9 Clever Winter Clothing Ideas: DIY Fashion Hacks!

Crafty Panda

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    It’s time to upgrade our closet for the next year! And I’m sure you’ll find quite a few clothing items that are simply too worn off to wear. Well, how about using those items to create something new?! Here are quite a few fashion DIY upcycling ideas to make use of those old clothes! For example, use your blank to create an original top or just add some sass to your jeans by adding some beautiful patches! Stay tuned for all of these wonderful easy DIY fashion hacks, ideas and more!
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    00:04 Jeans Knee Patch
    01:15 Swants Sweater Pants
    02:22 Scarf Hack
    03:17 Mitten Clips
    04:21 Denim Plush Jacket
    05:30 Blanket Top
    06:44 Scarf Bag
    07:48 Hairband Scarf
    09:24 Sheet T-Shirt
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