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  1. a kumar

    What do you like when Tyler is the rage monster not literally though but when I saw the part when Cody goes inside Tyler attacks like I saw I thought how do you clean up the glass or chili on the walls and stuff???

  2. The Invincible Dummy


  3. The Invincible Dummy

    Sharks are endangered

  4. Julian Griffiths

    So this is were the dude perfect intro sound comes from

  5. Deiniol Mathias


  6. B.B vines king

    My wife can throw a sandal on my face..... Do not practice at home....

  7. luiz 425


  8. Annie Carole Essiben-Kelleher

    Build boat 2 please !!!!!!

  9. Rylee Baker

    own a mean rabbit

  10. Cole Heath

    Disagree and DISCARD all of his movies he loves

  11. Xelina

    The 41K dislikes are from the previous record holders

  12. akamv._

    Ok I see myself in rage monster tho😅😂

  13. Galax GLX


  14. Evan LeeMaster

    Dude perfect. Setting world records likes it’s nothing Me. Not even being able to make breakfast

  15. David Maguire

    Would you rather meet ~Dude Perfect 🏈 ~The F2 ⚽️ Give me a comment

    1. David Maguire

      The F2

  16. Sagi G


  17. Griffin

    protect the president next

  18. fiq r

    2020 like

  19. Debbie S

    Ty was singing fancy first round

  20. Maurice Eckert

    Lebensmittel verschwendung!

  21. MooseOps

    Ninja:Us explaining Fortnite Tyler:Your dad trying pretending to understand

  22. Данила Мастер

    Я один кто из России

  23. Raina Pawar

    Obviously ty

  24. Jacob Bo Klockmann

    I come from Denmark👌🏻❤️

  25. Noah Habeger

    “Are you looking at the number” “No, I’m looking at Pinterest” the girl

  26. Eitan Weiss

    16 bounces

  27. farah naz

    billy has th better

  28. Stel. 13


  29. Yashwanth Reddy

    17 bouncers 3rd song is twinkle twinkle Little Star

  30. Janko Micev Jr

    im 12 and ive watched home alone wtf this is a disgrace

  31. {•midnight-ace•}

    Dude perfect lives the same neighborhood as me

  32. MajuDanino

    Pause video and press this -> 5:47

  33. WaterLord 29


  34. john logan

    Mr beast is better than yous

  35. Tech At Creative

    0:04 I was like : Is it a joke😶😶😶 Tyler : yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  36. Adam Naabih

    Im from maldives

  37. Abdul Hannan

    Make another real life trick shot

  38. U R


  39. اميرة حمودي


  40. Osc & Little Sis

    Go Cory

  41. Tambet mobile X vana

    Can u pls do handball trickshots

  42. Adam FC Fifa

    You don't drive a boat you sail it

  43. Giovanni Blume

    you guys should do airplane stereotypes

  44. kylie patterson

    Cody's dad or Tys dad

  45. tx flips

    *Gretha Thunberg:"getting anger attacks while watching this"

  46. Khamani Mcnair


  47. Ayoub Meziou


  48. Jeanine Sand

    Team ty

  49. Janko Micev Jr

    im from macedonia strumitsa

  50. Dark Shadow

    4.5billion $ wtf man my total is not that much

  51. Farrel Winawan

    hyperdrive netflix versi dude perfect

  52. MR LIT


  53. Soap Bar

    Throw the captain off the ship and say "i am the captain now"

  54. Rabbia Dar

    3:26 😂

  55. Nandlal Vaibhav


  56. Mehak Mehta

    Ty you have the worst top 10 movies

  57. Kayden Baros

    Not many likes

  58. Josiah Valpatic

    You guys should make a police stereotype

  59. Valya Asoyan

    O my gad😲

  60. casper folkestad

    4:36 me with my fake frends

  61. AldiMartha Martha

    Indonesia like

  62. Ulisse Narici-Porter

    This was really mean to Coby.

  63. Abdul Munir


  64. krish krish

    Follow me on instagram guys ............. Prasenna_krish_

  65. Alex Tores

    6:12 Smooth landing Cody!

  66. tom gillion

    Loved it!

  67. Preston Cook

    Th Rage Monster is in these every single time.

  68. Mihajlo Karabasevic

    This game cost🙄 ahhhh !! I don't have a card and no money (poor)🥺😣😓😫

  69. Asharf Noor Mahomed

    Super Mario bros

  70. Space Unicorn

    *HRsel Recommended*

  71. Mr gamer man YT


  72. Youtube Premium

    Lol ty

  73. Reid productions


  74. Ayman Ahmad

    Can you guys do beyblade trick

  75. Ryman Riddle

    Hunting is my main hobby

  76. Mohammad Arif

    awkward ☹

  77. Mathias Villanueva

    dude perfect i have a idea stereotypes bowling

  78. Ryman Riddle

    I just got off of endless ducker

  79. bb ss

    i tell you its just a camera trick theyre just making money out of youtube with a camera trick all of this dude perfect video.

  80. Pedro Ramos

    3:52 the net did nothing it just bounced out

  81. Erdogan Arslan

    Gets hitinthe eye

  82. Russlle


  83. chezbibby1

    👊 👍 👎 🖐 ✌ 👌 🤘 🖖

  84. Ryman Riddle

    What’s your address for dp

  85. fanis _fanis


  86. Epic V3TheTest

    Yes i found the first dude perfect vid

  87. Las Pil

    Im from finland

  88. chezbibby1


  89. Cabot Mathiasen

    Where’s the Iron man at the top?

  90. 100 subscribers with 2 videos ;-;

    WHERE IS OVERTIME 13 IN 2020??

  91. BurnsBros Gaming

    Who else expected him to go a lot faster 😂😂

  92. Ryman Riddle

    Fishing’s my main hobby and hunting plus I’m 9

  93. chezbibby1

    The twins look so skinny with T shirts when they have tank tops on you can see their muscles. They are vezzy vezzy strong!!!

  94. Rayyan Ahmed Khan

    Who else are Indians 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 👇 👇 👇 Like here...

  95. Jewels Hensell

    I live in Canada