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  1. Brayan Sanchez

    wach a move wayl you are wating

  2. Mbinda Diasonama

    I Love that Claire Does a Car wheel

  3. Holly Kimball


  4. Cute Pagli

    Can anyone plz say me how is they shoot their video??Their is corona in all countries.How can the shoot and procces their video??

  5. Nilu Nilu

    No way hens pregnant

  6. K Twins_ Official

    1:38 SHE CHEATED

  7. Victory Outreach Northwest Valley Church

    N ax d ex Hello hello OK I am going to cool cuts ring on mom


    ** 0:21

  9. Wan Aznainie Wan Hassan

    Hi 123go👋

  10. Intisar K انتصار خ

    Can everybody do a voice reveal?

  11. Youssef Hafez


  12. Kitty Cat

    Am I the only one who wants to see the person who does the voice for everyone

  13. Ki Bernard

    Good boys

  14. Adrian Brathwaite

    Ya did it move?!?🤔

  15. Jarin Sarowar

    Hi am n

  16. Danae Xicotencatl Guerrero


  17. Tanner Money

    Why are y’all still doing this stupid thing

  18. Rachel Meloney

    Hi nick how in a kevin

  19. Isa Yamahiro


  20. Hanen Hanen

    I❤U guys 👑👑😎

  21. atulitha vanama

    That is yummy

  22. atulitha vanama


  23. atulitha vanama

    That is yuckey

  24. Jessica francisco

    I hate Emelia

  25. Cristie Millner


  26. Rachel Meloney

    Wow emily and claire

  27. Χριστινα Λ

    I love 123 go 123 go for ever!!💕💕💕

  28. Hanan Alshahrani

    Ha ha ha so funny so funny

  29. Nouna Nana

    I lov 123go

  30. Lillianna Rustick

    Are you actually pregnant?

  31. Spill The Tea

    Emily :pauring glue on nicks face Nick:sleeping Me:can I paur the glue then falls asleep Hahaha when I do stough I always fall asleep ever where I don't know maybe because I don't really sleep at night just on my Phone that's why I keep waking up and then falling asleep I always go my grandma's house So I fall asleep there then I'm hungry so I eat and then play nearly half A day and then I come home with my cousin ever time and then my mum and I bring him home because he lives at grandma's because they went to Poland and someone got there housss

  32. Isa Yamahiro


  33. Jayna Guerro

    I like the idea

  34. alice reyes


  35. Adam Moore

    I love you

  36. Kylie Sophia Bartolome

    Kylie Bartolome

  37. Norsin Zd.

    How did Clare get up the selling

  38. Spill The Tea

    It didn't even make me laugh 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪going to sleep bye

  39. Natasha Gonzalez

    👀 👅

  40. Kate Camille Ronquillo

    She it a money...seriously money is so dirty

  41. Jameel Aziz

    I love you soo much

  42. ItzAnnie Playz Roblox

    Let’s talk about how 29 turns into 60..

  43. Cristy Gamutan

    Emily was so rude......

  44. Melanie Torid

    123 go shirt yay 😁😁😀😀😀😍😍😍

  45. Ariel Tibert

    She seriously kicked the card😂😂😂

  46. Keisha Greatheart

    There so crazy ♡♡♡

  47. Rachelle Rose


  48. Dallas Bethune


  49. Dallas Bethune

    Yea your right

  50. douaa baaddi

    اعملوه بالعربية

  51. Jax Doss

    123🌶 Go

  52. Jenika Martinez

    Y’all are so smart 😻 I love it

  53. Ruby DRAKE

    Where do you Live

  54. Tarun Gandhi


  55. Jax Doss

    123 go🌶