Cats - Review


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    Cat-astrophic special effects ruin Tom Hooper's adaptation of the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical.

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    1. Weab00 Stuf

      A 4.5 is wayyyyy too nice

    2. Charlotte Ziggy

      James Cordon, Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift involved just know it is going to be bad. Francesca moves beautifully.

    3. 20.000 Subs with no videos

      Stringer Bell is in Cats? Jajaja

    4. Francisco Gomez

      I kinda like the style of this movie but the cgi ruins everything

    5. Mateo Bovoso

      Not a 1.0?

    6. Laura Clarke

      Wait this is a 4.5 when dooditle gets 3 No dooditle is a 5 and this is a 0 I only care about Robert downey Jr

    7. zoe puah

      I wanted to watch this..... what the heck is wrong with me

    8. 『Ixv-x』

      Even the old sonic trailer was better than this

    9. gerard bayasca

      ...and the world agrees.

    10. nicolo jacinto

      They had so much budget for this movie and turned it into this.

    11. Movieman Studios

      Tonight, I’m going to the Boston Opera House to see Cats (The Musical).

    12. Supertomiman

      I actually liked it, their mistake was using cgi instead of costumes.

    13. Diego Grajeda

      I'm I the only one who actually prefered to focus in the plot? Practicly 99.99% of all the reviews just say the movie is bad because of its static and design, but once you actually follow the sequence of events, you actually get the whole moral of the story. Some people said the visual effects were hurried, but probabbly they were actually ready for release. The insane amount of negative comments was so huge that any human being would be affraid of at least replying. Probably a movie that relies so much in CGI should be more cautious, but even the smallest building took effort to be constructed. The preformance of the characters was great and the whole scenography gives the feeling that they are considerably tiny in comparison with a normal human being. I prefer actual humans doing the whole performance than 4 leg cartoons, they can transmit feelings much more effectively.

    14. Filipe A.

      Watching Cats’ reviews is my new hobby

    15. afaaf

      Jennifer Hudson looks more like a wolf than a cat

    16. afaaf

      I heard jason derulo saying he doesnt care about reviews but if he watched this and it didnt make him uncomfortable then I have no idea what that man was on when he watched this

    17. southlondon86

      Should one watch this on LSD?

    18. Weston Stevens

      If IGN says something is bad, you know it's bad.

    19. Miguel Rodriguez

      4.5 not a spin-off to Skyrim

    20. Its your bro

      Gonna tell my kids this was the jungle book 😂...

    21. Jessica Buntz


    22. PogMaster6000

      You are a sexist biased misogynist, you homophobe. Cats sparked true passion inide my soul and reinvented my life

    23. Simon Bar Jesus

      Eww fuckers were so excited for it on Twitter because they were TayTay and celeb party fans how did it turn out like this did they east dust whats going on in Twitter can someone tell me I lost my password

    24. Carson Gray

      I would rather play Call of Duty Ghost than watch this.

    25. Alyssa Rivas

      The budget could have ended world hunger but instead they made this travesty 🤦🏽‍♀️

    26. kawaii Nuggets

      You have ruined my love for cats.

    27. 1988mrsv

      CATS is awesome!!!! This generation of Movie Goers don't get it.... It is an Operetta. MUSIC -- LITERATURE -- DANCING -- MEDIA ARTS in full swing throughout this WONDERFUL MOVIE!!! Let's see some supportive reviews here. I plan to see it several times while in my local theatre. CHALLENGE: Go See Cats yourself.... then decide. Yes, Taylor Swift is in there for about 3 minutes with many other Front Line actors - singers - dancers to enjoy. It is a BROADWAY MUSICAL put to the artistic media of CINEMA, based on British Literature. CATS IS AWESOME!! FYI from CT

    28. Passion Photographer

      "CATS is True Cinema, this is what I need Says" Martin Scorsese

    29. Muhammad Nanda

      Even Tommy Wiseau The Room and Sharknado 696969% better than this

    30. The Fantabulous JalaPeña

      This shouldn't be a 4.5 It should be a 2

    31. Alaybozan

      This movie has lower IMDB rating than The Emoji Movie. Nuff said.

    32. suzycreamcheesez

      terrible reviews how did judi dench get mixed up in this

    33. Zainzach Gaming

      I literally fell asleep watching this and I never did that before

    34. derek smith

      Still can't workout why James cordon is famous let alone in any movie

    35. Luv1234

      If cats looked like this, we’d be in hell

    36. Greg Z Fainberg

      IGN gives Star Wars the last Jedi a 9.7!!! and Cats calls Cats outright bad...hmmm I think I'm not sure I trust your judgement anymore IGN...

    37. Abdel Satan

      Im neutering my cat.

    38. Aldrich Luna

      In my country (Philippines), Cats will be released in January 8, kids will be gullible enough to force their parents to let them watch this movie

    39. Fuze

      Would've been better with CGI cats

    40. Fuze

      In my book this is a 1.1

    41. Wolf1991ism 1

      The thing that irritated me most with the Cats movie was, that it was so politically correct, and I think that the feriens should have been 100% cgi. But the songs worked very well, and I was deeply touched under Mr. Mistoffelees🐈✨🌘

    42. Shrikanth A V

      The rapid scene switching in this video is making me dizzy. As for the movie itself? Please no. 'Nuff said.

    43. Dave Liale

      Why was this even tried?

    44. Gabriel_005gamer

      I wonder how a cat would react to this movie

    45. stupid abc

      Me: Mom,can we buy some cats Mom: we have cats at home Cats at home ...

    46. Seamus O'Dork

      Idris Elba? He's in more than Ron Jeremy's knob.

    47. novas001

      I don't know what's worse....the review...or the same 10 scenes looping over and over and over and over.....for 4 and half minutes!!!

    48. Hunter Flaherty

      Judy Dench was the worst part of that movie and idris ruined his career. You are not a reputable source

    49. Freshly Squeezed Raro Juice

      So I’m literally the only one that would say that they liked this movie? 😂

      1. Clay Gilbert

        I liked it. Most of the reviews I've seen have been written by children who've never seen the play and, for that matter, haven't seen the movie. I first saw the play back in 1989, in my senior year of high school, and I've seen it in New York and London as well. The digital fur technique perfectly captures the look of anthromorphized cats. The costumes in the play would have looked ludicrous on the big screen. The music in the film is gorgeous, and, by focusing on one cat in particular, Victoria, the movie makes the story her journey, giving the movie a plot-based focus that the play didn't have. The play is beautiful, but it needed a stronger narrative to succeed as a film--and if so many people weren't too so busy being too cool for school, they'd see that the film achieves precisely what it sets out to do. Beautiful and awards-caliber.

      2. Khairah MS


    50. Draco Manao

      I actually really liked the film tbh. Not gonna hope I’m the hate bandwagon

    51. Josh Sucks

      The only ign review score I agree with

    52. Neojhun

      4.5/5 Sounds about right.

    53. Evilmonkey Jono

      Completely rips it apart, still gives it a 4.5

      1. Shrikanth A V

        Let's call it "points for effort"

    54. · bishlord ·

      Why are people so hateful? YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE! OR EVEN THE MUSICAL, SO SHUT IT.

    55. Dave Brewer

      Cats , soon to be a Cult Classic . Doing Midnight Shows to Mushroom Heads & Day Trippers . So twist one up and enjoy .

    56. Jsterninja


    57. Bosse bläckfisk

      This movie is even scarier than It!

    58. Johnny

      Worst movie of the decade, starring woke actors supported by woke writers and directors.

    59. the gaming cook

      This should be a black mirror episode

    60. Doubleheaded Eagle

      Why does this exist? Shame shame. I wouldn’t inflict this on anyone.