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    The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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    13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
    As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.

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    1. Atprick B

      gurl.....the way all the white boys look the same lol

    2. mpkio

      OK, can't wait to see how this ends, seriously and ironically.

    3. Michael Rooney

      None of this kind of stuff happens in college.

    4. DDDA CREW

      Remember when the main guy played the ice academy student on Agents Of Shield? We never got resolution to him

    5. Random Person

      just when i thought it couldn't get any dumber

    6. Jennifer Caravantes

      Love love this show y'all complain too much this the best show I've seen besides "How to get away with murder"

    7. Chanel A.

      This show went from being about why a girl committed suicide to a wannabe Riverdale to How to get away with murder

    8. Is -mahan

      just finished s3 and I’m so shocked. These kids are all about justice but end up framing monty for what happened to Bryce when it was actually Alex, zack and jess. That’s actually messes up everything they stood for in s1 and s3. what a waste of my time.

    9. Dejanae Mills

      can monty please rise from the dead i fkn miss that dude

    10. tanya’s tutorials

      if y’all don’t like this show just don’t watch it , y’all mad annoying

    11. Vyom Srivastava

      Are there others who also lives a life like clay? I'm so like him.😅😅

    12. Pabasara Jayamanne

      "At some point, isn’t it like, inough is inough? " Yeah, we’re asking the same thing here

    13. Upsidedown boi

      Hey guys at least it's the last season

    14. Gabriela Belén Alvarado Callisaya

      La primera temporada abrió la temática de depresión y suicidio entre padres e hijos... Y el resto de las temporadas hablando sobre asesinatos hace que la serie en sí ya no se tome en serio

    15. Andreana Gianelle

      Ugh my all time favorite Netflix show

    16. Carole Williamson

      Wow.."..........................can’t wait

    17. Laura Silva

      I'm still on this fandom because justin might be one of my fave characters of all time... wanna see what happens with him

    18. micks is dumb

      'the night we met': *starts playing* me: *sheds a tear*

    19. VigilantePop

      Everyone hating on Ani even tho she saved Clay and Justin’s life from Seth.

    20. Megha V

      This show is basically Clay seeing dead people everywhere. can we find the reasons for that instead, please?

    21. Anna Anna

      each season seems more stupid than the previous one if that’s even possible

    22. sad_shorty

      man y’all could have just made a movie, we don’t neeD all these seasons ndndndndb

    23. Natalie McNally

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a> Holy cow batman is that Gary Sinise?? Wait, is this season gonna be CSI:13 Reasons Why ?!

    24. Maria daRosa

      I'll watch just to see how it ends since I foolishly saw the entire series thinking it was gonna be as good as the first season. Annie is the worst character, such a waste.

    25. RISE ABOVE

      Can we just bring Hannah baker back... 😬

    26. A' mari

      season 1. Hannah's suicide season 2. The trials for Hannahs suicide which leads to Bryce becoming a main suspect season 3. Bryce is murdered they're trying to figure out who Killed him and at the and monty is in jail for Bryces murder Season 4. Monty is actually framed for Bryces murder and ends up dead meaning the real Killer is still out there Basically this all started with Hannah's suicide and shit just got worse from there.

    27. Lynn

      yeah the plot changed and YEAH they could’ve gone a million other directions but i haven’t been bored for one second of this series, and they know it has to end with a bang so i’m expecting this to be pretty good! also, i hope it loops back to what they did to hannah, the original reasons why all of this is happening.

    28. Maridee Dimagna-ong

      Okay moral lesson of the whole story: Don't get involved to anyone about anything💯

    29. Полина Елисеева

      Это прекрасно😻 жду жду жду

    30. Andrea Nunez

      This show should have ended season one lmao. Honestly the plot in the rest of the seasons would have been so good if it was a separate show tbh

    31. Prashanti Roy

      I miss Hannah in every season 😢

    32. محمد امین ایمانی

      HOW DARE THEY ? if i was director of season 3 i would suicide like hanna

    33. Kay Anderson


    34. Clayton Watson

      13 Seasons. Why?

    35. Soaring Unicorn Kite

      I love the transitions more than the show

    36. Soaring Unicorn Kite

      I turn my back for one minute and everybody’s hair changes.

    37. loomie jungx

      I swear to God if Hannah is reborn im-

    38. loomie jungx

      guys i dont remember what happened in season 3 lol monty went to jail...i don't remember him dying. someone help

    39. Aqsa Farzan

      this is literally what happens when i’m absent for one day

    40. Vash Valverde

      lol who cares about Monty

    41. Karyn Amanor

      Tbh I’m glad it’s ending

    42. Katy M


    43. aryan raj

      Sad coz it's the final season. Happy coz they are atleast giving us the finale.

    44. AKMagic12

      Omg a new season, I havent noticed !! They should’ve just let it end in season 1 instead of these cheap drags that ruined it, this show is the shadow of what it was and how intriguing it was in season 1. If youre STILL gonna make ANOTHER SEASON....then have the bad guy be Clay !

    45. AKMagic12

      Omg a new season, I havent noticed !! They should’ve just let it end in season 1 instead of these cheap drags that ruined it, this show is the shadow of what it was and how intriguing it was in season 1.

    46. AKMagic12

      They should’ve just let it end in season 1 instead of these cheap drags that ruined it, this show is the shadow of what it was and how intriguing it was in season 1.

    47. just laugh

      If I went through all of I'd probably have 99 reasons why

    48. Jasmine Hills

      Who is sad that's this is the last season?

    49. Vetal Frazier

      Honestly I thought the show was done after season 2 and then they bamboozled me and made a season 3 and now a season 4- iT DoEsNT StOp

    50. Abhi Sharma

      I don't know about them but I'm getting depress by watching this now!

    51. Tee

      This dude got his cheeks clapped got punched and then gave up his cheeks again and now he’s trying to get justice all for a dude who didn’t even claim him Ole sprung off the D fool

    52. Tori W

      I thought this show was canceled...

    53. Christina Yo

      Rip Jeff tho 😩

    54. Jagan Satapathy

      We need session 5 pls pls pls

    55. Jagan Satapathy

      Best series 👌

    56. Priboy12

      I actually don’t care what anyone says this season will be crazy

    57. Andre Wijaya

      Seriously? They really need money that much? Because after the first season is over, I don't see any reason why there were a second season. I read the novel before there was a tv series for this, and I think after the first season, there was no relation on the novel from the second season and so on.

    58. Shariq Masoodi

      If 13 Reasons Why had season 5: "Hey it's Clay, clay jensen"

    59. Janiyah

      This should’ve ended in 2017 after the FIRST season 😑

    60. Noah Parks

      Seasons 2 and 3 were awful I’m hoping this could redeem the show

    61. Maria Hills

      They literally changed the entire series, honestly I only liked the season 1. This is just stupid now.

    62. S.C. S

      Why is netflix spending money on stuff like this and buying reruns?

    63. Isabelle Thomson

      I’m so sad it’s the last season tbh

    64. Neera Gupta

      This show is no more about Hannah Baker.......it was supposed to be aput her....😟

    65. Marginot Barreto

      "Enough is enough" It was enough on season 1 Now you're just overdoing it

    66. Toxic_Dominat810 Gaming

      Shit's going down.

    67. amamaalwaz quadri

      After watching 13 reasons why I have *been becoming thankful about the fact that my school doesn't have such a thing called bullying* I mean this shit of bullying is on another level here ......

    68. afutla qian

      idc if alex and zach don't end up together this season imma throw hands

    69. G .O

      Here we go again.......

    70. 7th Hokage

      S1: Fck Bryce S2 : Justice for Bryce S3 : Fck Monty S4 : Justice for Monty And Annie is still the useless one.

    71. nancy torres

      Why the final tho? I love this show hella excited

      1. afutla qian

        Season 1-2: Justice for Hannah Season 3: Justice for Bryce Season 4: Justice for Monty

    72. The Cutting Board

      This show makes me so glad I was invisible in high school.

    73. Lindsay Perryman

      i thought got cancelled

    74. Fahlev

      I hope there's no more ani

    75. _hx_lima_

      Ok but clay looks so fuking hot

    76. Tarshari Mehta

      Why does clay look different

    77. nada damrane

      season 1 : suicide is not the okay. final season : they became all maffia's at the age of 18. WHAT IS THIS SERIE ACTUALLY ABOUT?

    78. Juan Camaney

      This show is wack af, always thought it was

    79. The Best OmegaGamer

      Final season finally this shit will be over

    80. Mandeep Singla

      Now I fully understand the line “ How far does the dark go “ from one of the trailer’s song