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  1. Madison Kondo

    I know this probably won’t happen but I hope Cyclonus is in this, or at least has a brief cameo.

  2. esse mito eu omito

    Ate q enfim vai sair a quarta temporada

  3. The Wandering Aristotle

    We need part 2 of this video.

  4. Яна Иов

    Как называется фильм ?

  5. Chungus Admiral

    Cant wait to watch the new season in 2 days

  6. Ryder Cormier

    0:54 I’m dying 💀😭😭

  7. the dead poet

    Resmen Stranger Things gelene kadar oyalayın kendinizi videosu

  8. Zakki Basheer


  9. DUDU FF

    Se vc é brasileiro curti

  10. Your Buddy

    Anyone from Bangladesh???

  11. Blue Sky

    I'm not Jewish but, unfortunately, the message in this project, even though out of the box, is deceiving and it leads people into a destructive world that they won't find out it's destructive until later on. The story is certainly told in half here. Yes, you do get a sense of peace and freedom when you abandon repressive religious ways or ways you see to be repressive but you certainly find no permanent peace, freedom and fulfillment when embracing the world she joined either.

  12. Nnenna Okwor

    Michelle always giving me chills 😍😍😍

  13. J. G.I

    This type of cultural appropriation mix is very interesting to watch and study in an anthropological manner... but can I have my own opinion about his hair? Can I hate it and express it? or the moral police is coming for me??

  14. Esma Elif Aktaş

    I watched ı'm not okay with this and loce and key they was wonderful

  15. Anubhab Mandal

    this gives mr paatal lok feeling !!

  16. ChErRY BOmB

    Y’all forgot Rick and Morty and the show Into the night!

  17. Saniya R

    Someone tell me what a show called "Dear Black People" would be about, since it's mentioned so much in the comments. This show talks about history of slavery and abuse of power and politics. So what instances would be shown on "Dear Black People" instead?

  18. Esma Elif Aktaş

    I watched ı'm not okay with this it was wonderfull

  19. I post cool videos

    7 days to go...

  20. Emma Mariot


  21. Sidhant Tomer WWE

    Dark is sci-fi,stranger things is not.

  22. Lily Tsengy

    I thought they were speaking Spanish💀

  23. Jarreth Macutay

    Why am I 😭😭😭 already

  24. Sbonelo Xaba

    LOL some ppl not from Africa here busy saying its fake accents. What were they expecting all Africans to have one accent that sounds Nigerian. Well our accents differs... there aint no fake accents here it depends on where u learnt English and which tribe are u from. So stop speaking nonsense as always Western ppl

  25. leafly

    We need this music. *now*

  26. Oscar

    On google it says the first episode is airing in October :/

  27. sawinter


  28. Talking About Everything

    God this show is so damn real when it shouldnt be. Be hitting where it hurts but its amazing

  29. Mohammed Abu-Safieh

    this show will be underrated forever.

  30. Perfect

    Sounds like stranger things

  31. Sunjid Anim

    The title should be: if u love stranger things then wait for season4 another one year😂😂😂

  32. ItzCereal

    Better be an English version

  33. ΜίσοςΗμήτραΜόνοΓεννά

    Sic mundus creatus est

  34. Henrique Jambu

    “Portuguese Murray”???? Netflix you know that’s the Brazilian flag lmao

  35. Rick The one

    One word can express how I feel now, YES

  36. Moa SkyCat

    pleaseeeee i need a season 2!!! loved this show

  37. Сыр Арал


  38. Itsmiaa Yt

    Subscribing to people who subscribe to my channel

  39. Subscribe - to ban TikTok

    Every fukin comments 'Dark' By the way I stopped watching 'Dark' because of bad English Dub.

  40. Undergroundkid

    danm america was built for the blackman to fail

  41. Jona Corona

    Controlled opposition?

  42. Khalaf alshammry

    أصبح مستوى " Netflix " هابطاً بعدما كان قوياً منذ بدأت " الأفلام العربية والمسرح العربي " تدخل ضمن قوائمه ، فكأنك ترى أحد المواقع العربية التي تجمع هذه الأمور كلها ، فما الفائدة منه إذا لم يكن متميزاً ومختلفاً عن غيره مثل المواقع الأجنبية الأخرى - التي تطرح كل ما هو رائع وجميل من أفلام السينما العالمية " مهما كانت : قديمة أو جديدة " ؟؟؟

  43. benjy hannon

    Done nothing but laugh at this trailer 😂

  44. Za'Rhiana Harvey

    Netflix give Samuel J Comroe a special

  45. Yena Yoon

    anyone else think it was Archie in the thumbnail and was about to throw hands??

  46. Wesley Snyder

    Only one problem... Netflix canceled DAYBREAK

  47. Militza Radovic

    *kisses Mike in French*

  48. TheStewieOne

    JUNE 12!!! God damn it!!!

  49. Anonymous Anonymous

    “This is me and Cam’s favorite spot to” 😂

  50. Kumo.

    This show doesn't get the love it deserves. Leagues ahead of Big Mouth.

  51. Cesar Antillon

    Please stop making this offensive garbage

  52. Fernanda Antelo Saez


  53. survi valist

    Salah and charliz, I'm in

  54. lerch66

    Bill burr internalized anger is always comedy gold.

  55. Mouza Alshehhi

    Been waiting for this one ✨⚡️

  56. Axi Syr

    This better end depressingly than a feel-good note

  57. saraf shrestha

    Tbh I think the loophole in Adan's plan is the parallel universe. Everything gets changed because of it.

  58. LIL Whopper

    I'm telling my brother to watch the outer banks but he said "the trailer is corny" and "the acting is bad" even tho he hasn't watched it.

  59. Bhargav Dharap

    I think this is the season where we will see how Jonas turns into Adam

  60. Millie Brown fan

    I love them soooooo much xx

  61. Esma Elif Aktaş

    I watch locke and key ıt was amzingg

  62. huswsimonbla

    The Innocents:"When teenagers Harry and June run away from their repressive families to be together" what a cliche lmao what a "woke" show. 6,3 on IMDb no wonder..

  63. No Space

    I played this song in Indore . . . . . . It's Mumbai now

  64. BeeBee Tee

    Just when I canceled my suscription! I've been waiting for season 4. 😂😂😂

  65. j10f20mh

    lol what's with the Italians and summers?

  66. Carole Williamson

    Wow. Damn. I hope the people that wrote these letters, and the people that couldn’t write because it wasn’t time for them to share their pain, I hope they all make it through their challenges and have everything good in life.

  67. Joanne Christabelle

    Cant wait for my future children to experience fullest house

  68. Pragam Pratik

    Imagine thinking there's a better show than DARK on Netflix right now. Nah, the levels are absolutely staggering. Stranger Things is a decent show but Dark is a masterpiece.

  69. Mile Khaster Daan

    If Jojo and Sun oh will not end up together IM SUING

  70. Keith O Brien

    Easy to speak about Epstein now when he's dead/murdered. All the high profile figures will get away with it like they always do. Different rules for the rich. I wonder who else from Hollywood or elsewhere who is well known that has not been caught or revealed. Feel so sorry for the victims

  71. Mohammad Farzam


  72. ADMA

    Minute 8 in episode 4 specifically mentions the Trump and Clintons in the same breath. Please stop apologizing for either of these.

  73. yordanos teklu

    God blessed u guys more, ur such a beautiful 💞💞💞💖💞💞💞👑👑

  74. David Riley

    Can we make this available on UK Netflix please?

  75. Sonkeiii

    I remember when this show was about Hannah Baker, mental health and more. I'm glad it is the final season. Should've stopped after season 2 tho.

  76. Welp

    This documentary answered so many questions but left so many more unanswered. This man was a monster and he used it all to control politics and make money.

  77. Navarrete

    Italian beaches are trending in Netflix, sadly in this moments we can’t travel to those places 😢

  78. MaulSlasher

    This show is one of the most underrated imho. Can't wait for the new season!

  79. Yakuzaka1412

    TWO WEEKS? Ah shit....

  80. GamerPony

    Japanese Hopper legit belongs in the Yakuza games !

  81. Dylan Vance

    I can’t believe the last episode

  82. Sara Al Kassem

    Come on stranger things will always be the best series to me and even if i had to wait forever untill season 4 comes i will wait !

  83. manoj raju

    I should watch again stranger this instead of this all shits😂.. Stranger things forever

  84. Eben Noble

    Flashbacks and Hallucinations : * exist * 13RW : It's Free Real Estate!!

  85. Cail Magbanua

    am i the only one waiting for the tsunami scene to appear??? 😂😂

  86. Ricco

    Dark and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! hands down!

  87. Animehawk

    F is for Family is the Breaking Bad of all cartoons

  88. tsuyayaka1




  90. Vineeth dhfm

    Add Umbrella academy in the that list

  91. HordeBrony furness

    I love this show

  92. manoj raju

    Who is still waiting for season 4

  93. Darren Gilliam

    The Order season 2👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  94. YASH gola

    Suzie,do you copy?

  95. Medhavi Pandit

    who knows what happened in the summer of 1983 somewhere in northern Italy?

  96. Cat Lover


  97. Everything about women

    Türklere selam gavurların ...