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  1. Nick Currier

    "Severe ocd", Howard Hughes is livid rolling in his grave

  2. Cousins For life

    I don’t like this song because it sounds like she’s speaking Spanish😂😂😂

  3. Guddu Gurung

    Anwar:squats Everyone:ooh nooo Anna:yes

  4. Lissa Vanstraelen

    Respect to you lele🌸❤️⚡🌸❤️⚡

  5. Kelly C

    Jesus can heal you from all of this, you need to find him. I'll have you in my prayers.

  6. Jose Velis


  7. never mind

    Watching this really made me cry, not because of sympathy but because of her bravery. I love Lele, I love her videos, her vines, her contents, they're always making me laugh. She is indeed a genius, a genuine person. After watching this, I'm loving her more. I wish her all the best, happiness & healings. You can get out of there Lele, you can make it. Everything in this world has a cure and so do that OCD of yours. You can overcome it. I believe in you, we believe in you. Keep fighting! I would like to meet you in the near future. I love you!!!

  8. Kassandra Gabrielle

    N saw BBC n um b

  9. Randomist_ Dominus2

    I wouldn’t like to have my dad gay I wouldn’t like him but we all have are opinions

  10. D J

    What? They learn Indian history there😮? Well! Me, an Indian, is studying now about Napoleon Bonaparte😂.

  11. Shadowwolfs Skycloud

    I have OCD to and it makes me so sad that one of my favorite HRselrs has it.

  12. I_am_naruto 69

    Lele is such a beautiful human being, I love her!💛❤️

  13. bill smith

    Where is the puke click

  14. Fernanda Mora

    Ur so strong ❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️

  15. Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

    Lol, my mom started shaking her head with the song though she doesn't know Spanish

  16. Bruno Chavez


  17. Kirtanloor yep


  18. lolFoxy Mocha

    Ok this vid makes me just love her even more then I already do

  19. Anna Carpenter

    I get distracted so easily

  20. Sanjay Suambar

    Fuck everyway

  21. Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

    It's unbelievable that this girl has OCD😭😭

  22. O'moya Echols

    OMG this is so funny

  23. Karina Analco

    Don't feel sad we're here for you I like your videos no matter what even if you have OCD you will still like you no matter what

  24. Aya Kassem

    You go girl you are amazing 😉 l really Appreciate what you do and the person you are ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Aaliyah Porter


  26. Rosaura Maldonado

    Luv u lele

  27. Cheyten Ainslie

    That dog must be happy

  28. Alejandra Stark

    Even tho you have OCD but the will not change you of how caring and kind person you are! <3

  29. Alejandra Stark

    Lele i wish you the best luck in the world for you to have the best life! <3

  30. María Cabrera

    IT is okay do not worry

  31. Potatoons

    This made me *triggered* I feel like this anti-bullying video was made to bully me.

  32. Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

    Just realised,most of her dresses u can't wear alone

  33. Guddu Gurung

    Is it me or when I saw the thumbnail for this and the Christmas for a second I thought Anna and juanpa are dating cuz at the cristmas thumbnail I saw his arm around Anna urgjuwfkgrwjfrejlwfjhfdwlfwdhhjlhil

    1. Guddu Gurung

      Don’t think I’m crazy!!!!!!!!!

  34. Isabella Ferguson


  35. Chap Daddy

    My dad is a serial killer. Please help me celebrate his conversion from honorable citizen to one who is committing heinous acts against society. For years he fought his unnatural urges to end the lives of others, but now...he is free! It is genetic and natural for him. Thank you. That is all.

  36. Aaliyah Diaz

    I love lele I grew up watching her videos and vines she is such a idol I just can’t fathom how much I would freak out if I met her

  37. Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

    This song deserves more views

  38. Shai May

    Aren't they siblings?

  39. Taylor Herring

    Hey lele It's Taylor one of your fans, Um... Don't worry bc You aren't the only one who suffers from OCD, I suffer from it as well

  40. Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

    This song can make me dance,no matter what I understand

  41. Mila A.

    Your plot twists are amazing

  42. Cristina Arzayus Garcia

    de CARTAGENA para el mundoooooooooooooo

  43. Sofia del Moral

    Pura payasada y exageración.......

  44. Julia Williamson

    I am here for you lele

  45. Priyanka Bose

    My dad is my best friend' tooo!!!

  46. Pamela Honore

    You think people have a perfect life but you do not know what they going trew

  47. soupy potato

    Can I just say that she is so beautiful and so strong...

  48. Sofia Granvold

    Oh my god THE HAIR😂😂

  49. Anna Carpenter

    you have a beautiful voice

  50. Anna Cortes

    She should have a Netflix Show

  51. Darth Dulla

    So Gay

  52. Zahraa Algizzy

    Hi oh I’m really you here

  53. Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

    I saw the thumbnail,I thought she was holding a gun,as if agent or something

  54. Sanjay Suambar

    Lele pons can say fuck

  55. Yannery Rodriguez

    You know what I love most about Lele ? That she suffers but still tries to make others happy.

  56. Vikinmen

    Nah your dad just isn’t man enough. No balls in there.

  57. Beggi Berg

    Omg so funny😂😂

  58. Betty Vinu

    Girl stay strong, you are my idol and I will love you no matter what you are perfect 😚😘🥰🥰 and rock on🤟🤟 and live your life to the fullest Love, Tanya

  59. Jewish Brot

    Hahaha! No im not laughting at the video, im laughting of how retarded the people are for liking these jokes.

  60. Anna Carpenter

    this and the last video make me smile so much I love you and I hope you stay strong

  61. Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

    I am way too much addicted to this song, and I understand 0%

  62. XxScarlet AlphaxX

    A black Ronald McDonald 🤣🤣🤣

  63. Anna Carpenter

    I sleep to escape reality too

  64. alvaro king

    Tutulos pendejos.!!!!!

  65. Amy Ondell

    My mom tells at me for a lot of laughing because of you :)

  66. Luz Lanfiutti

    Lele te amamos todos desde argentina saludos linda ♥️🇦🇷

  67. Fran Priscopo

    That's exactly what that symbol means.

  68. I love French Fries Lol

    Who watching dis in 2020 which corona u now what nvm

  69. Shaona Sweet

    I love it Lele its so funny : )))

  70. Wili Sainio

    that woman who was sitting next to lele is me and im not even a woman

  71. Stupid_Child

    My brother touches walls and doors alot like ALOT i think he has ocd but i don't know how to tell my mom :/



  73. KeepingUpWithAnisa

    The part about touching things and someone close dying if I don’t is so relatable. It’s a vicious circle.

  74. DarkMoonWolfie :3


  75. MarxLdx Bot

    Haha old gay &)


    This made me sad. Lele it will get better

  77. Peanut Plays

    I love lele pons

  78. Arinze Amushi

    Ehyaaah Take heart,....Eleonora 🌚🌚 Yur real name actually sounds cool, to be honest 😘

  79. HASSAN C.I.H.I

    i love u no matter what ❤

  80. Kanak Das

    te amo mucho Lele ... si alguien me pregunta a quién admiro como una persona con gran personalidad, mi respuesta sería Lele Pons ... espero poder conocerte y decirte en persona cuánto te respeto y admiro que eres tan valiente ... Muchas gracias por ser artista ... me haces amarme a mí mismo ...😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤ PS: I know a little Spanish so with the help of few google translations I tried to put together this message...

  81. XxMikinightwolf xX

    Being teacher is now hard mode.

    1. XxMikinightwolf xX

      And if you teacher got caught that you didn't learn anything so the principal will see it not a little thing.

  82. aridogg2

    Whatever. Your dad is gay

  83. The404Mango

    No one thinks you have a perfect life 😂

  84. Rachel Saleh