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  1. James Duncan

    Upto speed on the chevy Corvair

  2. James Duncan

    Up to speed on the chevy Corvair

  3. James Duncan

    Up to speed on the chevy Corvair

  4. Johnny Mason

    Looks like we will be able to get a new GTI and Golf R sometime this year! Hopefully, we'll get the regular Golf models as well!!!

  5. James Duncan

    Up to speed on the chevy Corvair

  6. James Duncan

    Up to speed on the chevy Corvair

  7. Francesco Ferriero

    Only One thing "cucciolo" ...the double "c" has to be read as "ch" like when you Say "cheap"

  8. Ahmed Al-sharif

    Easy choice E36 bmw

  9. Seyuran Naidoo

    Mazda rx8 as your next hi low

  10. Nimantha Rukshan

    1. Mazda 787 B 2.Lexus LFA Personal Choice- Turbocharged RB 26

  11. Harleydavo

    Randy Mamola waves to crowd at 5:25

  12. Last_Stach_Standing !

    Electra Glide & Fat Boy

  13. Mercedes

    Miata baby

  14. Zart

    Mk5 Supra was announced in 2009? Damn feels like it was only a year ago.

  15. Case op

    Ive owned 2 1998 sl series. Greatest cars i ever had

  16. scoopmaster69

    40:20 is what you came here for

  17. Paul Blair

    Do a CIVIC!!!

  18. Zack deCarle

    Audi RS is still cooler. Change my mind

  19. Kyle Ruth

    Track needs to offer discount/free tickets to the residents. It's how golf courses get away with all their noise they make with houses on the course. (Nothing like waking up at 4:00AM to the fairways being cut). THAT BEING SAID, nothing makes me Arthur my hand more than people moving to an existing attraction and then saying "WTF?! They use the attraction!?." Discounts don't solve the entire problem, there's always idiots, but hopefully it free's up some noise.

  20. remixedlife911

    What song is the intro?

  21. Illyrian Gamer

    >that indian at the AMG YIKES

  22. Dana Jackson

    335i Cheap cars! that can crank out “mopowabahby”

  23. Harsh Subramaniam

    Top gear 2002-2015 : Am is a joke to you?

  24. US History Corrections

    I work at a airport and we actually have 2 Strikers

  25. Aliaz Kallang

    7:28 a horse logo?!

  26. Harleydavo

    Ducati so cool. Check this smoking two tyres and wave to crowd.

  27. Ivar Sandin

    Did you say Italy was communist during the 80s?

  28. Sirharoon

    do an up to speed/ bumper 2 bumper on the Jaguar XJ220

  29. Albert Paul

    Where's Tamburini...!

  30. prk 7

    Here comes the h2R fanboys...

  31. slam zamillion

    Because Ford has no competition

  32. Mario Villatoro

    I’m smuggling autism grass and ion even got my permit

  33. Spinnetti

    Why Honda in the background? My first car was a 77' coupe. had it 20 years (put a 18RG engine in it). Also had a 79' "Celica Supra". It was really a pig though. My 86' Wasn't very good either. and the 90's ones were so-so. The early model and the 85 gen were my favorites.

  34. Gaming World

    Do need to get up to speed on Mitsubishi pajero

  35. tcepilot

    Those weren’t B-24s in the video.....

  36. Ege Ayvala

    mazda got pwned :D

  37. Eduardo Rangel

    Up to speed on the thunder bird ford

  38. DELTACX10

    Electric Volvo time

  39. NotEven_Aman

    20:27 nice

  40. The Travel Guy UK

    Why is the person riding the Train in a bad mood?.??

  41. Iosif Stalin

    in italy it’s similar,me and my dad tuned an old audi rs4 and it was loud af and they gave us a fine fore 110.9 decibels,and we had to mount back the stock exaust,and we had to still pay the fine

  42. Jonathan Palmer

    Nissan pathfinder 😂😂 or SUV

  43. Stephan Grimmelmann

    Some say that they were able to hit 0-60mph in 8,8 seconds on a stock car.

  44. Gabriel Cicek

    Do High / Low on E46 M3 or E34 550i Turbo

  45. r.i.peperoniii iroh

    Best episode ever FIRE NATION IS IN IT YAAAY

  46. adam lalley

    Easy. . Jeep Wrangler!

  47. Glenn Malcolm

    Who thought it was a good idea to use on-board mics in an echo chamber ?

  48. SoulGaming

    Its the go pros fault... Its too heavy on one side

  49. SoulGaming

    Why no burnout?

  50. Kajetan Borkowski

    Kawasaki/Up to speed

  51. Johnny Mason

    Current Golfs and GTIs are great cars to have! The Rabbit should be a Golf-based pickup! I'd buy it!

  52. norbercik

    Music in this video is cursed

  53. iFour Detail

    Parent company Lamborghini so VW is in the bike business also...

  54. krASHExxx

    Miata. Haha

  55. Nutan Sawant

    I will take a tuk tuk👍

  56. Michael Irish

    Right hand drive cars makes the most sense for a manual cars as your right hand remains on the wheel, leaving the left hand for the gears.

  57. John Benedict Dela Cruz

    this car is the sickest!!

  58. Johnny Mason

    R.I.P. Volkswagen Beetle! It lived the best life ever! Hopefully, it will return again! It may be an electric car by then, but that's better than nothing!

  59. David John


  60. gurraplurr

    do highlow on the volvo 240 platform

  61. Cameron Nagy

    Bring back the more power baby

  62. Cullen Rennie

    i south africa a pothole can eat your car

  63. Alan Dea


  64. flipflipr

    DONUT MOTORCYCLE SHOW! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  65. Cullen Rennie

    i'm in a 992 right now and it has 1 cupholder and you can even just take out (it is not even standard)

  66. John_Dee14

    I get dilution. As car guys/gals, it's easy to also understand wanting to customize and what better line option pieces than from the top spec in the line up. Aftermarket can't always deliver OEM quality and style.

  67. Daniel Forde

    Jeep or any 4wd!

  68. SuperSonic


  69. Vellios


  70. SoulGaming

    I like to call it the power pedal

  71. JR Going

    I am sorry to say this, but James is not really funny he is just a goof. He needs to stop trying so hard.

  72. William Dunn

    That part when Nolan sneezes best part of the vid

  73. Hamza KSA

    @dount media toyota 86

  74. Shell Cracker

    Massive heart attack and you sponsor with Nos? Wow🤷‍♂️

  75. febry nofrizal

    Honda sound like f1 car 6 cilinder

  76. C Scott Gaumnitz

    Hey James. I don't have kids. Can I find someone else's kids to watch me beat your more power baby A$$. Oh and you have to make out the check before the fight.

  77. me

    You should add the Hyundai genesis coupe, it's a nice car, and the prices are going down

  78. DaGameBoy

    Where do i donate to the editor?

  79. kobyashi

    Yamaha R1 next pls

  80. Dakota Pierce

    I think that you shold either do A GC8 Impreza. Or do an STI

  81. scott matthews

    I stay in Scotland and the main street in my town is called Roman road. It even has ruins of an old roman bathhouse you can visit that's nearly 2000 years old. They actually had central heating back then, they lit big fires under the building and there was a massive pan in the foundations they filled with water the walls were hollow so they filled up with steam and warmed the building. Its mad the stuff they actually had back then lol

  82. Criminal Mindz


  83. Colin Kennedy

    Ford gt 500

  84. Corbin Helder

    Lexus ls400

  85. Raymond Chen

    Let`s do a Hi-Low FRS/BRZ/GT86

  86. BJN 6

    Yes to more motorcycle videos, it’s a MUST


    can you talk about the unique beach truck drag race in balneario arroio do silva brazil?

  88. Takahashi Fujitsu (VLCTY clan)

  89. Ryan Webb

    Possible motorcycle channel?! James dont say it if you dont mean it. P.s. wheres the late 90s 750 class Ducati? Didnt see one. One of the most nimble bikes for its day im lucky to have rode one (a 748) also a 999 and a 1098 Ducatis are much more narrow i find than most of the Japanese bikes.

  90. Jacob Teter

    Older (15-25 years) mustangs are cheap and easy to find. It also be awesome because season one would be tuners and season two could be muscle. Changing up the vehicle class would keep new episodes interesting and avoid most repetition.

  91. mhf1979

    Aaron Parker my hands down on you cause you live up to your own dreams respect thanks!

  92. Eben Appiah-Agyekum

    Do an E30 next

  93. Isaac Bourn

    that's a thicc boi. can't wait to see the helephant in a charger

  94. TheEvilIceBlock

    If you dont think that a turbocharged boxer four doesnt sound the best then you might be right idk

  95. Horrorfreak106

    God, the new blazers looks like ass. Why do so many cars nowadays look so samey and lack personality?

  96. scott matthews

    Car names are crap now years ago we had " interceptor", " Avenger", " Manta" now we get " focus", Qashqai ", " Aygo" just terrible weak sounding names

  97. Logan Wallace

    You want to know why they didn’t make any for America They were to lazy to make any with the drivers side on the left

  98. joshua thompson

    Stay. Out. The. Passing. Lane!

  99. Rustymoon

    I thought there is a corvette zo6 c6

  100. No One Asked But Don't Care

    The 2020 supra failed cause it doesn't have a 2JZ 😥