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  1. Ethan Jacovides

    Alex is literally Michael from the office

  2. Train troublemaker Boi

    Hang time at knots

  3. Eryn M Faggart

    Keith should eat the menu at Chick Fil A or Boxcar Bettys in South Carolina!

  4. brit1990brit

    I can’t believe the shit people watch on HRsel... 2 mill views?? This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen!!!

  5. Legit Lama

    Question: When can we buy the "Alex Made Some Cookies and Brought Them to the All You Can Eat Eating the Menu Time (AMSCaBTttAYCEEtMT)" Baking Book?

  6. Alyssa Arlert

    I dare ya to do Baskin Robins

  7. Emma Bringhurst

    "When you're expecting a bagel, and you eat it, and it tastes like a flaming hot cheeto, it does some stuff to your brain." I'm dying 😂 24:28

  8. Kaila Apostol

    You should eat everything at Chic-fil-a!!

  9. Nikka Limos

    This episode is wholesome,cute and adorable idk😂😭❤

  10. Senem Topalogullari

    I'm watching this Video and i realize that there's no pizza hut in germany!!!:'(

  11. Ananya Nautiyal

    Kurt: Bishop to h6 Me: That's hot.

  12. Jessica

    watching this gave me heartburn but it's my first Keith trys the menu video and i enjoyed it

  13. Ava Landis

    “Pisces have great asses” me: I don’t have the facilities for that big man

  14. Game Trash

    eat the menu dennys plz

  15. Heather

    Those pipes tho 🎶

  16. RE NNE


  17. Dj Cessika

    Eugene:....well one thing * chuckles* Me: he di- BLINKING. DRINKING WATER BREATHINH pfew. That's it. Surely

  18. TheJonquilRose

    Keith should do Hot Ones

  19. someone

    I don't think Zachary understands how surgeries work😂

  20. Toysforyou Alva

    No one: Absolutely no one: The Comment section: *zAcK*

  21. Ananya Nautiyal

    Ned: Pawn to h5 Zach: YES ned🤪

  22. king play music


  23. Zandra R

    that means I’m *marbled* baby

  24. Liliana Salinas

    My Favorites: - Jaiden Animations - The Odd 1s Out - Kkandbabyj - Try guys - bestdressed - Safiya Nyggard - Shane Dawson

  25. Jay Mal

    on the road???? if you end up in the south east you HAVE to eat the zaxbys menu😭

  26. Moon Draws

    Can you guys do a Eat The Menu at Chick fill A?

  27. Green eyed Envy

    I definitely wanna see another vid! Make this a series or something!

  28. Evilzero263

    You should do Denny’s

  29. SylviaAnimates

    Waiting for our cookies to chill is also a bop

  30. 123 456

    Are you guys gay

  31. Cole

    This video is absolute trash I’m sorry, without Publix your experiment has rendered useless

  32. Michael B.

    Highkey if he comes to Colorado - Eat the Goodtimes Menu

  33. Cole

    I swear to god, I didn’t see Publix in the thumbnail, if it isn’t in this then your video is useless

  34. Matrixal Gacha

    sorry can't relate I don't have more than 12 friends

  35. heda taghizadeh

    Eugene: pouring the thing on the babies but and then on and on ;) Travus:“ as a the doctor I am not ok with this but ha” Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂 My friend: “I don’t get it”

  36. mari

    me,german :YOU DONT UNDERSTAND

  37. Mani Bopeep

    I kept forgetting that the last woman was a man she was amazing 💕

  38. Sksksksk Skits

    I’m a very very angry cancer 😂

  39. SheWolf_Xxx3

    After I watched this I ordered a cheese burger, chicken burger, fries with cheese and a milkshake from shake shack. And i don’t regret a single thing. Except maybe the milkshake I think I ruined my whole diet. Oh well.

  40. TheLZempir3

    Too much camera movement around 21:00

  41. SylviaAnimates

    Ok but chicken sandwich showdown actually slaps

  42. ieuan davies

    Ha I live in uk

  43. karen gonzalez

    I loved this video! ❤️🙆🏻‍♀️ You should do one with MEXICAN CANDY! 🇲🇽

  44. Lauren Lapsansky

    Is anyone here from Illinois?

  45. Anna Bella

    i dislike cancers too 🥴

  46. Sine. m

    „Jax is the first kid Eugene likes“ Jamie from without a recipe: „am I a joke to you?“

  47. Rasika Gupta

    who’s your favourite try guy?

  48. mankala8

    "I think most people would enjoy this." -Definition of 'Damning with faint praise.'

  49. Fhina Agustiana

    I’m laughing so hard look at the western guys trying so hard to chewing the dumplings 🤣

  50. elma

    me, who took 2(?) semesters of ceramics in high school: *flashbacks*

  51. Jarvi Miles Jarquio

    I dont like the ranking, the girls are stupid at ranking, sorry I really hate it, how they justified the rankings just made me mad

  52. fair

    "Red ad the devil's dick" will now be the only way i will describe the colour red

  53. GetReadyWithMeMamma

    My favorite Thai dish is also made with Jack Fruit the same way. I looooove your content I’m half Thai half white American... I looove this!!!

  54. Clayrietta Natasha Clement

    yaw, Becky is so mean. thumbs down for that kind of attitude.

  55. Elaine Grace

    Raising Canes will be the shortest video in this series...they have like 8 items including ketchup 😂

  56. khano

    33:05 She sounds likea vacuum cleaner

  57. Ickbarr Bigelsteine

    I like Arby's but the visual of their food makes me throw up. It's just like meatcakes and... other things I wish not to speak of

  58. TheLZempir3

    Naperville was so relatable. Great analogy.

  59. kittykat4050

    Skyline Chili in Cincinnati!!

  60. 0GallifreyGirl0

    I really want Keith to come to Atlanta and try the Varsity XD. I need his take on the grilled pimento cheese sandwich

  61. ncg89

    the chicken sauce is making him eat more bites. is he going to make it? I'm a third of the way done.

  62. lemons are sour

    7:46 what's that song???

  63. Shajadi Khan Ramisa

    Next Episode on Try wives wine time: The Try Wives Play The Ouija Board.

  64. Nicholas Trevino

    If you like Chicken you should try Zaxby's

  65. Abedin Subashi

    Eat everything from melt shop or head to Staten Island and eat everything at avocado

  66. Gail Cachia

    just realized this series is a mediocre version of masterchef.

  67. Soap

    Anyone notices the Brazzers soundtrack at like 2:52

  68. Nadine Trajano

    MCR FANS *you like d&d, Audrey Hepburn, fangoria, Harry Houdini and croquet, you can't swim, you can't dance and you don't know karate, face it, youre never gonna make it!* *I don't wanna make it, I just wanna..*

  69. TheXGamer

    Next: *Keith Eats Everything At Cheesecake Factory*

  70. Louise Soliman


  71. BallAintEazy

    PART 2

  72. Sara

    You gatta do Whataburger!!

  73. Kendra Patocki

    The harmonizing made me surprisingly uncomfortable.

  74. Sydney Atkinson Music

    Shake shack makes dog bones but they still can’t make food with no butter that I can eat :(

  75. Hunter Kurapika

    Translate plzz

  76. tomy productions 101

    Am I the only one who hates taco bell?

  77. ri chi

    I see metal glasses... I cry That's my desi guys right there

  78. K3SP3R The Gamer

    I'm high sorry lol

  79. K3SP3R The Gamer


  80. K3SP3R The Gamer

    That one cone at 10:56

  81. RyZe

    I was born on THE 19th of march lol

  82. Eli Banzon

    Keith, why didn’t u eat the chicken dog with the other chicken products?

  83. Antoinette Dela Cruz

    that dog at the end omg so cute

  84. Anna Paula Hernandez

    4:45 Zach showing that he is a closeted holosexual

  85. SaKurA

    "Aquarius is manipulative." No. I'm an Aquarius. Not all of them, everyone's different, I've been manipulated so many times... I don't want anyone else to go through that! :(

  86. M Clo

    Keith, Few ideas Cheesesteak crawl in Philly Hot chicken in Atlanta Steamed cheeseburgers in CT Indian food in Edison NJ Ramen and Koreantown in NYC

  87. Alessandro Pantano

    Idk why I'm whatching this video..... I'm bald

  88. austin rolen

    If you're in or around Oklahoma, you have to do Braums. They have the best ice cream.

  89. Deanna Valadez

    i watched the 1st scene over and over & eugene falling had me dead😂😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Tamia Duell

    I hateeee paper straws 🙄🙄🙄

  91. Emma Lin

    checkmate by conan gray does that count as a chess song? lmao

  92. Chey

    i love Jamie

  93. sis is shook

    Becky was there to eat 😂

  94. Marit Detri

    I'm from the Netherlands, and I've never seen such an applepie😂 we do have apple crumble pie, but the crumbs and the crust are thicker and it just looks different

  95. Tania A amara

    Love that

  96. Shir Aluf

    Is there something eugene can't do?!😲😲❤

  97. Rayan Sous

    This video never made me feel more single

  98. Devyn Wilson

    Chicken Express! On the Border! (I’m sorry, I’m high) Taco Mayo! Del Taco! Del Rancho! Braums, breakfast and lunch menu!

  99. v3norick

    Whataburger! They have so much!

  100. Tamara Dunne

    Keith should try everything at Canes (Since all they sell is fried chicken and he loves fried chicken)