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  1. Poly Mathematics

    We live in spritually dead society where external appearances are valued more than one's character and books are judged by their covers.

  2. Violetann

    This voice is so much less annoying

  3. Apple Face

    What does he mean 3:25

  4. Stephy bellz

    Nurse: Ah! You woke! Coma for 12 years you see Me: Did Kim Jung un die yet? Nurse: Nah. His son is in power now Me: Put me back

  5. David Bubar

    What you don't see is the guy with the forklift having to take the trash can down every time he makes a shot.

  6. Castniel

    that *"Hello everyone"* of urs please.

  7. Roxanne Reynolds

    Tonya (she was in the thumbnail) didnt cheat her freaking blade broke

  8. spiphitube

    When was this video made. Some info is incorrect.

  9. steven at youtube

    Isnt it kind of disrespectful to try to recopy a dead persons face

  10. kohalmi family

    Yaaaas hide the pain Harold bruh I'm Hungarian and I try to hide my sadness that is behind my smile

  11. Plaxce Name

    Even the water is.... wetter. Me: but IS WATER TRULY WET

  12. Earl Green

    SCARS 1 Peter 2:21-25 I hate scars. Being an active DIYer I get a lot of bumps, bruises, and cuts doing plumbing, carpentry, repairs, yard work, etc. We break so easily. Just passing a protruding nail on a fence caused a 3 ½ inch skin deep cut on my right arm. It stung, healed (thank JESUS) and scarred. As the marks build up, they mark time, age, and frailty. JESUS was bumped, bruised, and cut for us but the only scars left are the nail marks on His hands and feet. He has written us on the palms of His hands, give yourself to JESUS now.

  13. Zesty Tacos

    Does any one here high hopes

  14. Rebecca Wagner

    Do my eyes decieve me or was that Russell Brand in the opening bit ??? No face hair and a young chap to boot !!!!!

  15. conflectiz

    This vid sucked more balls than my all of my gay friends combined.

  16. Hard Gamers,

    Who cane here for the thum nail ↓

  17. ZenEx

    I live in Novi Michigan

  18. paulo alexandre

    All Americans. Lol. Now we know why trump is the president.

  19. roll limbo

    Buakaw has entered the chat

  20. KevinMooreFan33

    Let me tell you something. Pitbulls are some of the best dogs in the world. It's the people NOT THE BREED ERRRRR. The #1 most vicious and unpredictable dog is the Cocker Spanial. Coming up close in second place, is the Dalmation. Do your research and don't give Pitbulls a bad rep.

  21. Abdul Moeed

    10:14 no new episodes???

  22. L 72

    Like ur voice👍

  23. Andrea And Jay

    Clean toilet and you happen to have a camera or another phone on you so you could take the pic? I'm calling bs

  24. Jerome Calay

    By the way that cute girl is from Philippines😊

  25. GamingWithTev R


  26. chocolate dip

    What's ridiculed?

  27. chocolate dip

    Such heart full story's

  28. James Weinzierl

    Why would you blur pictures of the robbers?

  29. Captain FALKEN

    The Indiana Jones one was funny af

  30. Torture Killah2

    Seems like the people complaining dont have names like Jimmy,Seth,or Bill

  31. 3 Tudo Games

    Canal sem alma

  32. Arron Kennedy

    Don't you just hate clip bate

  33. Funtime Avi 36

    I like this guy's voice more

  34. EKG Gaming

    Tamales are seriously good if anyone is wondering, just depends on who you buy it from

  35. TomoLad

    Your voice is better

  36. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    I wake up, wash my face or take shower, eat breakfast and leave without looking at mirror! Like a man! 😐 sometimes I don't see my own face for weeks. And they say I'm a fairskin handsome guy....I mean who does this shit like a woman? 😐 Be a man!

  37. TCM Nightzz

    Definitely not to China because of the coronavirus

  38. Tristan Steinhelfer

    Which of these guys is considered a great fighter?

  39. Leigh Compton

    It would be better if you didn't talk over music.

  40. xdragon2k

    The thing about the basketball experiment could just be a case of normalizing toward the mean. The worse player can't get worse than scoring nothing, so eventually she'll score something. And the better one will occasionally get worse from his best shots. Try reversing the situation and see if the pattern stays the same (better one score better, or the worse one score worse).

  41. Ryan Kohri

    Who else likes this voice better?

  42. Zofia Irzyk


  43. Aramay Swim

    I am the 89th comment And tue 21,740 viewer

  44. Nokesy Scope

    How does suction cups defy the laws of physics None of these defy the laws of physics

  45. Carolyn Stewart

    I like your voice better than the usual

  46. cjhe core

    Omg Odin is the monster in I am legend

  47. Kuruta Karuhime

    I do have a different training on my own. Finger Speed: Love Live Tap Game, Hard or Extreme in many times. Mental Endurance: Any Personality, Emotions and Feelings should step aside or discarded. Using mouth during training is dangerous.

  48. Tsutsupi Shi

    Even "Mister Gun?"

  49. Mr LaPrune

    new voice again..... i let it slide last video.... 🤨ill keep my eye on u

  50. Ellen Kitty

    I didn’t hear or feel any vibrations

  51. Lydia Adkins

    i can read 8 chapters in 10 min.

  52. CaptivePuppet

    I love your voice! I hope you do more videos.

  53. Jayla Sm

    Step 1: Get your toys Step 2: Get far.

  54. alora

    So a substitute voice

  55. Divya Dhanekula

    What’s with Dino’s and canada

  56. Ehl Demond

    Hii . I miss the other voice , but you are great too!!

  57. vox968

    4:22 u can see nipple also

  58. SypherXツ

    What but u said the first guy was born in 1896 so how is he not the oldest man to ever live

  59. Oliver George

    Why did you miss the Newlands ball tampering scandal?

  60. 0ErikaAir0


  61. Brian Malarick

    Hey narrator at 5:47 you say the MAN when she's clearly a WOMAN you even said so several seconds before that guy, LMAO 😂😂😂😂 You over worked there guy 😂😂😂😂

  62. Afif Aiman

    Dr.Stone 😂

  63. Chris Braisy

    why am i watchin this at night thou😑

  64. iZackster _

    I don't i will be able to sleep now

  65. Ady Nawaz

    6:40 that's called a rabona u put ur leg behind the other and then shoot with ur toe

  66. Ognjen Matić

    Its my bday in few hours lol 😂🤣

  67. TRJ Channel

    I here the air raid siren Evey Saturday at 12o'clock

  68. Brian Malarick

    Am I the only one that noticed that at 7:41 the narrator says HE when talking about the Asian gymnasts personal documents. I'm sure it's obviously a mistake but it made me do a double take thinking maybe he was going to continue by saying SHE was born a HE. But not so, just saying that would have made that story better 😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Kareena Acharya

    thank u so much

  70. KingsmanKnights


  71. cyrius

    Ford mk i 🤣🤣 thats ford mark 1 bruh , mk stnads for mark and the i acording to u is a 1 u also have a ford mk II (ford mark 2) 😉

  72. Nielcy Gyn Abas

    In your face T-series Those who subscribed to T-series unsubscribe right now.Pewdiepie forever

  73. Bart Squad

    I'm surprised buffalos arent extinct! They were always fought off for products and other goods 24/7 by the plains Indians in the 15th - 16th century and they're still always killed off now by the cruel Spanish gits just for fun!!

  74. Anar Maagi

    i would say both cakes tastes the same with or without the prize

  75. Carina

    I liked the video, but I gotta be honest, the original voice is irreplaceable

  76. Gacha King

    Quagmires mum

  77. Gacha King

    He looks like mr beast

  78. Kane Antonio


  79. shad Fuad

    I sleep talk all the time

  80. TimeRuinsBelief

    The original voice was probably abducted in some conspiracy

  81. Sam Mogilner

    My wife had one as a kid I mean that rainbow beak toucan

  82. Kaczy ZDR

    1:03 what is that movie?

    1. Kaczy ZDR

      @Ty Lovell Found it. It's called Little Man

    2. Ty Lovell

      Kaczy ZDR I want to know that too

  83. Martial Art Lover

    The prank in 9:03 was just to far and was just straight dangerous. What would they do if the lions collar or chain broke or if that guy rolled to far off the mat.

  84. Udit Goyal

    Misleading thumbnail...🤔.... She doesn't bleed diamonds but a crystal like diamonds...😒

  85. Being positive is the key to success.

    I hope the main voice guy in that usually does this channel is ok.

  86. Ron We

    Illegals wanting more free stuff....

  87. David Hale

    1:44 "Hello Mr. Barber, sir. Please can you make me look like a PS2 generation GTA character?" And is this stuff permanent, or is the guy gonna look like Walter White spliced with Alice Cooper the moment he takes a shower? Whatever. Ridiculous!

  88. ThatGuyRai

    Ask Jack from titanic”I’ll never let go” Let’s go:/

  89. Ollie Pearce

    Why are you doing the voice ?

  90. Travis Prater

    The new narrator is good... But what happened to the other guy?

    1. Corbin Justice

      I think he just might be sick

  91. I change my name to much

    Sounds like humans just suck

  92. Happy Fresh Lemon

    Wait if we live today 75 years so how much we would love in 10,000 YEAR?

  93. Kyle Reese

    Anime is more realistic than woke movies today

  94. FYTRE

    Some guy is going to have fun wi skin cancer

  95. Matea Marinkovic

    who here is early?

  96. Powerpatriot

    But why do they have to sit IN the car? You can see the bullets get stopped. I'm confused

  97. Akerng Ekheng

    I had a classmate like the girl on the thumbnail her name is Haya, don't believe it? Haya Zhain Payagen search it on FB.

  98. Chaī Latte

    People think that animals are stupid but they actually aren’t you know 😂😂😂

  99. Dore Eyl

    I heard it lel

  100. Adil Iftekhar

    Enough!!! After I saw the indian marital arts :3