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  1. MetalVII

    26:46 Nope. I travel Middlesbrough to Portsmouth, 310 miles needed. Shame for vehicles that are so expensive they can’t achieve 400 miles. I’ll wait another 5 years for the technology to improve for long range.

  2. Sans Dorsi

    Seat and Škoda are kind of VW substitution. They are less reliable, durable and long-lasting then VW.

  3. Abraham Farrell

    Wow. Why would anyone get the Golf then.

  4. Eli Mukumba

    “So that has just like lifted its nose and buggered the fvck off!” - Matt Watson 2020

  5. Pedro Teixeira

    Give to the lambo guy a witch's broom !!!!!!!!!

  6. norkator

    So this is one of the most expensive flashlight you can get.

  7. Faysal Kamel

    Most fair drag race

  8. wheezzl

    Let's wait for the cupra styling, but currently I'm glad I got the "old" one.

  9. TurnStyleGames

    The new Golf looks like boiled car in its segment looks far superior.

  10. No One

    I'm from Pakistan and I'm saying that you are gorgeous to explained. very well!

  11. Jack Parkinson

    Looks wise: Old Leon > Old Golf > New Golf > New Leon In other words, the new Leon is rather ugly

  12. Roger Nkosi

    Nonsense Car!

  13. Rentta

    Old Leon looked better

  14. I forgot my name

    Looks weird

  15. SOLAMONDRINS #1 fan

    Wait so u have a g wagon but not an iPhone lol not shooting shots I’m just surprised

  16. F.B.I

    His voice sounds so deep 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Jay Mac

    I live in America. I’ve never even seen a SEAT. I’m just watching this because Mat

  18. Brett Lee

    Wow, 1 billion people and not a single person decided to have an original idea

  19. M V

    The hatchback is OK, while the ST is gorgeous.

  20. Classic and Custom Machines

    No 184hp diesel engine?

  21. maplefreak64

    Old G wagon is produced until 2022. If you wish, it's possible to order that and buy it at a new car.

  22. Zaccheus

    2012 designed five-passenger electric sedan Tesla model S: $100,000 Built by 16 year old USA company taking risks to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy and design the safest cars on the road with a charging infrastructure unrivalled. 2019 designed Porsche Taycan Turbo S coupé 5-seat (in the real world a 2 seater): $240,000 Built by a 88 year old company who cheats on its diesel emissions, has only just caught up with Tesla considering they have more resources, engineers and funds. :-|

  23. Sahdan Mamat

    Eauu honda 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  24. Sirbu Stefan

    I will choose Q7

  25. asgarra Rayan

    2:31 that are the same car

  26. Katimbo Allan

    On this list, nothing from Japan or America?? Why? Isn't Land Cruiser VX or Nissan Patrol a serious Luxury 4x4?

  27. Mr. Llama

    I can't wait for the Cupra model. Damn I wish the Seat Cupras came to the U.S!

  28. Christer Stattin


  29. magneto675

    I think they copied the current Ford Focus especially at the front and side

  30. Nacho Pascual

    My dad used to have a second-hand one in the early 2000s. It was 15 years old at the time. It now is a service vehicle at my uncle's company. Thing must be 30 years old and still drives like it was new

  31. andrewlam426

    It's what's the golf should have looked like!

  32. Bert Dijkmans

    weird looking golf this...

  33. Jay

    The AI in cars is getting smarter, 4IR is here

  34. Live Life Lasting

    Carwow, do a comparison between new octavia and leon!


    That look on mats face is priceless

  36. Niranjan KV

    Bluetooth connection problems aren't problems at all... it is just people not knowing how to connect!!!

  37. Ivan Levko

    The Estate is gorgeous!

  38. Small Guitar Dude

    Wow this is properly the prettiest car in this class (In my opinion) nice video

  39. Seve Sellors

    Good looking car, like the name script, and better looking than Golf.


    3:31 what is happening with mat. Looks like his car gone nuts.

  41. Obey Infultrxate

    Leon for real

  42. Psch4ck

    Rear looks terrible to me. Like a crossover between a Focus and a mini SUV. That lightbar between the rear lights is not to my liking at all, and should be optional. Why did SEAT go the same way as everyone else, and smack a plastic ipad on top of the dash, instead of building the dash around? It looks so bad, cheap and unfinished. It was one of the main features of the previous generation of Leon that was awesome for me, in comparison with other brands. It's like the car manufacturers intentionally want me to get distracted by a bright screen while driving. Also, no physical controls for climate control is a bad idea. In my experience, LCD and touchscreens in -15C just does not work well over time. I guess the spanish engineers don't care about Scandinavia, or expect global warming to fix that issue for them. I do not like the gear-shifter. I know it's DSG and what not, but I do not like the look of it. AND FAKE EXHAUST?! Can't the EU do something right for once, and ban those? Alright. Rant over. On the positive, I like some of the lines of the interior and exterior. Defined and sharp. Sporty look. Not enough to win me over though. Guess I need to find another brand, or hope for 2018-2019 FR190 becoming more available on the used market now.

  43. Crisma M

    old astra rear end with new focus front end.. although cleaner then focus and better side profile.. VW Group first fucked up the Golf interior with no buttons and no also with Seat.. Another car to ignore.. with no buttons

  44. mush mushy


  45. robbb79

    Since there are no more SC-3door versions, im really happy with my 2016 Leon Cupra 290 SC. ;)



  47. gii SB

    Not clever, pervasive and intrusive. Stop pushing draconian shit as cool matt

  48. dave millar

    It looks like the new focus at the front and the current Vauxhall Astra from the back, especially if you pause at 17 seconds.

  49. Philipp Thiele

    You can’t just compare a fucking 911s to these cars do this again when the turbo is out, then you‘ll see wich cars the best 🙄🙄🙄

  50. Japan USA Cars

    Bad Driver in the CIVIC

  51. Dean Burger

    Why the fuck did they fit the ambient lights, manufacturers are trying wayyy too hard too make the car feel driver friendly 🙄

  52. asgarra Rayan

    2:31 that are the same car

  53. linus 123-_


  54. cj muzza

    Can't wait to see the cupra version my dad has the 2015 cupra and it abseloutly amazing @carwow

  55. Just Ben

    Anyone here from tik tok.. 😂

  56. MrDrunkenMoose

    The font tho... feels like when one of your friends pulls out their phone and the system font is comic sans. YIKES...

  57. Draconior87

    "keep going, mother!" ahahaha, hilarious. long live your mother, she's fun!

  58. Dimitris Chatzo

    Ford focus front + Mazda 3 back

  59. MrMintoni

    I feel shame cause i havent watched it until today..

  60. ABUL Hussain Barbhuiya

    I like Jimny

  61. Brian Langan


  62. Minifan101

    This is more Skoda Scala than Vw Golf

  63. Gregory Perkins

    I still like the golf

  64. Siemen Syöksy

    seat sucks hhahaha

  65. Eugene Danker

    Toyota, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach

  66. Paul-Sebastian Manole

    This race is a win for all EVs.

  67. Sondre Adler Guriby

    looks shit and cheap

  68. Pienimusta

    Lol, its cheap VAG car built from same parts as VW, Skoda and rest of Seat.

  69. Michael S.

    Both the Octavia and the Leon are now the better looking alternatives to the Golf 8 and I have to be honest the Golf fanboy inside me died a little when the 8 gen was released. It may not have been the best car in any category but it did so many things right and personally I liked the look of it (only on higher trim levels to be fair). This is really disappointing. As is the new 1 series. I hope Audi won't screw up the A3 like that.

  70. Rob S

    Wow I’m surprised how expensive this suv is with so many cheap parts and so outdated it’s laughable


    Yes yes, everything VW..!! monopolistic parts sharing from one EU country on. The Leon looks nice for a sporty edgier Mazda 3 hatch with all new Golf interior tech...but then I would prefer the Golf overall as its the top gear starter. I do like the Leon Saloon tho..ugh! how do all u Europeans do it with VW in everything.?

  72. MisadventuresofT

    Yeah the new Golf looks lame. Too bad we don’t get these or the Cupra here in the US

  73. Mayank Yadav

    Matt, you gotta respect the LC whose like ‘you can’t kill the one who won’t die!’

  74. Crazylegs

    Looks a lot better than the golf and can’t wait to see the Cupra aswell if that’s the FR

  75. Chrisii

    it looks pretty nice but the rear looks a bit odd. i prefer the Skoda Scala's look. But thie looks much more exciting than the Golf

  76. Boris Vidovic

    Seat looks much more better dann golf 8

  77. Ben Harriman

    I that’s the best they’ve ever done I think

  78. abhishek mohan

    Lova at first sight 😍♥️💘

  79. Lorin asgasdrw

    So you basically expect premium features on a budget car... wow.. just wow..


    More of a face lift then a whole new car . I first saw it yesterday and it now looks dated already

  81. Jan Meiners

    Show a bit of love for the legendary 5-cylinder

  82. Emre Mişe

    Imagine the guy in the mustang shouts like: IS THAT A SUPRA

  83. MapMonster25

    So in short, it's a Golf but less ugly

  84. TyRee Becker

    I did not know they made a 7 seat Crv. I always hear good things about CRVs, I dont know what his problem is with Honda

  85. Thomas Kjer

    The back sure do remind me of the Alfa Giulietta. Which is definitely not a bad thing

  86. Hamza

    Looks so crap , the old shape looks way better

  87. Bruce Lee

    Seriously fuck that car ,side and front look so similar to my Ford focus st line / st , inside look like copy from new golf... this is pathetic , trurly pathetic copy paste car

  88. MajorLeon43

    They look like GTA Vehicles

  89. Iamkemar

    We need a real race: B9 RS3 RS5, RS6, RS7, RSQ8 Make it happen

  90. Pierre André

    Good, but the tailights are not my taste.

  91. JP Gaming

    2:00 because Apple is better, faster processor n stuff allows for this

  92. N F

    Looks like a big toy version

  93. Brandon Isham

    1:45 did he just rape a car

  94. László

    Looks like a cross between a Skoda Scala and a Focus.

  95. gii SB


  96. João Miguel Costa

    In like the state and the light bar in the back. Other than that there’s nothing about it that makes it better looking than a VW Golf

  97. Brandon Daniels

    What was the point of this race again. A tuned raptor races two stock rptors. Lol why did I waste 2:30 of my life even watching this haha

  98. Brandon Isham

    This is not for Americans that’s for sure

  99. Ice Emperor

    Looks like a skoda to me (outside)

  100. Elon Musk

    Carwow, or as you could say: VW, VW, VW, VW, VW, VW, VW Might this channel be sponsored?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔