Christmas Decor! 8 Fun Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas!

Crafty Panda

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    Get your glue gun out of the box ‘cause we are making more awesome Christmas decorations! Discover how to make your own large Christmas bauble - looking pillows, turn your spare tree toppers into a lovely decoration or make giant Christmas lights out of balloons! Get comfortable and stay tuned for all of these cool Christmas decorating ideas and decor hacks!
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    00:04 Christmas Tree Toppers
    01:21 Giant Bauble Pillows
    03:12 Smiling Baubles
    04:48 Balloon Christmas Lights
    05:54 Minecraft Christmas Ornaments
    06:59 White Christmas Tree
    08:25 Candy Baubles
    09:33 Christmas Candy Wreath
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      Hey, Festive Pandas, 🐼🎅 It’s time to get your home fully into the Christmas spirit! 🏡☃️🌟 I’ve got more wonderful Christmas decorating ideas for you to dive into! ❄️🎀🎁 Let me know which of them has grabbed your attention! 🤩🎄✨ Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.s. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉:

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