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  1. John Richards

    To spend my life making people that happy would be a life worth living. That's why, I love you.

  2. Clayton G

    People say “OMG Taylor is better than Eddie Van Halen” “OMG TAYLOR IS THE BEST GUITARIST EVER” Pop music is terrible, she is buns at guitar

  3. Sploosh

    Taylor : Can I have him? Producer : He's available. Taylor : 👁️👄👁️

  4. Bret The Gothic Crow

    She gave in to the liberals

  5. Stephan Asdf

    25:25 means you won't be considered at all. Totally wrong tactics and the court order has been torn up and thrown in the street. Bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye.

  6. apuii.ralte 16

    26th feb 2020 love you tay💕

  7. Katrina GK

    She's genius on writing songs.

  8. Hanzel Kyle

    I love the fact that Taylor Swift is encouraging us to write our own songs!

  9. Who Am i

    RED is a masterpiece

  10. Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr


  11. Akash Parihar

    2020 Feb blank space lovers

  12. kate 8206

    amasing wow

  13. Thiennam Tien

    Reputation ------> Lover i love youuu my fan you vnnn

  14. Aiwa Lei

    2 of my fave artist of this generation!!! More collaboration pls.

  15. Aiwa Lei

    2 of my fave artist of this generation!!! More collaboration pls.

  16. Liam 224

    Can anyone please tell me at 0:59 whats the background sound name

  17. Nadia Jamil

    Yah like I got 7pets in our house all are cats

  18. scrn

    I cant even play guitar 😢

  19. Goran Fistanic


  20. moon star

    me who doesn't have netflix: 🙃

  21. Jenny

    Watching this, I had tears in my eyes. How can society take the right to judge & control every step of a person only because many people like her songs. This is ridiculous & inhuman. you‘re such a brave woman

  22. Rachel El Abbady

    How ridiculous....

  23. Florence Stephanie Del Mundo

    What are the chords she used and what fret does that capo on?

  24. Michael Joseph

    Who else got this in their recommendations February 2020?

  25. David Humphrey

    Becky from the block sent me here

  26. N .A

    This is last comment

  27. Meghna Christine

    I just watched Miss Americana. Taylor Swift you are AMAZING! Thank you for everything! We love you so much. Thank you for being the woman you are. Thank you for representing us. So much love and respect for you. YOU'RE THE REALIST!!

  28. otto pikachu and oEevee


  29. Chantel Harvey

    This is going to be my first dance song 6th April 2020

  30. Cole Hanover

    If you play this at 1.75 speed, it's a boppin country song

  31. Miss Wolfie Eckard

    Then Taylor got a new cat

  32. 71 G

    I love you Taylor ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  33. liz karol salinas sanchez

    La canción es hermosa 😍💖 pero pienso que esta mucho mejor en la que ella canta sola

  34. Winter Phoenix

    cool video. I like that song. nice.

  35. Chanel Tanya

    Am definitely going to name my daughter Taylor 😍😍😘😭. Love you Tay

  36. Paulo Victor

    Omg the best version is perfect the letter say words of the soul

  37. Irene Mistretta

    I wish i was Meredith

  38. Shashi Doomra

    I love Taylor but I felt that this doc was planned. Like, it had a couple of genuine moments but the mostly it was kinda like a PR thing. Like, at the end when she was talking about how she wanted to be on the right side of history, they made sure that she would be talking ONLY to older,white men. Like, I get it. Those men are usually just trying to control women and our voices but they choreographed it. I am sure her team comprises of way more people than those men and they probably tried to stop her too. But they made sure that the public would see "white, older men controlling a woman". I love her and I was hoping to see something very genuine and heartfelt but it was just so choreographed. ( I m sorry if I offended anyone but these are just my opinion. )

  39. Lawansuk Syiemlieh

    Ooh 😍

  40. 松岡祭夜

    2020 anyone?

  41. Kunal Debbarma

    The crowd moving their heads are Cringy

  42. Melika Pournavaderian

    You were great taylor🌺

  43. Karolina Piotrowicz

    Taylor we all sing in the shower this song!!

  44. Rizzz Mae B

    I always love her because of her songs. I never knew her story until watching this on Netflix. I never even knew the issue with Kanye West. I just really love her songs.

  45. xJustin Playz

    Who's here expecting City of Lover/ Lover Fest to also have a movie? CAUSE IM ONE OF THEMM

  46. Scott F

    Sagittarius ♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐♐

  47. Scott F

    i WAS HERE i was here

  48. Sheremy Dandelion

    I watched the videoclip of "Me" first , and I thought that she knows French already.

  49. D-GOBLIN

    You're so cute, Taylor Swift. ❤


    Where's Ellen?


    Likes 222K Dislikes 2.2K

  52. Gー勝Gージョ


  53. Cyber Unit

    Some creatures learn to stand and walk, Some learn to swim or fly, Some creatures learn to sing and talk, Yet rarely question why... But swimming isn't easy, friends, That's why some hesitate

  54. Cyber Unit

    Obscure reflections, of a girl I once, knew. Casually, fifteen years ago, staring up at you.... through hazy shadows which last forever.

  55. Cyber Unit

    So into the lake I went in for a swim I then swam with the moon and all the stars I did it without thinking as it was just a whim And while in the lake, I swam towards mars.

  56. Cyber Unit

    Umm hello, that blue outfit! Wowzers

  57. Vikas Mishra

    Obiously greatest singer of all time. What a magical voice. And expression of her face and I was like😍😘😘

  58. Cyber Unit

    One day you have to tell me how it all happened.

  59. Jonas Gabriel


  60. YMSXXX

    2020 anyone?

  61. CGYNinja

    Hey where's ELLEN?

  62. Cyber Unit

    With patterns of chain reactions And the way we cog and gear. He is in love with pools of stardust And fanciful notions of theory, With darkness, deep and coveted And the fabric it is made from. He is in love with one who left And the poisoned past he bathes in,

  63. Cyber Unit

    And azure pools reflect a tie-dyed denim sky, as enchanted dreamers seal their love with a kiss nearby. Twinkling stars confetti

  64. Cyber Unit

    showing that you love someone 愛情に満ちた

  65. Cyber Unit

    very nice and easy to love かわいい

  66. Cyber Unit


  67. Cyber Unit


  68. Chu Chu

    Love her since day 1, she was the first American singer I knew when I first came to US, after 5 years, I still love her, from her music to her personality. I am really glad that she gathered herself back up from all the hate comments to become who she is right now.

  69. Tay Gates

    Ryan baby you are the most life savior person of all time in the universe.

  70. Tay Gates

    Sweetest Taylor you are most generous, most helper and the most sweet person of all the time in the universe.

  71. Lilian Arteaga

    This song reminds me of the boyfriend that I wish I had 😭😭😭😭

  72. Cyber Unit

    August Twenty Second THE DAY OF SEASONED EXPERIENCE We assume causality. But most often, all we can really say about two events is that one follows the other.

  73. Valmir Amado

    Eu gosto da voz dela

  74. KDiedrich100

    Bring me presents i love indiana in Pendleton

  75. KDiedrich100

    Sing that song you need to calm down to me because I can not calm down

  76. KDiedrich100

    My birthday is on July 3rd before July 4th where do you live

  77. KDiedrich100

    I'm so freaking happy to freaking meet you

  78. Melissa Hinckley

    She’s beautiful 🥰

  79. KDiedrich100

    My sister hates the zombie part

  80. KDiedrich100

    I love Taylor swift so love her songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. KDiedrich100

      Omg you and Justin Bieber are my favorite people on earth and I'm jaslin i go to maple ridge in on Mr s kings class I'm a 3rd grader I'm only eight years old

  81. Mina Ashido

    There she goes, with her classic (shiny) red lipstick and smoky eye!

  82. Mina Ashido

    I'm not scared of the beginning because of Glam and Gore

  83. Pigsinblankets

    I wish she had a new music video every day😂😭❤️

  84. Cyber Unit

    Cravings for warm electric shocks, sweetened kisses, and quiet nothings whispered, saturate me in these dreams.

  85. Cyber Unit

    My confidence amplified as the words, rolling off her lips, found my ear, and charged my veins, my heart.

  86. Cyber Unit

    The music burrowed its way into my bones. Pour some more liquid fever that I can’t sweat out. I’m sure you are just a dream. Are you, lunar eyes?

  87. Cyber Unit

    Special occasion! Toast! Celebration! Rich as royalty breathes. Shirt and tie, my, my, my I’m defenseless against your stellar dress tonight.

  88. Cyber Unit

    The nameless woman on the other side of the room. I see the moon in your eyes, so divine, our nights entwined. Oh, rhythmic vibes you hold deep inside start to surface, You are an inhabitant of the… Electric life, and you’re its Queen.

  89. Chovi hernandez

    I love shawn and taylor your music is beautifful

  90. Hannah Costelnik

    I know this song well I don't need the song I can just sing it and I love this song

  91. sarveena kaur Bhullar

    Awesome movie 😍😘🥰😘

  92. ThePurpleBoom

    Steve Jobs looks different here...

  93. Simple Truth

    Freaking amazing. I have just discovered these series of masterpieces in reputation from lover and I am enjoying these so much

  94. Timothy Dabriel

    U so cool

  95. Yy Yy

    Every year more and more beautiful!

  96. Selma Loira

    Eu assisti o filme da Taylor Swift e poderia levar um Oscar de tão bom que e #5 estrelas

  97. Carrie Peaston

    Todrick Hall!!!!!!!

  98. Catiting33

    She's not the best dancer, but she gives her all and that's what makes her successful!

  99. White Soul

    Im watching in 02/2020 and i want to tell you, no, scream out loud, one and only thing which is in my head for about 10 years: I LOVE YOU!! Pls keep it up with your dream, passion and music. I love you since you were in country genre, to entire pop 1989 and uptil now cozy Lover. Then, i am fastinated by all those pieces of art that you created, each affects me differently. I really enjoy it!