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    I'ts 2020 and i still dont understand a rubix cube

  2. MasterChief

    We are Talking About fortnite Storm Baby!!!

  3. Thenonomousperson

    Sorry to hear about cupcake

  4. Dagmar

    I was at that market, the train goes really slow and they give the conductor coffee etc when he goes by.

  5. Sweatyboner567 0

    Wtf there burning a live tree

  6. Nature Queen

    The baby bears looked a little malnourished one more than the other

  7. Still Noob

    Wait..Is that blood from inside the tent?? 1:01

  8. ViggisYT

    Divers Find Giant Dildo

  9. Bot Botina

    2:00 thats who americans are

  10. Dodong Jamzki

    Chew it, Stefan! Chew that mofo!

  11. Aku From the future

    Nala is just thinkin.. "Um.. awkward".. them water buffalo ready to kill

  12. Hansen Z.

    Is it just me or does the thumbnail make it look a bit...

  13. DeVon Taruex

    That's just great. Now I can never eat a hamburger again without thinking about that happy cow. Thanks a bunch DDOI.

  14. anthony _5610

    i will never go vegan but i feel like cows before being slaughtered should live their best life and not be treated how they are now

  15. Twistdam

    Wait this isn’t Sky News

  16. Chui Sauce god

    The cat said “this is not a drill” 😂

  17. kid Artist

    I want to eat that cow

  18. Ole Martin Reppen

    Bu-bu-But Thats normal, Idk What its called in english But my cat is like that and i know about many others that have cats with «thumbs»

  19. Don B

    Baby rhinos and baby elephants are maybe the cutest babies on the planet

  20. Loki The Lil' Pug

    why must destruction be so pretty ;-;

  21. Riku Jokela

    I thought i was watching an episode of the flash

  22. dean nelson

    The kangaroo rat that kick the snake is dead. The rattlesnake did exactly what it intended to do by striking the animal envenomated it then letting it run off and die where it will later be tracked down by the snake and eaten. This is how rattlesnakes hunt they do not strike and hold on that's a great way to get your teeth ripped out.

  23. GOD Is no real.

    Global warming: MAKES COMPETITION ON MELTING ICEBERGS U. S. A Submarine: *" IGhT IM in *"

  24. AGP Tube

    One of my friends were supposed to go to the Philippines but the volcano happened and the bird with the tricks I literally have that saved in my photos

  25. Jack Graybird

    1:08 when your door hinge needs lubrication.

  26. InkMask

    0:35 High school kids when it’s snowing out in their Honda civics

  27. Nico plaze Trash

    1:07 his sister who bought them towels 😔

  28. Xtremepoophead

    The difference between a strong and weak military isn’t nukes, it’s dolphins and whales

  29. Geekdom's Grandpa

    What if Daily Dose of Internet is actually Leafy?

  30. Karan Gaming 06

    Your voice sounds like when you feel the back of your head after a hair cut

  31. somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

    bruh ive seen that lightning on taal volcano its terrifying.

  32. part1cle

    2:20 interesting dolphins

  33. Ole Martin Reppen

    2:54 What the f did ya just say?

  34. DLTD

    The dad was like no hijo... te pedi tickets para el Madrid contra varsa, guay! Lol

  35. Deleted Account

    *The background in a final boss:*

  36. Sheema Akther

    People are going to think she's a mutant

  37. BrillantBunny Animations

    My owner screams like a crack head and all I get is one lousy treat

  38. Seiko

    2:00 I was hoping to see a human next

  39. Mickey Roggers

    Helllooooo everyone this is your daily dose of..............?

  40. Abhimanyu Dixit

    That dog is high on life

  41. Dio Brando

    Worlds gonna end some how

  42. Hellcat Redeye -G

    The wave machine look pretty cool

  43. Given Her

    Rayquaza vs Groundon 2020 Colorized

  44. JimJamTheFlimFlam

    That volcanic lightning is definitely gonna be a superhero origin story

  45. Seiko

    2:58 Earth in 2050

  46. Clorox Bleach

    R.i.p Cupcake🙏

  47. dxmb_ mxngo

    R.i.p my dude cupcake

  48. carlos conde

    0:11 then why make it meat seems to be counterproductive

  49. Anubis VM

    Der Tiger wiegt doch locker ne Tonne

  50. 77 Heart

    Umm what about the one that film the EARTH ROTATE

  51. AnglerShark

    What the fuck is the thing under the crab I thought it was a rock

  52. Yellow Blade

    0:42 when you are to lazy to even standup while skiing

  53. Yellow Blade

    0:20 when your teacher gives you so much homework it does this

  54. Justin Hughes

    Mordor is in the Philippines?

  55. Mohammad Kilany

    Just Cause 4 storyline in a nutshell

  56. Yellow Blade

    I’ve been there before with the train Market

  57. Yellow Poptart

    Imagine falling in the main hole of the termites

  58. FatBoyScooter

    i believe it’s called “the end of the world”

  59. K Day

    No wonder they have to drink so much vodka. That way the mosquitoes won't drink them.

  60. Yellow Blade

    Tokyo drift cat😂🤣

  61. HAWT

    *Unlimited power*

  62. taylor harper

    Master splinter!

  63. I_Ship_This

    1:34 ripples ripples pop the bubbles

  64. JimmyG

    Thumbnail looked like he was squatting to take a dump.

  65. DontaeDaMontae

    I’ve seen the bottom of a car on fire in rl before. It’s interesting

  66. Tyson Welch

    Ok, but why

  67. nikita nikolaevich

    Very very soon ,,,,what the hell man

  68. chica

    Ok, that's it-I'm done! *commits sucide*

  69. sexy indian winner

    Turkey 1:you Turkey 2: no u Cycle of life

  70. I_Ship_This

    This shed some light on some tears

  71. C Torres

    That’s actually called a crosswind landing, it’s very common when there’s heavy winds. It’s a very dangerous way to land but if they don’t land that way the plane can easily run off the runway.

  72. a wild nibba boi

    That is nature’s beauty.. why are we ruining it? Because we’re monsters.

  73. Vidar Gartz

    human: *touches animal* animal: "AAAAAAH!"

  74. Sfia Bong

    0:04 for a min I thought I was witnessing some kind of birth

  75. Skitof

    I heard one trucker say that it's better to drive on fire than stop, beacuse while driving fire will get extinguised after some time, but if you stop vehicle may even explode.

  76. Sotoshi Koruto

    Did some one says *PHILIPPINES* OMG! you made my day!! I love you so much *daily dose* of my *life*

  77. Jack Ripper

    0:14 It’s the SPEEDFORCE, I must run into it and become a speedster.

  78. Roopali Rawat

    Hey man yes u Hve a amazing voice 👌👌😘

  79. XVII Airborne

    3:05 thats a nice burger

  80. Jael Falcon

    I thought it said tornado and I was like nah fam I'm outa earth.

  81. awaisis

    Got a hard on watching first video. Weird?


    or when rodan exit from volcano create think like that

  83. JavaFloof

    Im here because of Taal

  84. Optimum_ Svelto

    2:13 nooo wayyy i live like 5 km away from the place in italy

  85. ツWwshhh

    Every anime kick must be like

  86. I_Ship_This

    4:37 rip headphone users

  87. ProXRemus

    They should try to plant trees

  88. Tarot Sahara Saharian

    That stupid men he teach them how steal

  89. someone

    Im turkish and I _sometimes_ can get the ice cream but its kinda hard to find them now they are only at touristic places

  90. Powerplatinum YT

    Beyblade is real *The Thumbnail part*

  91. Hyperzly

    How can the burrito breathe?

  92. Bianca Perez

    Shoutout to my fellow filippinos

  93. samantha polly

    lightning: *HI YA* volcano: FOOLISH MORTAL YOU CANT DEFEAT ME

  94. klmn krstf

    *lightning strikes on a volcano* Me who watched transformers prime as a kid: THE END IS NEAR

  95. Brendan Chwascinski

    Eagle was like wtf is by me

  96. j p

    Lol saving a cow from slaughter. Woopie. Let’s just pretend another one won’t be born, to fill the place of the supply that is in demand. Taking one away does not diminish demand and supply will always adjust

  97. secret_darkzz z

    c O o L

  98. Anirudh

    1:50 that's a 🦛 hippo orgy

  99. Itri Bifisse

    This guy sounds like onision

  100. Jacob Simmons

    1:29 When his dad reads it kills me every time