

    3. Donald Creech

      Amazing interview

    4. Relapse Skux

      “No ones punching me in the face” ... wins fight and takes no punch to the face

    5. P.T. Martinkus

      “If you can’t tell yourself then no one can tell you” 🙌🙌🙌

    6. Evan Strothers

      Ariel's hand movements are so weird and unnatural. I believe they tell you to use your hands as an on camera talent......and t does work.....just watch Conor, his is natural. Ariel's is forced and super distracting

    7. Darlene Paul

      Freaking AMAZING interview!

    8. Darrell Williams

      The hate u when u Down,and Love u when u Up. What a world.

    9. Blake Dubois Nash


    10. caleb

      Massive inspiration to me and many many others. Thank you Conor for paving the way and showing us that hard work, dedication to a goal, and VISION pay off. -Guthrie

    11. Farhan Pervez

      Khabib humbled em.

    12. Bonswally

      He's got a bit of a pink cloud vibe going on

    13. Will yo


    14. genesis the currupted

      Conor McGregor vs gsp???

    15. dutoiu hour

      good person to have in your life and I am glad he seems to have gotten back on the tracks before the breaking point. They make a good couple.

    16. Joe Brown

      Did he really do that to that women ? On a coke bender ??? I like Conor always been a fan.. One thing I have learned don’t accuse a person till it’s all over ....

    17. rabie mohamed

      cowboy coach sad that" conor is just a left hand and a first round" he can add a left kick, a left knee ,a left shoulder bump to his amazing style analystics of conor.

    18. Ghostrider191

      "It's what i weigh" lost his accent there lol

      1. dutoiu hour

        “Conor mcgregor” - hmm hmm hmmmmm hmm

    19. Khuong Nguyen

      Khabib converted this dude.

    20. Marshall Antony

      Connor (Time Time Time) Mcgregor

    21. Atagun İlhan

      ""I'm gonna make him humble.''

    22. dcoog anml

      “Nothing can infiltrate my enthornal taughts!” - Mystic Mac 6:50

    23. Kenny Deroian

      The reporter needs to go watch Sean Evans on Hot Ones to learn how to conduct a proper interview. Nails on a chalkboard.

    24. Calismooth9

      Time, time Ariel


      il est pas trs grand et bizzare qu il arrive a gagner intelligement ce sacré connor

      1. dcoog anml

        get touched!

    26. Luke Quinn

      That was a good explainer tutorial man. I will keep tuned into you . Tnx

    27. Lucifer Crucif

      He went over.... some things called Jesus. The God, not "god". Very clear to me this happened.

    28. PeteezyTVeezy

      21:35 indeed

    29. John Lyons

      I am 67 in 3 days and this Man motivates me no end. I am calling myself " the geriatric Connor McGregor. What a Man, what a mind. Thanks Connor.

    30. Tabula Smaragdina

      Eagle make´s People

    31. Home Ref

      King of Ufc is back with a BANG

    32. Dave

      I believe everything changed for McGregor after the incident with Habib Nurmagomedov. He finally realized that you can't say & do anything you want and get away with it. There will always be repercussions for your actions. He seems to be more humble & collected in his thoughts. I wish him the very best as works on becoming the best man he can possibly be.

    33. Jose Franco

      “Conor mcgregor” - hmm hmm hmmmmm hmm

    34. gtoss chddy

      "...he's probably balancing on chairs stacked up on top of each other, you know what Tony's like" haha

    35. eko nugraha putra

      Connor Mchumbler Khabib: Alhamdulillah

    36. eko nugraha putra

      So.....Connor is a Slav now?

    37. eko nugraha putra

      Why does it Give me the feeling more respect towards humble Connor than the "confidence" Connor. Hmm

      1. gtoss chddy

        The fights we see are mostly Influenced for the best of the organizations. Such as Rampage losing to fedor.. was so obvious it was fixed.. and now cowboy cerrone.. as the

    38. Jazzy Jazzzmin

      35:32 “It’s Tainted Baloney” 😆😂🤣

    39. Captain Hook

      THE KING IS BACKK!!!!!!

    40. Baltimore Fan

      Love going back and watching this after that amazing performance.... especially when he says no one is hitting me in the face no one is touching me and then litterally doesn't get touched!

    41. Kyle Mccarraher

      I never lost faith in this man I knew he would win eventually. He’s the the king.

    42. Rick B

      Mr Conor McGregor.

    43. eelco8800

      The man talks big words and he can fight, but from his behaviour one can see that he is a psychopath

    44. P B. V

      The new Coner?... It's hard to not be a fan of a humble, excited and talented Conor, McGregor

    45. yorke wallace

      finally touch down with his self... power just corrupt most of us.. one thing about him is his ability to be mindful of things.. im very positive he is into eastern philosophy.. got lost on tracks and came back.. and be mindful again.. controlling your karma

    46. missclik

      im putin music (like instrumental Zac Hemsey -the way - and other ) & im listenin to this again & again .. inspiring for long run performance ..thanks Conor

      1. roouit patan

        It's like Ariel is just trying to bait him into a reaction

    47. VLDSLV

      what camera shoot this ? who know?

      1. roouit patan

        Surprise surprise, the king is back

    48. Jeath Tunes

      talks about disrespect where he shits on someones father, religious, region, and everything in between ?

    49. Chris A

      8:38 - "No one is punching me in the face Ariel, you know what I mean I'm too sharp mate trust me on that" - He was not lying against Donald Cerrone, prophetic.

      1. Souren Orfali

        Chris A mystic mac strikes again

    50. deestort

      Too quick

    51. Niall Cnoc

      The majority of the Irish public went from loving Conor to loathing him because of his behaviour over the last 2 years. He realised that he built his fame and fortune on the back of the Irish people. A fortune he now realises cannot bring him true happiness. But I am sure as day follows night & night follows day that he is very proud to be an Irish man who truly loves his country. I hope he stays humble and respectful because as strong minded as Conor is, he needs the love of his country and it’s people. I hope that he stays true on his current path and he will regain what he has lost with the Irish people. Win, loose or draw is secondary 🇮🇪

    52. Richard Upyurass

      Screw Floyd. He is a coward and will never climb in the octagon for a fight

    53. Tothepointvideo Production

      The fights we see are mostly Influenced for the best of the organizations. Such as Rampage losing to fedor.. was so obvious it was fixed.. and now cowboy cerrone.. as the sacrificial lamb for the re build up of marketing boy connor.. No real fights here... sparing can have many levels.

    54. Para Akula

      Oh he hurt him, Cowboy is in trouble..It´s all over...

    55. jrelyea828

      DJ Vlad needs to interview this man so we can get the REAL questions asked

    56. Marcellus Samir

      26:00 disappointment

    57. Marcellus Samir

      21:36 prophecy lol

    58. Anar Marqulin

      konor ureysen