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  1. The 10 Volleyball Chicks

    this show has me dyinggggg

  2. Madeleine Kneer

    whos here for dixie and griffin?

  3. gwynnie unicorn

    tik tokers are not acters for sure lol (not to be rude)

  4. Sara Chalaud

    I liked it

  5. Kendall ASMR

    This moving to fast

  6. saniyah brown

    I love this show can I please get a shout out please you don't have to but only if you want and I subscribed to your HRsel I love it so much

  7. Mora Pereira Duarte

    Soy el comentario en español q tanto buscabas :)

  8. kate prestes

    When they talked about sky piper that must have been awkward for sky brown because that’s her name

  9. Sparkle Amiger

    I love BRAT it is my fav thing to watch after I am done with online school.

  10. A Jones


  11. Enihah Wright


  12. Ronniez Edits

    God this is cringe

  13. Arianna Simakis

    Rooney is gay 😳

  14. Galaxy Star

    Lol I feel like everyone forgot about Kayla

  15. Camren Smith

    I thought I guys said Annie's was dead

  16. Cam

    Me: *tell my crush I like him* Him: 8:27

  17. Ronniez Edits

    Madi is the inky good actor

  18. Quelin Ruiz

    The was so sad

  19. tranee tensley

    idk what people are saying but its my dad over a boy sorry family is more important.

  20. Hs Sh

    The boy with curly hair is a horrible actor I think his name was jack or something

  21. monica


  22. Ronniez Edits

    Me watching this episode for a second time caus it’s too funny

  23. ok.

    Everyone makes out its SOOOO bad but Honestly cant wait for epi3 this Is actually entertaining like a real show🔥🔥💕💕

  24. tiffany.715

    i love dixie but her voice is so monotone and doesn’t express emotion

  25. Simone Skadhauge


  26. Victoria Vera

    I'm just obsess with this show

  27. Lola No

    Honestly I cringed the whole time 😬😂

  28. Nevnev Rose


  29. nicole appiah

    The acting 💀🤮😭


    Ellie is annoying

  31. Layla Farahmandpour

    Oh my saide is crazy

  32. Anjali Dubey

    Don't know if someone noticed but in sip or spill Dixie did on yearbook she 1 question that when was her last kiss she didn't answer that but probably the kiss that she did in this episode was her last kiss

  33. Hermela Berhane

    Brat TV really thought they would get more views if dixie was in it. I mean they did, but dixie is sooooooooo fake and horrible at acting like if. you. agree.

    1. Hermela Berhane


  34. Mimi Marumo

    The snake said bet

  35. Marilis Alvarado

    This is a copy of my school lol

  36. Tessa Witterman

    i am so sad tk is moving to texes

  37. G G

    5:30 What are they saving their hair from

  38. Veronica Fernandez

    madi is the only one who’s actually good at acting tbh

  39. Arianna Simakis

    Holden is soooo cute 🥺❤️

  40. Daisy Cruz

    This is so bad

  41. Selam Temesgen

    0:41 andre big mad

  42. Mary Jasmine

    Is anyone going to talk about how good Madi’s acting is

  43. kahkashan ehsan

    No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul on earth: ME: Screaming in my head after hearing the girl say " you should walk away before you get your heart broken "

  44. Sim Diaries

    I know gabby has a boyfriend but why do I kinda ship

  45. bri

    BRUH. she gave her a chocolate bar just to find out her crush has heart disease i-

  46. Niyaf Aludra

    AHHH DIXIE KISSED GRIFFIN !!!!!! (i think its him // his name)

  47. Jenny Jenkins

    No one: Griffin: you dont need one

  48. Gabby Wy

    Bruhhh why did he faint like that 😭😭😭

  49. Naomi Redman

    I like it but because I know their from tik tok if feels a bit werid

  50. Human tingz

    I’m sorry but when Griffin passed out I lost it 😭😭

  51. RS - 05SA - Ray Lawson PS (1535)

    Taylor's hair!

  52. Jenny Jenkins


  53. Lillie and Ava Crin

    Who else thinks that Annie-Rhyme had a lot of ex-boyfriend and meting new people

  54. Maci Lovelette

    Madi and Dixie are really good actors!!

  55. StephanyRoblox 765

    i love brat

  56. arinnlol

    Ааа мне нужен переводчик

  57. Mackenzie Harrison

    1:49:27 Rhyme is wearing her old CG bracelet then at 1:49:30 it’s gone (keep an eye on her writing hand)

  58. Alexis Harlen

    I Feel bad for SkyBreak because how many just told Dylan when she was with sky was trying to compress her leg down before the girl killed all of them and now I feel like I’m in a shut even be sky’s friend anymore why is the sky even have harmony’s friend anymore harmony crystal sky’s crash in a.k.a. piper harmony you’re really mean and you need to handover

  59. Royal Naya

    its a good show but like the acting is bad but i like the storyline

  60. amanda sanchez


  61. Amabelle Sophie

    the acting was not it but great show

  62. Merlene young

    I can't take this seriously

  63. Biss Soo

    The acting skills are 📈

  64. Aanya Chanda

    They are actually kissing in the second episode

  65. Emma Smith

    Omg madi is so good at acting wow

  66. Its Me Faith

    THIS IS SO CRINGY!!😂 IM DYING💀 edit: Im still watching tho😊

  67. Miannie Bueno

    rime was so small in the 1st and an on the brat tv she big


    In this part 8:16 Rooney came and said “hi” and then Ellie had to also say”hi” butbinstead she kept quiet and someone said HI for Ellie. Like whaaa

  69. Breakable !

    I cringed so hard

  70. Wendy Berrocal

    Tik tokers cant be actors im sry but especially these people im only watching this for entertainment but it's terrible im sry😭😂

  71. Nicole Kowalczyk

    |AHAHHAHHAH what is this

  72. Breanna Salmeron

    diego and his ex SUCK especially the girl with her 'little baby' voice

  73. Isabella Kovacs

    who else cried?

  74. Fenan Boru

    no one talking bout the fact that dixie dmelio here

  75. Austyn Scott

    I love Cassie and Sam together

  76. Alexis Nguyen

    NOOOOOOO Imgriffinjohnnson has a HUGEEEEEEEEEE crush on addison

  77. Nazerke Zhumahan

    Есть руские ?

  78. douae boukbir


  79. Haylen Tevis

    I love it

  80. Robloxian_ Niyah

    Nobody: Not even a soul: Tiktok girls: *OmL iTs DiXiE ChArLi SiStER*

  81. cam wizda

    why’d they let diego in this-

    1. Emmy and cookie !

      Cause they can

  82. Chris Arnold

    The sound when they kiss XD

  83. Fox569 12

  84. Kensie Directioners

    Happy Anniversary ❤️ I miss you guys ❤️❤️I want Tk and Rhyme back😊❤️@brattv is best❤️

  85. Enisa Marku


  86. Kyana-Rose Sansregret

    It’s awesome when is the next one gonna be out

  87. Parker-Kate Ramsey

    Here during quarantine only for Tayler and Kalani