Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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  1. RJ Ace

    What happened to the PP reveal???

  2. Nikhil Punjabi

    wheree is the pp reveal? davie504 slap like so davie can see

  3. abram macstoffer

    6:15 * Vsauce's weirdness music starts *

  4. Nick Savvas

    Nani in Greek means sleep (for small kids)

  5. Mokajunkie

    This was and still is pure genius.

  6. Bluesy Fluesy

    God damn it

  7. Izzy As

    Davie504 i challenge you to get 10 M in 1 month than i will sub you... Slap now! 😂😂😂

  8. John Winstanley

    You had me thinking you were Japanese. There are several great male guitar and bass players dressed as women on the Niconico.

  9. tristwch cudd

    Bamboozled us all

  10. Derpyy Boi

    The *SIMPS* 4 CHECKMATE the sims 4

  11. agung Sitanggang

    I still get traumatic 'till now

  12. Non Johns

    He also said in another video that AnimeBassMe was hiding "her" hands. It was so obvious it flew over my head lol

  13. Apollas Katsos

    Simp therapy

  14. Walker#56164

    Davie, just a simple question. Did Davie504 become alive again after suffering your holy SLAPP?

  15. Manu Nova

    sooooooo... its the channel still open? (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  16. Mirko Pavan

    Ma Quindi Sei Veramente Tu AnimeBassMe?

  17. Diamondcreeper098

    I thought that the voice was a Japanese text to speech voice because it had some artifact in it

  18. NOXi Z

    Me who just pay 1000 dollar just to see her nude:I..I.ihadstroke I demand refund

  19. Xertias Strat

    I played guitar 5 hours ago Davie : U did what Me : Guitar Davie : Just dont tell me please Me : BASS Davie : Sounds good Me:

  20. Lorenzo Fossi

    Quindi seriamente te hai "mentito" per 5 anni?? Mi chia stai male sei un mito🤣💪

  21. rofl an arpeggio

    Davie: ", feel free to tell me anything you want." Me: "So... I fell in love with a girl but turns out that she was Davie504!" Davie: " *SIMP!* "

  22. Foxy gaming

    You need to team up with stevey t

  23. Febri

    Im sure that animebassgirl is have a oppai....

  24. Alex Camacho

    This was funny

  25. Moisés Freire

    Davie504's lore is getting more and more complex.

  26. Smasherverse II

    Not gonna lie you made that pretty convincing

  27. SnipeZ Brandon

    One of your SDAIYA videos intro is in a roblox game called behind you


    Checkmate simps and haters

  29. Compass

    Did anyone actually nut to his thighs lmao

  30. スtrイamオ

    Damn he has too many things to reveal

  31. Nielzy _

    When he said slapp like i screamed nice

  32. Jared San999

    The dislikes are the simps

  33. ToxicSkull0

    Dissatisfied when Davie didn’t start the video with “What’s up, Simpers”

  34. Tatsos Kabos

    Davie in the next video can you play a BASS song??????

  35. Giovanni Piras

    Davie504 : i am animebassme Me : o god now i need a therapist Davie504 : i am therapist Me : oh god im freaking out,jesus help me Davie504 : i am JESUS

  36. eat water

    Did you read this?


    Fun fact animebassme was Davies old channel back in 2015

  38. Tavo

    Omegle Simp Video?

  39. soo mang

    I want his therapy time background music

  40. Pro Pugb Mobile


  41. Paano po ba?

    Year 2020 is getting interesting : Earthquakes : Volcanic eruption : Corona Virus : UFO confirmed by Government And the most surprisingly unexpected event is... AnimeBassMe is actually Davie. 2020 is getting interesting

  42. crafting

    I'm sorry about your pp 8m subs pp restoration ‼️‼️‼️


    conspiracy davie

  44. Jay Elex

    I knew the face reveal was gonna be a dude but.... wtf.

  45. Gerardo Christavyo

    when you hate pick,why you use pick guard???!! CHECKMATE!!!

  46. Tilo Aguilar

    OMG hes gay

  47. galih bismoko

    Woody "toy story" is that you?

  48. Dre Broughton

    Does anyone know where davie recorded his video on animebassme🧐

  49. Giorno Giovana

    Damn, he would make a good Femboy.

  50. Rico

    Even if you're a girl or not, Those thighs will never change ;)

  51. Frank Reasoning

    I need your ending counseling to be an Oblivion meme

  52. issie akeno



    Davie I love you

  54. I. Márquez

    Top 2020 Events: 3. Trump ruining the US. 2. COVID-19 1. Davie504 slaps the SIMPs

  55. Kiran Grg

    I want your girlfriend davie504

  56. Jacob Webb

    You are a legend!

  57. Animasee Entertainment

    *Checkmate simp*

  58. bazil azeem


  59. Veonata

    she thicc what d helll

  60. King PufflePuff

    Ngl, but Davie looking kinda THICC

  61. taur

    215 simps disliked this video

  62. MrDeividanas

    I slapped like when Davie said checkmate

  63. Walker#56164

    Two generations later, the HISTORY TEXTBOOKS be like- "The greatest Bassist, DAVIE504, conducted a social experiment which resulted in the greatest TWIST in WORLD HISTORY! SLAPP like to witness this great moment."

  64. Sky Tan

    greatest anime betrayal.

  65. Dominik Świeściak

    if you read every comment answer this NOW!

  66. Vitor Augusto

    Davie504: "only fans when AnimeBassMe reach 100k subs" Everyone: Avengers... ASSEMBLE!

  67. Walker#56164

    Two generations later, the HISTORY TEXTBOOKS be like- "The greatest Bassist, DAVIE504, conducted a social experiment which resulted in the greatest TWIST in WORLD HISTORY! SLAPP like to witness this great moment."

  68. fact now

    Narsistic personality disorder at the highest.

  69. Giant Robot Leopardon

    Make a short video addressing this one comment or small pp

  70. gonzalo rosas

    There is 475K likes

  71. Namz GT

    wtf u do pipi reveal

  72. Ruan Neves

    The plot THICCens...

  73. Nielzy _

    Love your vids

  74. Sujan _ Acharya702

    😢 you

  75. Tomoaki Ishikawa


  76. SrAqu

    Best trap ever

  77. Tamuna Topuria

    bruh what?

  78. Daniel Reynolds

    Me: is this.. C O M M U N I T Y ? Davie504: 🦋

  79. incy55

    i think the legs are the GF because of the bad edit when the camera pans up from the legs to the face.

  80. Nathanaël Guibert


  81. bluLemon

    I didn't know davie's arms were so pale and smooth.... and thin...?

  82. Fernando Chavez

    I've felling afraid to talk with any girl since davie showed us :(. Have you thought? If your girlfriend is Davie?

  83. NevahLose

    Challenges BTS Shows Psy...

  84. yukin'na utsukushuki

    The pick word really pissed Davie😂😂🤣🤣

  85. Shubham 008

    Hey davie Hope you"ll reply ❤️

  86. James Teodoro

    He Practiced To Be An Elite Spy

  87. Thiago Filho

    i'm brazilian and i love your videos, i admire a lot of bass, i would love to learn to play, but i can't afford to buy a bass

  88. Zamiesz

    We need a fanart of animebassme with Davies face in jojo style

  89. BL0sk _

    Que os BR se manifestem nesse comentário

  90. Aakash Joshi

    Davie504, you have reached 6.9 Million subscribers, but where is you pp reveal video???

  91. Alan Aguilar

    First time in a long time i laughed so hard at a whole video

  92. Dương Hoàng

    Cool 😂😂

  93. Odyseusz Koskiniotis

    Getting the vibes how to basic channel

  94. Jotaro Kujo

    Make a only fans account for pp reveal

  95. Fernando Viera-Rivera

    Media: The internet is toxic The internet: 9:25

  96. Walker#56164

    Davie, I challenge you to Heart this comment. NOW!

  97. Mistah Speed 6000

    Where did the girl's clothes come from Davie HMMMMM?

  98. Bob Robertson

    I just smashed a black baby to death with a hammer

  99. sintink

    Had to admit its weird therapy this time.. why you still dressed like that.. 🙈

  100. crunchylumpia

    "BTS I challenge you!" (puts up Psy's picture) BTS Army raises pitchforks... LOL