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  1. BLUE

    He be sick by corona in china

  2. Martin Moore

    It supposed to be based on the classic TV series. But this is likely the thriller movie.

  3. Jake The LEGO Minifig


  4. Gamer Gamer

    Looking forward to watch it on DVD!

  5. J B

    Subsequent viewings has me loving this film more and more. It’s a real love letter to the era. Having lived in LA for sixteen years(since moved far away) its a real coup, what they’ve done in the sheer volume of detail and managing locations as they’ve done. You notice the labor of love and attention to detail that went unnoticed upon first viewing. And bless you, QT for treating Sharon the way you did. Let Brandy protect her history in your mind.

  6. Eek Yay

    I'm already craving a trailer 2

  7. Jon G

    Who’s here from the Tik tok

  8. BigBadSeed

    "Hey guys! Booga booga!"

  9. Myles O'Howe

    Great movie. Were critics smoking crack? This has character development, a love story, it's in space, movies like this especially realistic ones are few and far between. Passengers>Avengers

  10. Ross Coe

    A love letter to narcissism and inflated egos, the most overrated film of the decade

  11. Johnathon Barker

    Wait!, The Sam Raimi Spider-Man? 2:09 Gasp! D: )

  12. Mischief MakerStudios

    The original Fantasy Island was better!

  13. Riski Janwar

    Watch this bcoz corona? *you know what i mean

  14. rich perez

    Thank you, Sony. I hope you made more of these kinds of featurettes.

  15. Rick Price

    Who was the actress who played his co-worker/boss in this film? ...She was striking. What a beauty.

  16. Mr. Safer

    9:10 Is Quentin okay? he seems really twitchy

  17. Dario Castaneda

    I just saw it. It’s quite entertaining. This has potential for a whole universe. Pd trailer gives too much away.

  18. Pol Lol

    Just here for the dislikes

  19. Navarrete

    Timothy Oliphant played Mickey, the freaky Tarantino film student in Scream 2 in the 90s

  20. Midhun Radhakrishnan

    Another flop...

  21. Eileen Thompson

    Jay Shetty 😍

  22. Henry Johnston

    This brings back so many memories.

  23. Purefoldnz

    A Love Letter To F̶e̶e̶t̶ Movies

  24. Blue Instrumentals

    Sounds like they're reading off cue cards lol

  25. jadeswari bhatt

    At first I thought this was fake but now...

  26. Jore

    Her voice sounds like a rubber duck.

  27. Dict Saurus

    2:12 wait, what is Matt Smith doing here?

  28. Jacob Wright

    increased strength and speed... my overall badass level has gone up and im kinda hungry for a chicken nugget...

  29. IsaiasSoldier2

    I remember being in middle school, having just preordered battlefield 3, modern warfare 3 and this movie coming out. I was super stoked. 2011 was a great year for me. Still love this movie! Probably the first movie i was super excited to see day one.

  30. Runjon

    Best movie of the year! I love Margot Robbie but I wish they would have picked a no-name actress to play Sharon Tate because all I can see is Margot Robbie in the movie. I'm not disappointed though...she was great.

  31. Ogiichidawg

    That cut to his picture while they're arguing about how he stood gets me everytime

  32. Coke Rblx

    I’m happy milo is actually back in real life when he had to stay in jumanji in the movie

  33. manuelito1233

    This the best case scenario fir the wuhan virus

  34. lester anthony Reniva

    This movie is amazing.. Must watch..

  35. Dwight Smith

    Mike got shot and he has a son

  36. Rauf Zulkarnain

    Guys This is not part of the MCU but maybe a Sony mcu becoz this was made in association with Marvel not Marvel studios unlike other MCU films

  37. Mark Boral

    why is this recommended in 2020?

  38. DV8SMR

    Ghostbusters 2016 too entertaining and funny? We understand. Come see teenagers fight puberty and ghosts, at the same time, in a corn field! It'll be all super-serial, kinda creepy, slightly suspenseful, and all kinds of dull. What's that? Not enough Paul Rudd in your life? No worries, we got him too! That's right, that guy from 40 Year Old Virgin, and Ant-Man, is here to remember stuff, and teach kids. Will the children become Ghostbusters and stop the evil fracking monster?!? Or will they just stay home and shuck corn with Uncle Paul? Find out this Summer!!!

  39. Yasmine Rodriguez

    I honestly want a part 2 to this movie 😭😭😭😭😭


    This has to be a lead in movie to uniting Blade, and Ghostrider together as a team.. I hope so.

  41. Wolverine Pete

    Why does Marcus keep bringing up his family especially in this movie? His kids are thirty years old, live someplace else & probably are raising their own kids. Lmao

  42. BRANDON Mcgilberry

    What's real and what's not

  43. ilias bendoudi

    Bjorn ironside plays in it

  44. Jesus Nazareth

    Hilarious movie

  45. ned cox

    Didn't this come out ages ago

  46. Flenszy

    The last is bloopers i think

  47. Marry Jayne

    Meh. If they do him as poorly as ghost Rider or the later blade movies I don't think we'll see another Marvel dark universe character cross our paths for a long time. PLS retconn the Dan Ketch ghost Rider and erase the existence of the Nicolas Cage and agents of shield ghost Riders. Just borrow an infinity stone or something.

  48. Silgacha Chan

    I remember the music welcome to the jungle of guns n roses

  49. Nanouk Le Zaf

    Ghostbusters Afterlife seems better than this film. That was another SJW disaster.

  50. JonnyMG123

    I TOTALLY get why some people really didn't "get" this movie, but I for one instantly fell in love with this and have seen it many times since its release and it's become possibly my favourite Tarantino movie. A real immersive experience, deep into everyday "celebrity" life in 1969 Los Angeles - a world that I didn't want to leave at the end of the movie. It shows the good and the bad of Hollywood culture, the rise and fall of popularity. It's hilariously funny yet has this melancholy running through it that just leaves you feeling a little bit sad for a lost era and thinking "what could have been?" Absolutely incredible. I could and probably will watch this over and over again and not get tired of it. Hope it does really well at the Academy Awards because it deserves to.

  51. Kiefer I

    Now this, folks, is how you make a slow and poorly done trailer.

  52. Sandy Norfleet

    I Think this movie might be rated R or PG-13.

  53. blair tonya

    Andy Belle's jumanji Belgium auntie all the way oh what fun it is to ride one horse open sleigh my plane

  54. CC C

    Finally. A movie with Tom Hanks in it that doesn't involve being on some disasterous journey.

  55. Croisé

    I feel like this movie is gonna redeem Jared Leto

  56. blair tonya

    This is why Blair I am a fan of Dwayne Johnson

  57. Toobrown2toast Games

    Definitely have to see this movie

  58. Kaz

    Missandei knows the answer to the ancient question... Do Unsullied have dicks?

  59. bronie. CO

    Last time Alex rider came to the big screen he looked like a middle aged man, I like how this looks different

  60. Shebat Mohamed

    Where the soundtrack when they we getting out the porche like original?

  61. Haters Have Opinion

    DC Dropped The Ball On *Swamp Thing Season 2*

  62. Leah Gonzalez

    Bruhhhh this movie look boring as helll🤣🤣

  63. Rahim Ali

    Marvel contest of champions leaked

  64. Charles Bocs

    I just watched it. Men it brings back old memories. Hasta El Fuego!

  65. Corey Byrd

    Sony out here trying to make a cinematic universe so bad......save your money making this bs. Looks generic just like Venom did. Stop trying to make Villians anti-heroes. Because you dont have your golden boy anymore. Or get your balls back take Spidey back from MCU. Use their formula and get your own thing started. Tom Holland as Spiderman is weak. He seems like a morph between Cap/Ironman. All tech suit and everything that makes him special was created from Stark. Trash this shit, and start over right this time.

  66. Snowy

    they shouldve used the tv shows theme for the trailer

  67. Timid Turmoil

    This is a love letter to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

  68. Ramsey Legrand

    Guys this is totally connected to the mcu so this guy Michael morbius kills his lover or wife or whatever and goes to prison that’s where he meets the vulture and scorpion and if you don’t believe me take a look at spiderman homecoming post credit scene you see a guy behind scorpion with a blurred background looks like jared leto’s morbius and in here we see morbius wearing a prisoner suit so it means that he really went to prison and one more thing in spiderman home coming mysterio tells everyone spiderman’s true identity and tricks them to think he killed him or whatever and here we can see spiderman pics with murdurer writter on them

  69. May I Be Frank

    Only a person with an intimate - and perhaps fundamental - understanding of this place and time could make this beautiful film. Bravo! 👏

  70. Shee Zan

    Missandei OMG 😂

  71. philip joseph

    Movie was ok, but sheeshus

  72. Jared Walker

    Over the Hedge: Glad to see that wasn’t me!😏

  73. Arutro Aguilar

    When venom 2 trailer coming out

  74. Chad Wilkinson

    anyone else here in 2020

  75. James Creaney

    I heard you're pushing Lancer pretty hard

  76. PURSON

    Why not just go into a container? With food in it??????

  77. Ewaniffo187

    Thanks for saving money, I have watched the whole movie in this trailer. Even the ending is on the end of the trailer...

  78. nordy259

    Bet it makes a billion+

  79. Klait Kiliman

    Xesy video

    1. Klait Kiliman

      Sexy video

  80. Semaj Jarrett


  81. Markykku

    Sonic:you can't beat me

  82. no.0221

    "One last time?" "One last time"

  83. MoltoRubato88

    What the hell did they do???!!! 😵

  84. Jacob Denise

    Natalie is beyond gorgeous.

  85. Martin Ekelund

    I love seeing behind the scenes of everything and I love the movie too, but this is textbook oscar campaigning. Netflix just did the exact same thing with The Irishman

  86. Tahrir mob

    Captain Balbi full movie

  87. AceDT311

    Quentin has separated more woman from their shoes than TSA, needless to say.

  88. CRITICAL YT203

    Hold up was that a baby pliosuaras???

  89. ISTWx Deuceyy

    Yes ! NO 😂

  90. Luis Morales

    Que bien maneja el inglés Paola Nuñez

  91. Dew

    I liked it cant be predicted

  92. ToxxSick Lemons

    was is it true you almost got the part in the great escape

  93. Bendy The Dancing Demon

    If they are not put the ghostbuster classic song in this movie, I will release the ghost and demon It was a joke but seriously I want a classic song from season 1 to put in this movie

  94. Fernando Cardoso


  95. James Zaccaria

    He left Harley to become a bat

  96. Bob Wiley

    So we're not gonna see Kate Mckininon making stupid faces for a full hour n a half that's a bummer

  97. Niall Hassett

    Loved this movie already but this made me appreciate so much more somehow. Just the incredible amount of detail involved, the music, sets, props, costumes alst while still being an amazing film that is highly engaging, haunting, funny and bittersweet. My pick for best picture.

  98. JP Studios

    pause at 2:34 LOL

  99. Purva Borkar

    Why the hell is fur Elise their theme music ??😒😒😒

  100. Mad Eye

    Looks bad.