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  1. XxGatcha_starxX

    I'm not a hater I'm a fan bot is no one gonna question what she's wearing

  2. AsherandAxelPlayz

    5:24 they be using the gacha life background thanks too “Foxy and Kitty” for pointing that out ;o

  3. Gliittch Gacha

    I've been on something like the first 2 and I would go on the 3 one I love sharks

  4. yo girl star and sky

    Nice chair I see why he can't throw it away

  5. jj tt

    So are they back together

  6. fathi nouara

    Why did you blur the backround?

  7. Itzcashout Mooo

    I love u sfm

  8. Jaceybacon Hrycun

    Das cute

  9. Kaylee Williams

    It says she was 14 ON HER BIRTHDAY im sorry but I had to say it 😂

  10. Mary Allison

    I understand the annoyance of kids skateboarding in front of your business. It stops customers from wanting to come in. Because they don’t want to have to walk threw and get hit or run into. There are skateparks now days in every town. There is no reason to go into parking lots and neighborhoods. Just go there instead. And leave the old people alone.

  11. Dave Smith

    "It smells nasty in here." Don't worry, that's just cyanide, benzene, phosphene, etc....

  12. Lizzy Loo


  13. Kiana Sotelo

    It’s actually2020 kk

  14. Danger Gamer314


  15. dark unicorn cuties

    3:17 I can do that

  16. Roseletta Attebury-Marzolf

    does no one know that this is an episode from the Tv show: what would you do? Its acting!

  17. Insan1ty VIP

    “Winder upper”

  18. Connie Ramsey

    My best friends name is Annie

  19. Ranisha Sampson

    you watch narto to nine the tail fox


    But she is acter

  21. WJacksonM Rein Main

    If the bathrooms out of order I just need to find a tree and maybe toilet paper

  22. Isabel Duncan


  23. Whitenoise

    Came here for video game videos and free subscribers. Looks like I’m getting neither 😂

  24. bobrady irishura

    In Canada we say zed

  25. Chyler Raulston

    Ur hair is awsome

  26. Brenda Ayadi

    Survey:"Do you know the person behind you?" Me:(looks behind) Me:See's scary china doll of mine Also me:SCREAMS Me:Die's laughing

  27. e bird

    Its round

  28. Music Mangø

    At 8:57, that girl with the blonde hair looks like blondey on Troom Troom

  29. luna moon

    Don't worry sssniperwolf I still have a tree😂🎁🎄

  30. -Hollie teh Piece of toast who wants to cri :c-

    Wait,people don’t peel their cucumbers?

  31. Connor

    The camera guy's reflection in the microwave..Yeesh.

  32. NightShade ÚwÙ

    When she was laughing slowly it sound like a bird at 3:31

  33. Tana Hackman

    *Hears noises* *Immediately goes to comments just not to get scared* *starts crying* *Mom hears* *Stops video*

  34. XxLouuieeeXx

    These clothing hacks are so fun to watch


    lol 😹😹😹😹

  36. GriffinBerryッ

    okay, i belive the first one was related to the creepypasta slenderman....because slender man is bald very tall has long arms and wears a suit and tie....

  37. Waffi Playz

    The only gifts I hate getting are like, barbies and all that girly stuff. I’m a tomboy. I like to draw and play video game.

  38. Hadiyah Ahmed

    Bruh she thinks she wat cooler than us but she can't get a better haircut ur our haters honey

  39. • t e a •

    Baguette and cheese ☺☺☺

  40. Naty Herrera


  41. Glittergirl Forlife212456

    I was sad until the.........KFC comercial. Mmmm KFC.

  42. Audrey Mullins

    I am not even 14 yet

  43. gucha cat girl

    I'm ten so 10-5=5

  44. Ender

    lia: no laughing tonight also lia: *aLmOsT lAuGhS aT fIrSt vIdEo*

  45. Coley Austria

    I am a kid so I have no kids can I laughed when she cried it was very funny

  46. Audrey Phelps

    How does it know my name!!!!! Dont you have a HRsel channel called Little Lai?

  47. laiba asfar

    I think it is towards the building

  48. alice&clarissa tosolini

    The luckiest thing that happend to me was sniper wolfs vids

  49. Blazing Gamer

    Hector's my dogs name

  50. Zariyah Martin


  51. Savannah Mounsey

    Hate big booty probmlems

  52. Eloise Brentano

    this woman scares me

  53. Louis miramontes

    What happened in the end somebody tell me please

  54. Catherine Osorio

    I thought the first one was where’s Waldo failed ._.

  55. Bad wolfs Peralta

    the big pot was the coler the slurp was supost to be

  56. Latte Cappucino

    0:40 poor Squirrel

  57. robloxgod chillgod

    Lia u got a question in ur pool is thare glass in they end please reply

  58. Davidolusola Segun

    Heyyyy I'm a kid

  59. kristihoward78

    They are mean

  60. Savannah Mounsey

    These guys are crazy

  61. zvpks playz

    I don't think she was shaving her legs


    No matter how many times you delete this........I WILL BE THERE

  63. demon squishy

    I'm 5'3 and she's 5'4 so I'm shorter than her but how...

  64. danar iphone

    It’s green the bird

  65. skyler gallegos

    No I was 7

  66. potato unicorn

    Mine was on the wave

  67. Aranea Harrell

    Uh she used a plastic straw and she said that the can was vsco?????

  68. Yara Abu Hazeem

    And how the water come to the strah

  69. Amber Lesschaeve

    "There are people who don't have even one macbook" Before this video I didn't even know laptops of apple are cald macbooks

  70. Berry_Playz 2403

    Omg she is so spoild i broke my phone beacuse of her Lol

  71. Lucifer Gomez

    the C mean’t correct

  72. Suu Lu

    dam her doggy tone be sounding like how i talk to my baby brother.

  73. Christina Nee

    The earth it self hasn't been put slime

  74. Lyla Gary

    all of the people that you do spoied on they are so disrepstctful

  75. amelia burrows

    your dog is marking his place he loves u and me :3

  76. James Dillard jr

    Woody- Theres a snake in my boot A random person- My foot is gone

  77. Robin Tucker


  78. Myron Martin

    One of my bills was wet so I put it on my lamps lightbulb it worked.... but too well and burned the middle

  79. cool_ cat12

    This apped in my thing.

  80. Amani

    It’s crazy how Charlie D’amelio has more followers than she has subscribers 😭

  81. Xavier Mullins

    What happened to her hand


    Lil' kids' relationships are like cookies... Good while it lasts but gone after about fifteen minutes....

  83. Lucinda Bensin

    I hated lil tay untill I saw this

  84. Rayden Duong

    Dr Phil: Define psychopath Defining psychopath Me:You’re defining yourself

  85. Jasvinder Kaur

    First try it without ice because with ice the ice makes it full

  86. sandra sanchez

    Should of cut your nails

  87. Alex Ibrahim

    nice xmas tree... in mid january

  88. KK Love

    Corgi's my fav breed

  89. MsKelly1312

    Ice cream

  90. Arina Demid

    my favorite skittle is purple yellow and orange

  91. Harlee R

    RIP headphones users during the intro

  92. شوق لايف - shouq life alhosani

    انتي واو احلى يوتيوبر

  93. FaZe Trashy

    OMG ur soooooo cool SSSniperWolf

  94. blaze - BrawlStars

    I did that oreo ice its not bad

  95. -Hollie teh Piece of toast who wants to cri :c-

    I died laughing at this lmao in 2020

  96. Hanna Jimenez

    Also can we meet up one time I love u

  97. tanner mills

    I had a boyfriend when I was in kindergarten