Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji, better known as KSI, is an English HRselr, internet personality, rapper, actor, and boxer. He is also a member and co-founder of the British HRsel group known as the Sidemen.
In 2009, KSI registered his HRsel account under the name KSIOlajideBT. KSI built his following from posting gaming-commentary videos of the FIFA video game series, although as his following has grown, his content has diversified to include more vlog and comedy style videos. As of May 2020, the channel has received over 21 million subscribers and over 5 billion video views. In 2019, he was ranked as the second most influential online creator in the United Kingdom by The Times.
Having written and produced comedy rap songs in his early HRsel career, KSI has since recorded more serious works, topping both the UK R&B Albums and Singles charts. He reached the top 10 of the UK Singles Chart in 2019 with his single, "Down Like That", which featured S-X, Rick Ross and Lil Baby. As an actor, KSI featured in the British comedy film Laid in America, and was the subject of Can't Lose, a documentary film following the build-up to his first amateur boxing fight.

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  1. Reece Cooper

    Talia would of suited thus song perfectly tbh

  2. Kaan Kaptan

    very underrated song

  3. JMZ

    This the only song I like ngl

  4. Itz Mais


  5. Fearless Reb

    Sounds like a demon at .75 speed

  6. Best Of All

    Please release a video soon as you can for this one. This has potential

  7. Ricardo Cunha

    Window cap? Microsoft improve

  8. Jair Zuñiga



    We just shut the pub down sounds so stupid in a Rap song 😂

  10. Ethan Morton

    This is so shit

  11. Armedious

    10/10 fair play jj

  12. Johannes 2L

    you should release an album

  13. Miguel Bernardes


  14. antony Young

    Crypt is a off brand Eminem he thinks he good because he can rap fast

  15. Kaito ハンター

    Too much autotune bruh

  16. Wahab Akhtar

    what JJ name is William

  17. Arya Naik

    Can he officially post this and make a music video

  18. Callum Ashworth

    0:46 until the chorus is defo about dej, you can hear the pain the dispute has caused him

  19. Gavin McCree

    such a dub no lil pump

  20. Vivi Salamon

    Banger banger banger

  21. Abraham falls


  22. Lil Tom15

    This song is so shit man learn how to rime

  23. kkvur

    Just stop with this autotune sound

  24. LankzLondonGaming

    This bangs icl

  25. LittleDude250

    I still wish OfficialLeo was the feature, anyone else?

  26. haterxyz haterxyz

    AND SX!!!!!

  27. Diogo Tomás Coutinho Vieira

    Crypt is fire

  28. Cole Leighs

    ive watched u for a long time plz get back with deji i loved it when u two made vids

  29. Jacob Klaire 🔌

    Man turned his business into Beerus Ltd 😂

  30. mrduh


  31. EliasTK

    This song is soooooo FIRE🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭💀💀💀

  32. Keep Out

    This legit 🔥 u should've made a music vid on this instead of wake up call ngl

  33. Jordan mosedale

    best song on the album imo


    when youre 2 days late but still consider it "early".

  35. Roy Long

    honestly disappointed that layedbak trashed this

  36. mr DelusionZ

    this is a legit banger so chill and smooth head bopper for sure

  37. gbhg

    Big man like JJ getting Tracey on the feature 😍

  38. FLETCHER B 313

    This is his best one in my opinion like if u agree 👍🏻👍🏻

  39. BiTZ

    Loads of Deji comments guys but you gotta know they ain’t really beefing now. I know many people can relate including myself. If you have siblings and you fall out you don’t talk for ages. This happens in my family all the time especially with my sister and brother and my mum can’t really fix their relationship. They almost haven’t spoken for a year now. The difference here is on the internet they are constantly associated with each other and they even met on Christmas but just never spoke. KSI has praised Deji and Deji want to spar him. If they spar which JJ said he might, they will definitely be on talking terms and even good terms after that. I think what everyone needs to do is just stop mentioning it to them. They definitely don’t like the situation anyway and the fact the internet are involved makes it all the more worse.

  40. Kevin Kang

    Why does this have so little views lmao

  41. CyroF1

    ksi ruined this song

  42. Fidal Hamo

    i just want to help him make the right decisions why does e see this as a competition deji : he's abusing me

  43. Adoomy Gang

    0:47 did he say ramadan

  44. Afg Gi

    AJ sounds maaaaddd

  45. yaliso gioouy

    this is it, jj has to do more of this

  46. Lolzer

    and S-X

  47. Firekeeper


  48. KaKKe

    Dammm Crypt spitting fire

  49. Sam Ewald

    The part where S-X finishes Randolph's bars is so fire omg

  50. AJ Kenny

    Wow finally a decent song from the album ! Now i have 3 songs that i like well done jj

  51. Laura Gullery

    lit song keep making songs because they are fire!

  52. Zyris

    Should have been on the main album

  53. chiken nigger


  54. M A

    I don’t hate Randolph but he honestly ruined the song for me. It would have been way better without his verse 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  55. Sam Ogden

    This is actually sick, love it

    1. Sam Ogden

      @yaliso gioouy so your a pussy not replying, nice

    2. Sam Ogden

      @yaliso gioouy u called a 13 year old clapped, well done

    3. Sam Ogden

      @yaliso gioouy wat did I do to u

    4. yaliso gioouy

      Rich fucked it, I could tell him your clapped also you should have a feature with Stormzy

  56. Jazz

    HAHAHJAJAJAJAJAHAHAHAHA why not a mil. Views?!?!? Oof

  57. The emerald Rulers

    Broo aj you insane ksi

  58. Luca Dobrin

    Best song ksi has ever been on

  59. Zayed game Reviews

    Full auto tune

  60. Adam Carroll

    New age is underrated

  61. Finn McCaughtrie

    This song on 1.25x speed sounds mad

  62. Kaden Whitham

    Tis is sick

  63. Exilory

    so crypt just took over the song okay.... mad

  64. JeppyMa

    S-X sounds so good on this song.

  65. RxzerSZN

    Holyyyy fuckkk

  66. SpeckyG

    just imagine if AJ hopped on Houdini 🤔

  67. AndJello

    Someone should tell JJ that it has lil pump in the title

  68. Midnight _Rider

    I only listen to this cuz of trippies part ksi’s part is complete garbage

  69. CrymsonKnyght

    Gives me Big Sean vibes

  70. Venchy

    he made the song worst :/

  71. Jose Hernandez

    best song in the album no discussion

  72. Miner 69er

    Just hits the feels

  73. Miner 69er

    This is fuuuuukkkkiiiiiing firrrreeeee lesgo JJ

  74. Mikołaj Piasecki

    aj killed this one

  75. Ermin Muric

    This album is an apsolute BANGER

  76. BorgT Playz

    Ksi and crypt on the same track could it get any better!

  77. Rs_electros

    Ngl SX Insted of Rich the kid would of made it 20 times better

  78. Zach

    This bangs

  79. Kurumuu Kuhaku

    Its so lit.

  80. Dublin’s Finest

    This hook is 🔥

  81. rice gum

    best track

  82. Nitin Verma

    hrsel.info/video/video/frjXt2iuiaXXoGk.html also enjoy

  83. Okonkwo, The Great

    This nigga HAS TO do a track with skepta

  84. Ann Etchells

    S-x is so underrated

  85. Reuben Pearce

    The picture of jj on the right should be him bald

  86. Clout Clown

    Go to my channel to find out what happens to KSI if he doesn’t shave his head

  87. Vapor_x_ Fire

    Wait you got AJ on a track?? Moving up

  88. Victor Neumann

    And ricegum said he was a better rapper 😂

  89. Taluch [PL]

    Rich fucked it, I could tell him your clapped also you should have a feature with Stormzy

  90. OpTic Nuke

    Crypt, and ksi, the world is ruined

  91. Coulsavo Bitches

    Crypt is shit 😂😂

  92. Victor Neumann

    And ricegum said he was a better rapper 😂

  93. Victor Neumann

    And ricegum said he was a better rapper 😂

  94. Pepsii Vanilla GTA

    I only got the notification now. Are you kidding me HRsel.

  95. Chris Pee pee

    Ok this one slaps

  96. Brandon Starkand

    This sounds like Lil Uzi Vert - You Better Move

  97. Khalid Rabeea

    One of the best tracks in the album

  98. Lenny Reeves

    Crypt ruins this song. So off beat they had to change the tempo for the second half of his verse lmao 💀

  99. Philip Satokangas

    eyy eyy eyyy

  100. Amey Parab

    Diego and Molly did a great job producing this album