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  1. fluffy._.mashups

    she changed alot!

  2. Azael Gaming

    Omg james you look so sexy with that makeup you go sister 👍

  3. Bumblebee 2127

    I usually dont wear makeup, but I'd buy his palllete in a heartbeat. Thought my friends might steal it from me....lol

  4. Emmi Gspeed

    everyone is calm and happy and then there’s Bretman

  5. Mishal Malik

    Ey hermanas se casa

  6. Night wolf :


  7. Mum Vs Three Girls

    I could tell he adopted a puppy cuz a saw hairs on his jumper.

  8. Sheila Watson


  9. Kly and Shie

    No hate on Benny but if Benny won the show and collab with James it will be 100% cringe😬😬😬

  10. dipshika subba

    Huhu 🤭 lots of love 💙💙

  11. Isabela Castillo

    so benny's trend is making urself a furry? ...no thanks?

  12. Claudia


  13. i dont even know

    Ashley did do well but like kailyn did better for me 🤐dont come for me

    1. Just For You


  14. hafsah hussain

    omg i am so happy foe every one

  15. stephane macoine

    pov . je suis le chien

  16. Taiya May

    I love you 😍

  17. Pooja Jagga

    Looks like 2014 in the thumbnail

  18. Ermma

    This isn’t related to this video but... he should get to know derkslurp from TikTok 😂 they would b cute :)))) ur welcome

  19. Mr Potato Head

    I like how his nose is perfectly placed behind the pause button, it’s so satisfying.

  20. Jennifer Schubert

    I love you YOUR makeup is so pretty

  21. emma Hokeness

    Yes think you for Leading in the indigo go

  22. Myamore Hughes

    Is it just me or I seen James say thxs babe to grayson........wOw

  23. Trisya Amanda

    I ❤ U JAMESSSSSS ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  24. HannahClark101

    My mom says your way more prettier without makeup !

  25. Bumblebee 2127

    A horror movie when the makeup fights back and throughout the whole movie and it would be like a horror-comedy.....I dont know what I'm saying, but it could be lit...you never know

  26. Jarred Amay

    Even thougth he is suppose to be beautiful he turned out handsome (Not that his not handsome)

  27. Lynda Eaves

    Love you James ❤️

  28. Gracy Keisham

    I am single to😕😕😢😢

  29. Abigail York

    James, I literally love you. You're such a genius and an incredible host! Instead of spreading corona, please spread your talent to me! Love you <3

  30. Zainab Modan

    i am bursting with excitement