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  1. Alluv

    some guy had a lada for sale for 51 euros you know what i did

  2. Samuel Maco

    Life of boris collab with Crazy Russian Hackee

  3. 185cm 73kg 18cm


  4. Melvin LangNaman

    all your hardworks blyatfully pays off😁

  5. Ghost the Stormcaller

    This is the one true cure for COVID 19.

  6. Ghost the Stormcaller

    When in doubt, use a bayonet.

  7. Arfan Abdullah

    Making American Food

  8. Ghost the Stormcaller

    I'm tempted to make kompot. It looks really good

  9. KrekerInGaming ITA

    use the ice around and meat is cold+no water in sausage

  10. NoGoodMarw

    As someone who tries to eat healthy for past few months... Damn I miss mayo... The real one not those spyonaises.

  11. polski gopnik władysław

    1:50 that’s just realistic.

  12. Fotond 04


  13. Cousin Ned

    Boris is getting high off wood chips

  14. subspeed765

    Why not try ubuntu this time, boris? It's blyatiful!

  15. dragontuber m

    Man your gpu is from 2013 I think How do u want the fps not to drop

  16. Naren Aryaputra

    How its fell to earn 1milion sub its fells blyatiful

  17. Teh Bro

    This is an atrocity

  18. Hellraser 666

    what happened to the other guy

  19. The Lansa Youtube

    Un cago de risa aunque no entendí un choto XD

  20. IH Projekt

    *implied "Vadim blyat"*

  21. _sketchiii_ _official_

    Cooking with Soviet brick 👌

  22. _sketchiii_ _official_

    Cooking with Soviet brick 👌

  23. _sketchiii_ _official_

    Cooking with Soviet brick 👌

  24. Mike Wazowski

    3:22 Never skip squat day

  25. Stefano Mihai

    Anatoli,where have you been?Its been 4.5 years!

  26. hateapericube

    One thing to say, two word: HACKA LÖKEN!

  27. Gfydhdbshdgdyshdbdbd Oklhojlmojkjojk

    The fact that I’m not the only Monty python fan is surprising

  28. Shikhar Saxena

    Wheres that professional gopnik... No approval?

  29. John Mcginnis

    Are you Ukrainian Boris?

  30. _NotADuck

    Ah, yes. The iBlin 2.

  31. Captain Tactical

    I have taken a shit while squatting and listening to pure Slavic blyatness life is complete

  32. L DS

    It looks soooo goood

  33. Robo Hobo

    Glad to see that you are enjoying my country oh sorry I meant OUR country

  34. asraf nike

    Por qué coño me aparece esto en recomendados?

  35. Lukas Callo

    You know boris well? Name me every food that bay leaf entered.

  36. Gamercolton 132


  37. Imcoolboysdude's gaming

    Anatoli where the blin have you been it has already been 1.5 years

  38. Tim Hrnek

    And i live in pezinok it is a village at bratislava

  39. Monteusz

    Maybe next time "Making Birthday cake with machete"

  40. DenisRo09_1

    Boris has safe the day again!

  41. Stalin's Pet Tank

    When your sister says Ora Ora: 0:43

  42. s adgod

    me when my babushka catches me doing the recipes: 11:42

  43. Blaž Vidmar

    This is Hungarian food

  44. Боби K

    In Bulgaria we have soletki. (солетки)

  45. Gamercolton 132

    12:44 big boi piroshki is open he forgot to close the other edge

  46. Dingo Classic

    If you go to 1:46 you can see Boris left eye slightly.


    For a second I thought he was really gonna chainsaw the mayo

  48. mike lakey

    This man be using a smol chainsaw boi. Only Slav King Boris can successfully use chainsaw to make food.

  49. Gjuladin The Taller One

    This is genius

  50. Gamercolton 132

    He said Texas like tehas which idk how to spell it but that’s Texas in Spanish then got it correct

  51. Vitmar Tobby

    Kinda acared for eating raw egg from unknow source

  52. Kub Wu

    Kurwa mać xDD

  53. 3 Bois J.F.P.

    I am a czech boi And i thought i am not a slav boi, but Now i know i AM A SLAV BOI

  54. Salva NF14

    Canis dont drink beer light. Well the new generation can...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Sergio Cerecedo

    0:48, weed, i think

  56. IqBaL zAkWaN

    This channel:Russian The comments:ENGLISH

  57. Admiralcasual

    Me slaving while taking a dump "better not slip or loose balance"

  58. boglue goglue

    Next video be like: cooking with fans

  59. Anna Gyurics

    My birthday song ❤️ came out on my bday

  60. Time to Commit no parachute

    Top 3 biggest questions mankind still can't answer: 1. Who rules the Bermuda triangle? 2. Who really killed John F Kennedy? 3. Why is Anatoli's furniture sweating?

  61. gamingwith rama

    1:14 "i have small taste" *proceeds to eat a ¼ of tbe buterbord*

  62. Anidn Menoscwicz

    Got some of this on the stove right now, looked too good to not try

  63. żarówka YT

    podkreślam że to było nagrywane w 2016r

  64. żarówka YT

    Подчеркну, что это было записано в 2016 году

  65. warrencrabapple

    cooking with homemade flamethrower, (and maybe opinion on the KV-2, a bunker busting tank)

  66. Matyáš Komárek

    Hi Artyom

  67. purnomo mulyawan

    Oy blin

  68. Krasnii Gnom

    3:01 atata need купИ мне авп

  69. Warcat gaming

    cyka cola

  70. Leach Basagna

    I died when he kept getting surprised from the Matryoshka doll

  71. Gamers Unite

    I remembered that chainsaws need chain oil. I hope that boris didn't put any in

  72. NukeACitrus

    Next up should be cooking with a hammer and a sickle.

  73. shlappadabass

    I still play this on my Xbox 360

  74. Eengamerjoch4 2

    Try with a car im sure it will taste well

  75. that kid from asia

    Boris aka Cyka-sama

  76. Br1ght


  77. doge head

    English: 80% Russian: 98%

  78. Random Vlogs RO

    Cooking with AK 47

  79. Kacper Konefal

    Ile tam przeklesńtw XD

  80. Mc Dumfly

    Hungarian subtitle?

  81. Zbl00dy Chain


  82. Natos

    best moment is definitely 5:45 "piece of shit, keeping boris HUNGRY!"

  83. Jenniden Grajo

    play the mobile version

  84. CaNaVeS

    cade os brs?

  85. Magdalena Mołdoch


  86. konto 13524

    can someone explain why is he getting less money than other youtubers?

  87. Александр Цыбулин

    Чёткий контент

  88. DeadlyDubu

    21 degrees celsius is considered as christmas weather in my country 😭😭😭

  89. Turbo blader_countryballs Poland's coke

    Translate What the Suka Is that! = What the Bitch is that!

  90. alexa radnic

    Eeee Boris you made cheburek but can you make burek? One of the most epic Serbian food!!!

  91. 4Power


  92. Piercodio

    2:35 even кофе machine is italian spy!! We are everywhere there is a кухня!!

  93. some one

    We need a version 2 comrade Boris

  94. עזאזל

    next time put a bowl under the chainsaw for perfect colslaw ;p

  95. Nossahm VSHS

    Yes, Artyom is true slav cat comrade, BUT WHY YOU HAVE WESTERN CONTROLLER, BLYAT? Who am I kidding, I also play on Xbox!

  96. 3 Tenda 3

    Fun fact: Bok in Turkish means shit (literally)

  97. On336

    Boris did you forget to make another Worker & Resources Soviet Republic video did you forget it for a year?

  98. Throw Away

    Boris, how did you not make vodka bread yet? I thought you were slav.

  99. Who Smashes For Fun Just A Dio

    Play this at my funeral.