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  1. premiercconstruction

    Biggest fight in history! Lol this guy is so full of himself.

  2. David Hinton

    So he had a broke foot and was talking like nothing never happened

  3. The Isaiahnator

    If Waingro learned Jiu-Jitsu.

  4. rob lenn

    Woodley is a monster

  5. Jae Jae

    He is a dirty fighter, I noticed it in the Shogun fight

  6. tony snapjitsu

    Does anyone know what tracksuit he's wearing?

  7. Funk Master

    Rubbish talk bout the ref stopping the fight Connor too quickly, gotta give cowboy a chance in the biggest fight of his life.

  8. MAD LEGION 216


  9. Snow Lion

    Awesome Roxanne!!! Much Respect!!! Way to whoop Dana’s arrogant little pet!!!

  10. Risk 74

    I do believe Jorge SHOULD be paid for wearing that shirt


    Before this fight said Marcy better watch out

  12. Ludem

    Chiesa is a vet, been around for a long time and has fought some great opponents.

  13. Dannooch

    Rashad needs to quit dyeing his beard

  14. Christopher Willis

    Goat, but a cheater

  15. What it do What it do

    Mcgregor will drop this clown 🤣🤣🤣

  16. ebaymotorhomes

    This video states at about the 20 second mark that "Cyborg is a woman." This was never true and never will be.

  17. Nautilus1972

    4:08 worst graphic ever

  18. Nautilus1972

    Justin brain damage doesn't have a belt neither does Journeyman Jorge. Go get your belt back. Shut EVERYONE up .. .then do your novelty fights.

  19. Spactx

    The title should be " a ghost interviews adesanya "

  20. roobie225

    He wants the money from this fight, nothing more...

  21. Nautilus1972

    I've got Julia Budd to beat Cyborg parlayed with Blaydes to KO this guy in one, with Chiesa to win. 40/1?

  22. Nautilus1972

    Blah blah blah .. you're getting starched in the first, mate.

  23. Chris Brinkman

    Dana knows masvidal would completely destroy Conor and destroy Dana future pockets as well

  24. Nautilus1972

    I've got Julia Budd to beat Cyborg parlayed with Blaydes to KO this guy in one, with Chiesa to win. 40/1?

  25. Troy Ortega

    This is a sad case. I think Claressa Shields really turns to MMA because there is *NOT* too much money in women's boxing. So women of the world, please go out and support Claressa. You can make a difference if you *start supporting women* !!!

  26. Neil Bacs

    Eat that 100kms face punch...

  27. L G

    Thanks silva...but its time to RETIREMENT

  28. Shawn Flanigan

    People need to get off Jorge’s nuts this guy is irrelevant

  29. HayBob

    The only title Kevin Lee will ever hold is the biggest douchebag in the UFC..

  30. HudsNick

    Don’t like usman.

  31. Chris Baldwin

    The name is right behind him..

  32. Mohd Shahbaaz Ali

    Conor vs Dustin porier would be great

  33. TheMahonster

    First guy asking questions (John Morgan, i think) called Conor a skinny English kid. English. No, John. No

  34. Martin Bucher

    snoozeman snoozeman

  35. Arch God

    Is Anthony smith still an active fighter lol?

  36. MCM

    Whatever happened w Chiesa's lawsuit w McGregor? He was injured from the bus incident.

  37. Valerie Paul

    Why is her voice like a dude??

  38. Jayson Bird

    At least in this interview I can imagine it's on fox... 🖕ESPN 🖕

  39. Louisiana

    Michael? Come on man, you know you can't beat rda lol

  40. White Rob

    Conor vs GSP would be epic.. but George would eventually take him down n submit him.

  41. Up Top Tree

    Winner of connor and diaz gets 170 shot after usman vs masvidal

  42. c park

    Demetrious johnson would still beat him.

  43. swamp king forteinadeyate

    Waiting for that fan that gave $100 to comment and get pinned to the top . . .

  44. The Bearded Yorkshireman

    How much money do they really think they need to live a normal life after fighting? He could retire now and still live like a king. Normal working class people don’t earn in a lifetime what has earned so far. It’s mad.

  45. Harry Lamb

    Fighting Diaz would be absolute waste of time and momentum, and only has downside. Would do nothing for him to win that fight. There are several worthy new challengers, and whoever it is, road should lead back to Khabib. Let Usman nurse his "broken hand" and he can fight winner of Masvidal v McGregor. Thats the fight everyone wants to see. Masvidal v McGregor would be live from the day they announce it until someones hand is raised.

  46. Livecustoms

    I want Gaethje or Diaz next. Then when he beats either one, I want the mountain rat Khabib

  47. Lee Dang

    Khabib: My dream is to make him humble Conor: *this interview*

  48. Asahd Khaled Executive Producer

    Okay gatekeeper.

  49. Junior Faber

    I’m gonna be there live tonight can’t wait !!

  50. JAY LOVE

    If he fights Conor, I want to see what the Vegas odds are. Talk is cheap.

  51. Muniz_World

    Gsp graceful in retirement 💪

  52. marks man

    Curtis blades is one of the most unlikable personalities on ufc roster

  53. Rory Kolkman

    Makes more sense business wise. Try run Masvidal against Usman, if he wins, Conor gets a shot against a stylistically easier opponent to take a run at the 170 title. If he beats Masvidal now for no title, Usman is next and will be way tougher to collect the accolade from. Beating Diaz, clears up a trilogy, makes cash, then sets up his next fight easily, either ignore Usman if he is still champ and drop to 155, or fight Jorge as champ.

  54. Jay-J 313

    Ariel is such an instigator in bad way. He makes himself look like a fool.

  55. Irish Technical Thinker

    Very likeable guy! Think he win by KO round 2.

  56. Rory Mahon

    Kevin Lee.....WHACK

  57. Chris Pierno

    I thought Kevin Lee was 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Chris Pierno

      @thisiskris017 Not the new Kevin Lee with a actual trainer this time

    2. thisiskris017

      RDA beat Lee like 2 fights ago

  58. pat moreno

    Bet she can’t do it agian

  59. Edis Babahmetović


  60. Ahmed

    My shoulder was a ballon 🚀

  61. mack mitch

    after gaethe nxt masvidal,,

  62. NorthSouthGaming !

    Already a legend.

  63. mack mitch

    looking for mc gregor vs gaethe,, next fights

  64. Mike Ehrmantraut

    JDS is the type of guy to take part in a dance show just to work on his footwork 🕺💃

  65. Mike Ehrmantraut

    There is nothing hitting harder than a dolly- Michael Chiesa

  66. SmileB4DEATH

    love from the UK, will be a good fight! 50/50

  67. Tonick Moss

    number 1 contender by end of the year?...lol

  68. The Ella

    This is a great interview, but tell me this: Who makes up these stupid headlines? Too sensationalized. This is why you don't have more views.

  69. Anwin Thomas

    21:36 Mystic mac prediction on point again

  70. domenica cro

    Just do what makes you happy❤️

  71. Ryan Behrend

    This interview is longer than the fight and I love it

  72. The Ella

    Roxanne Modafferi is cool! Maycee Barber's dad is NOT cool.

  73. Eetswa

    Jon Jones is secretly in love with Izzy

  74. R2shed_q8

    Khabib in 2018: I wanna make this guy humble Conor in 2020 being humble..

  75. Lax lim

    Connor Vs khabib No tap out just ko - that will be fun *

  76. Glay Ley

    Talking like drunk or scared? It’s look like scared doesn’t want to fight coner..

  77. R2shed_q8

    He looks humble after khabib’s fight.. we want the OLD CONOR 😩😂

  78. Lee Villers

    You'll get a paid day from conor, but you'll still lose

  79. Snorlax

    I got Conor against Jorge. Jorge is a beast but he got dismantled by Wonderboy. The style matchup gives Conor the advantage imo

  80. Stephen johnson

    Curtis Blaydes will hump him the whole time what a shitty fight

  81. stevensegui10

    Humble Connor lol

  82. alex bergquist

    I dont like this guy haven't since i saw him i wonder if he knows what weight class hes hed have face tony or khabib made it that far he would be fucked fighting in the 1 and i believe hes a wrestler too

  83. Chap Chappington

    Chiesa is gonna get fucked up 😬

  84. Eleven Slevin

    Way to close Bruh!! 🙄

  85. adam lorden


  86. Bludy 893

    If jds doesnt get knocked out in the few remaining ufc he has I'll eat my phone and this entire comment section without a drink.

    1. Lucas Cruz

      We shall see then.

  87. McSkillet

    Anthony Smith was born to fight, not what he’s doing here!🤦‍♂️

  88. Old Uncle Bob

    Silva beat Bisping


    Ok I have to say shes 38yrs old and ripped......I suspect shes on the picogram program like jones.

  90. M O S K O N

    Put him to fight with anyone as long is not fixed lol

  91. Jon Davis

    It’s always gonna be a great fight cuz it’s a great matchup wth styles

  92. Dominic M

    Early criminal behavior, violence he recalls fondly, impulsively, probably conduct disorder at young age, loner, these are contributing factors for anti social personality disorder, similar to psychopathy. I think alot of mma fighters are on the spectrum. Ha ha but I'm still big fan

  93. rue de bac

    Conor and him would be some scrap

  94. raheem ben

    Thanks Khabib for making this guy humble

  95. whole27

    Sucks that we will never see a rematch between Nunez and Cyborg. If we do, it will be after Cyborgs prime.

  96. J. C.

    This guy was washed up before he fought Mgregor...He sux and should be forced to retire...

  97. PaulNeil Guru

    Shouldn't be Nate.

  98. TO-ED-GEIN

    Too much confident.... Too much

  99. FaysalS


  100. CMT Combat Muay Thai

    Very impressed by Conor’s powerful toes. He flew in a Brazilian Toe Trainer to prepare for this fight & it obviously paid off.