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  1. 1 Design

    Only if i had a meatt slicer that worked that well. Ha hahahahaha!!

  2. KangGang

    Did roidnelo just say that?? 😂😂😂 Floyd whooped roidnelo and would have played with roidnelo right now at 35 Roidnelo will never be as good as Floyd and will never surpass TBE 😂😂😂🇲🇽🥩💉🥩🇲🇽💩💩🇲🇽💩🇲🇽

  3. ThatBoyTristin

    why does ryan look like he packin more heat than the black dude

  4. El S1lent

    Love Roy, honest and unbiased.

  5. ShawN TyleR

    A very lucky sparing partner.

  6. Hound

    Id wanna see roy spar tyson

  7. Dustin Stein

    I'll take Roy

  8. Jews_rule

    The punch was so fast i didnt see shit

  9. Felstriker

    Roy only retired 2yrs ago xD it wouldn't take him long to get into very fight worthy state he'd dominate iron Mike or evander in my opinion

  10. Billy Sanders

    Duran was before my time i seen some old fight clips he would've destroyed mayweather

  11. Mountain Dews

    Pacquiao gets trash talked and he laughs it off

  12. Cris Gallardo


  13. Jesus Martinez

    Puras MAMADAS

  14. Ricardo Vergara

    Paulie is the most annoying fucking guy to hear talk

  15. Benjie Braga

    teaching how to RUN😅😅😅

  16. Steve Casacchia

    Yeah Floyd turned his back to Conor and then if that was enough, bends over at the waist for the whole match. Praying the ref would step in, and he did. Thata why that shit doesnt fly in the octagon, turn your back on someone and you get choked out

  17. Rx Xmark

    mismatch the only boxer's left either spence...or crawford

  18. Dirty Do Little

    U think people would like shaub. Tall dark and handsome. Normally an outspoken personality and those 3 traits make u popular. Then he opens his mouth and then u think "I can Smell the cock off his breathe"

  19. Big big

    Mental health is real in the black community

  20. Diego Gonzalez

    Canelo humiliated Jacobs with those head movements, I’ve never seen a boxer miss so many punches towards somebody who wasn’t moving at high speeds to try and dodge punch. Jacobs thought he was gonna win against canelo 😂

  21. Pj Mendoza

    If Evander stick and moves and trains for endurance he can out point Tyson. If Tyson don’t catch him early . Evander has a chin and can box and counter very well. Tyson can burn out fast with his all out power. It would be a chess match if they do set up a fight.

  22. Carlos Salenas

    Mayweather sounds like he definitely aint smarter then a 1st grader😆😂

  23. Cody Robinson

    Roy got offered $30 million to fight Tyson back in the day & chickened out allegedly. Tyson was an animal back then.

  24. S Sav

    Tear me up dev

  25. Jerone Reed

    This funny as hell when Dev fight Tank he might whip him because Tanks promoter taught him everything lmao 😂 the Irony is amazing

  26. based statement

    Mike Tyson is getting all this heat and building up his appearance for AEW next PPV

  27. Angel Guzman

    Oh lordy he can't be serious Mike will eat the rest of him up

  28. Kevin Allen

    Conor look like my gta character

  29. Jad Al aissami

    No one: Ryan:*moaning and OfOFOFAhHaHH noises intensify*

  30. Brian Ticas

    Middle weight class was good when roy and bhop was there. Wtf is he talking about. James Toney William joppy, Jermaine taylor, mercado segundo

  31. Sam John

    Why devin remind me of Clayton from Riverdale 💀

  32. Hudson Lewis

    0:41 segundos

  33. SonOfOdin

    LOLOLOL Tyson would DESTROY RJJ!!! Has everyone already forgotten what Tarver, Johnson and especially Lebedev did you him?!? Lebedev damn near killed him!! Loved seeing RJJ get knocked out though. Tyson will end this mans life. Holyfield, probably not. Looking slow.

  34. Tiger Bob

    My hero!!

  35. Lenard Lopez

    Haney talk to your dad, fight the Man Pacman

  36. Kyle Cruz

    Looking like Vitor back on the trt

  37. Johnny Drama

    Roy the man.

  38. Junior Jimebez

    Good technique and snap!

  39. Percy Vaughan

    Funny how he believes Manny cheated, but what about Tyson Fury? Manny did not fail a test but Fury, Miller, and Whyte did.

  40. Guy janko


  41. Money & Cryptocurrency

    The legend throwing like 3-4 hooks back to back.The Great Roy Jones Jr.

  42. Money & Cryptocurrency

    Can't be touch,Big tune!!!!

  43. 805 vc

    Pacman will make this dude carnitas

  44. ChaunceyDos

    The thing about that first knockdown, IMO, is that Tenshin also trains in MMA. I think he momentarily might have thought he should defend himself against more strikes while he was on the ground.

  45. Anthony Webster

    Why would Spence go to Sheffield, madness.

  46. Kay 9Teen

    Makin all that noise for what? Anyone remember Shannon Briggs goin nuts at the Vitalio face off? Seems like the same kind of nervous retarded energy, Big Baby kinda reminds me of a young Micheal Moorer. Dude is nuts. I love Moorer but young him was on some other shit. AJ seems super focused here.

  47. Ruben Martinez

    Y la corona ? Cabrones tan tacaňos

  48. Barris White

    Boy Mike Tyson will kill him too slow

  49. momoni90

    Roy Jones needs to shut the hell up because he have nothing for Mike Tyson

    1. john gaynor

      Tyson looked slow in his recent training videos I think Roy could beat him

  50. Antonio

    DH sounds a lot like a young Floyd in his responses. I like him but I like Shakur a little more.

  51. Kamran Mohammed

    Floyd is going to try take Haney from eddie hearns matchroom promotions

  52. Mr 54Y3D

    Got to love the old school cats 😂😂

  53. Chad Payne

    Money 💰 may all day. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. Migz8191 Splat

    From Boxing to BkFC to Jail, what a loser

  55. Corey Parker

    my dawg look diffrent as fuck he was undisputed

  56. J Gordon

    I'm in my 20's. Started boxing late, and the fact that he said it's never too late to start boxing inspired me

    1. Otech88

      Best of luck to the both of you!!!

    2. Molly Whop

      Sergio Martinez started at age 22.

  57. Genius Genius

    Loma best P4P

  58. Kane& Able

    To whomever said Roy doesn't like southpaws, is being funny even tho he got knocked out by tarver. We all know how boxing goes, once they're tired of you boasting and bragging alot and you beating everybody, they make you lose. T bgg ats what happened to Roy vs Tarver. Look at travers resume, he got his jaw broke by a what type of fighter, and you think Roy couldn't have beat him easily? I can remember at the press conference Toy wasn't himself like he always be, hyped up! He knew what they was making him do. He, basically described it in the interview.

  59. Harlii Quinn

    Fuckin Ken made excuses for the Kimbo fight too. Hahhaha

  60. SulphuricAcidForTheSoul

    Any news on the rape case?

  61. SulphuricAcidForTheSoul

    My cousin had a neighbor who had an uncle whose mother sold mike a snickers bar.

  62. Rowa

    Canelo is clearly #1 by a mile. Loma got KD by Linares, hurt by Campbell, looked like a bee stung him vs Pedraza. And Crawford got dropped by an absolute nobody in his last fight. Besides that, they both have dogshit resumes compared to Canelo.

    1. ToMeK KeMoT

      Canelo face looked way worse after both GGG

    2. ToMeK KeMoT

      Did you see Taylor face after Prograis headbutt

    3. ToMeK KeMoT

      Canelo failed multiple tests rehydration clause

    4. ToMeK KeMoT

      Canelo lost to GGG once for sure maybe twice

    5. ToMeK KeMoT

      Loma was injured against Linares stopped him never hurt by Campbell dropped him once elbowed by Pedraza dropped him twice

  63. Neil Oscar Salac

    the bag really is dent up

  64. Floren Castro

    respect pacman

  65. EMANeleVenElevEn

    If Amir Khan's chin is paper this dudes chin is recycled paper. Sad these legends cant just call it a day. Its embarrassing

    1. extreme youterber

      Damn lol

  66. Melvin Mohammed

    Wise Words Coming From A Super World Champion In Many Weight Classes. The Great Roy Jones Jr.

  67. lron Bear

    Evander took steroids in his heyday and this is the results at his old age. Tyson was all natural and you can see the difference in the age progressions.

  68. Robert Canela

    And he also gave him tips on fighting guys on their way out and he also told him that if he wasnt sure if could beat the oppent make sure they have a weight clause wants him draimed as possible we wouldnt want any surprises

  69. Alex

    Oh no. Mike gonna fuck this man up

  70. Benny R

    He bottled Tyson fight 16 year ago

  71. Nobby Barnes

    loved him when he was all mobile countermovement and leaping left hook...couldn't touch it.

  72. RealRuffmason _

    Omg yo my ninja Roy mf Jones!! I miss this dude. You made me a few hundred in ya career. Its pocket change but i git bragging rights 4life mydude. One!

  73. Eagle Eye

    2 years passed by and Davis still never fought him

  74. MetalizedButt

    Mayweather SR reminds me of Eddie Murphy lmao

  75. MetalizedButt

    Both of them are fucking comedians. Love the exchange.

  76. Allen Laster

    I want the first Bugatti where the doors go up like a Kosingg

  77. Brandon Penna

    I'm surprised this Devin's first time being to Floyds house

    1. Moe Moe

      that was the L.A. house

  78. CharlesTron108

    Tyson vs Roy Jones 🔥

  79. locajuju

    Your ain't Mayweather, your WT

  80. locajuju

    Pale face sucks big ballz

  81. locajuju

    This pale face is trailer trash

  82. FabolousNupe


  83. Biggie 2pac

    Tyson will rip Roy a new hole to shit out from.

  84. KontryBoy706

    Roy.... I love you man but Mike is DIFFERENT

    1. EMANeleVenElevEn

      Different how? Was he not losing and getting stopped by Journeymen bums when he retired? The Tyson you're talking about you'll find him 25 to 30 years ago not now

  85. Jose Antonio Delgado

    Roy Jones is an ICON. Respect.

  86. miitube

    Still love Roy to da death. Dope how ya man knew all the lyrics to “can’t be touched”. Unstoppable was my personal favorite tho 💯

  87. Travis emosi

    Don’t sleep on Roy dawg it’s gon be a good match

  88. steve9348

    Please knock out Roy he talks to much

    1. SonOfOdin

      Just watch Jones Vs Lebedev if you want a good laugh!!

    2. Andre Thompson

      But he’s a winner though!?

    3. sayd245

      Why dont you go and try big mouth, yh stay in your bed and keep warm.

  89. FabolousNupe

    0:21 😂😂 aww come on now

  90. Anaki S


  91. OMW2FYB916

    Nate Diaz is a waste of human life...

  92. I am King David

    Always respect the champs opinion...

  93. Patricia Padilla

    I know exactly who will WIN!!! IRON MIKE 💪 loyal fan.. the man is dangerous always has been. I don't care how long he's been in retirement. He's quick strong always has been a outstanding fighter he is a superior athlete the man is fabulous in the ring. God help you on the street. Since Mike has been working out in the gym again he looks great. Come on with it. I don't know what I'd pay to see THIS.

  94. Big D

    Tyson would destroy Jones

    1. Joshua Allen

      EMANeleVenElevEn really? Iron Mike would make Jones bend the knee 😷

    2. Ben Dover

      Brian Ticas but was bhop better than spinks

    3. EMANeleVenElevEn

      @TBE 50 - 0 Mayweather haha hes looking better right now at his pension age with his grey beard? Haha too funny,

    4. Brian Ticas

      Tyson would have beat roy of course because hes naturally bigger. But realistically if you compared their careers, roy is the better fighter. Roy has 2 prime names under his belt in bhop and james Toney. Those 2 names beat alot of guys on Tyson's resume. Bhop is better than buster Douglass, better than razor ruddock, better than francis botha. Get the fuck out of here. These are facts. Just that name alone outweighs tons of Tyson's victories.

    5. TBE 50 - 0 Mayweather

      EMANeleVenElevEn those bums at the end of Tysons career would of got destroyed by a prime iron mike. Tyson is lookin better and hungrier right now. Tyson beats Roy. Foh

  95. Michelle Maher

    What a cool bloke!👍



  97. ramo jones

    I don't know who would win all I know is I will watch!

  98. Damien Knox

    Y'all do realize iron Mike is some testosterone an other enhanced supplements plus his genetics

  99. Ducck

    Y'all must've forgot!

  100. Loubizness

    All three of these mofos need to sit they old asses down