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  1. chanchal bro

    I want to meet the 460 people who unliked this video, I wanna know the reason 😂😂

  2. SpongeBob booty crust

    The cure for this coronavirus: move to Greenland

  3. Bunda Azizah

    Plague inc. : Evolved

  4. Koreannie

    They said older people are more likely to get this disease but it is now confirmed that a 2-year-old has been diagnosed with this virus. No one is safe I guess.

  5. matthew cooper

    plague inc real life DLC

  6. ang Dalubhasa

    01:50 question: how this virus is transmitted? expert answered: it is transmitted from one person to another and thats it lol i was expecting for more specific form of transmission like airborne transmission or insect bites

  7. Allen Hong

    Btw 2 year old just got the disease


    Something sinister about this Young girl......... it's in her eyes..... I Just see and sense something sinister and unpleasant about her.....!!! Just my 2 cents worth..... Anyways BACK to the topic on Hand...!!! Exactly What does a typical girl like Greta know about Climate change other than what she has being fed by the Media and other vested parties etc..... What exactly Does a typical girl like know about work, paying off mortgage, feeding the kids, raising up kids and life in general....!!!

  9. pixel playeryt4434567

    We should call it the bitchvirus

  10. مواعظ مؤثرة مع : السيد عمر لشكر

    قل نار جهنم اشد حرا لو كانو يفقهون

  11. clay74able

    Bubonic plague v1.8 recent patches: no treatment we have upgraded the virus so it almost exterminates everyone in close proximity

  12. Mr.anime mystery

    My time has come

  13. Tosh Dave Productions

    The World Health Organisation (WHO ) is yet to declare a global health emergency even when there are more and more people are getting infected and dying which is ridiculous. Are they waiting for millions more to die before they declare and emergency? 😡😡

  14. BJ700

    First they say a week Now they say 10 days. What next ? Two weeks, then a month?

  15. hunk5525

    Low life DemocRATS

  16. Ms Jeter

    Kudos to the Guardian News for not making it seem as scary as the other news agencies are making it.

  17. Meh Meh

    They Drink Too Much Corona, That Why

  18. B N

    I know this was in your recommendation...

  19. yarrii

    *Aka Brother Of The Flu Virus*

  20. Mod 66

    Well I for one am shocked that Boris appears to be a little untrustworthy 👀

  21. Guitarfollower22

    In a month we won’t be hearing about this anymore.

  22. BennoYaKnow22

    This disgusting woman has the nerve to call native whites racists and privileged in the own country. Wow

  23. Memmer Miller

    Thanks for providing clear information without sensationalising or instilling fear 👍🏻

  24. BJ700

    Was this virus bio-weapon secretly engineered to control Hong Kong?

    1. BJ700

      The protesters wear masks anyway, so surely it's business as usual. Surely their plot has failed.

  25. TheRainbowBoy - Second Channel

    let's be honest. everyone heard laurel. sorry for capitalization

  26. Sabion Taylor

    I’m honestly a little worried just because I already have severe asthma and I always have breathing issues


    So if I say a load of facts I found on google I can become famous?

  28. wikichris

    Stocking up on tins of baked beans.

  29. TheOfficialPixel

    Zombie apocalypse, everyone get your weapons ready.

  30. byrhel de las armas

    Man made virus

  31. DC Piano

    This is plague inc all over again

  32. Random Crap Content

    This relieves a lot of my stress

  33. The crusty one

    I say we call it Kung flu

  34. Bryam Vasquez

    Next video: What to expect from the military draft

  35. Talia Dorr

    In every 20s there’s a virus

  36. Dan

    At least you know it's Gunna be quality when you build it at the last minute

  37. Keke A

    Watch’s this video:😕😕😕 Me has a dry cough:🤨😳😳😳😳😳

  38. Kevin Heath

    Excellent so Boris' 40 new hospitals should be open by the end of the year.

  39. cdenver

    When you dont see construction materials and only soil.... "F"

  40. Trev S

    Anne Sacoolas is the wife of an IT spy, not a diplomat - Time to close these bases if they think they are above the law when on public roads

  41. J E

    One of the Chinese men at work said "I have something for you Americans"...

  42. Lee Pyper

    Term Limits! I can’t say it enough! Trump 2020!

  43. Jonny Leung

    Can we hire these guys to finish the M1 when they're done?

  44. CodeOnce

    In the UK theyve been working on the pavement for 2 years now

  45. Roxas Oblivion

    Tactical nuke

  46. Greig91

    **Madagascar has closed its ports**

  47. M𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖔Bvn𝖉𝖘™️

    Some that people made and spread it

  48. Leanne Cunliffe

    Zombies are next see it happening

  49. Joe Joe

    I always wondered why Asians and Chinese in particular wear surgical masks...makes sense now. Weird stuff popping up all the time.

  50. Tony Scott

    Alex Jones is crazy!

  51. Jim Goodwin

    Its what happens when you have unrestricted movement of people. Expect more of the same if we don't have a strong border......

  52. Life Is A Bitch


  53. cutie jimin

    Coronovirus now has spread to our country as well😐

  54. Exploded Yoda

    Yo the Area 51 guard playing Plague Inc is using the wrong computer

  55. Lee Fall

    They are digging graves

  56. LibertyIsDead

    It was only a matter of time before this happened and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  57. N J

    I work for a construction GC and 10 days isn’t remotely possible. MEPs have to be coordinated with structural. Concrete needs time to set. Piles have to be put in the ground. This is a false title on this video.

  58. Angela W

    This Father would be fulfilled were it the Wild Wild West and then maybe what happened to his child wouldn’t eat his soul away every day.

  59. Mrfuel Chamo

    This is nothing its just control of human beings by government scam like Ebola sarrc every year hopeless .

  60. Arvids Ivbuls

    I hope it’s coronaLight virus, cause I don’t want to get super smashed

  61. LibertyIsDead

    It was only a matter of time.

  62. Granulated

    well, this is different !

  63. Michael West

    I thought they were digging a mass grave

  64. aldrick universe

    I literally just ordered my led light from that area a month ago..... they are coming in Monday, should I be worried?? I don’t wanna be another reason the virus came over here to the United States.

  65. Kaboto H Aye

    Very informative 👍👍👍

  66. giorno giovanna

    I was at home eating dorito when fone ring and they say:"China man is kil" "No"

  67. Okay Boomer

    Is there another blockade planed for RAF and any other USA base in the UK? I am outraged that the UK is being treated as, to quote Trump, “Shitty little countries” that can’t be trusted to administer justice. As a fair-weather biker in North Oxford, I need to know when to get the old girl out of storage to join in any protest against this law that provides a get out card for the wives of USA government employees..

  68. Icekae

    New Plague: *Exists* Plague Inc Players: Greenland it is

  69. IM.710

    The timing of this virus is extremely curious. If this virus started back in December, it coincides with Christmas and New Year where a lot of people gathered. It laid dormant spreading, waiting for the next phase... the annual people migration, the Lunar New Year where it can infect more people and spread across the world. It reminds of that quote in World War Z from that doctor, "Mother nature is a serial killer. No ones better, more creative."

  70. Rated R

    I use to have corona virus 🦠 Then i moved to budlight its cheaper

  71. crest video

    Travel Vloggers gonna go to Wuhan to try Authentic Coronavirus

  72. ShortStreamGamer

    Oh boy what a year so far... Australia fire Getting drafted for WW3 out of no where corona virus Still got 11 more months to go. Lol

  73. Michael Fisher

    I feel sorry for this child.

  74. xxXTheBlueOneXxx

    This can infected fish

  75. re:CYCLED

    Poor child. Her parents should be ashamed.

  76. Scott Hughes

    Yes I love this. Prayer !!!!!


    What a GREAT AND MAJOR distraction!!!

  78. Just Someone

    Since this virus is made from China, i do hope this gets destroyed fast.

  79. ItsJustChase

    Just now showing this? This has been going on for days now, started from from weeks ago as the incubation period is 14 days. Which means that you wont know you will be infected until after those 14 days have passed.. thats why so many reports are showing up because those who have traveled to and from china are now showing sings of infection.

  80. bobthebuilder

    Bruh someone took plague inc too far

  81. wat ?

    Why do people worry soooo much. The only reason people are worried is because it’s new which makes us feel more vunerable. You have a higher chance of dying to the flu

  82. i still love you

    That akward moment when someone from Wuhan played Plague Inc

  83. Ahmad Badar

    it was created in America to give a big blow to china's emerging economy. but china will bounce back, they will emerge even more stonger, Death to America

  84. Domigene Yellets

    Stock up on food, water, & pet food and stay home. Wash hands often, especially after you come home from shopping or eating out. Stay away from someone coughing. Normal preventive measures.

  85. Natashia Cenon

    My package is coming in two days from China I ordered it on Jan 7 .. should I throw it out? *PLEASE HELP!*

  86. keith gibbins

    She started of the talk was reasonably but ended it in her usual manner by demanding action now and saying we should stop burning fossil fuels now. Has anybody tried to imagine the world if we did as she demands. I have given it a try. There would be no aviation fuel so no flights. There would be no maritime fuel so there would be no shipping. There would be no petrol or diesel so there would be no road transport. Electricity generation would be reduced to that generated by renewable sources so it would be used to maintain essential services such as hospitals, water treatment and delivery plus waste treatment and removal. Without imports the UK could not feed the population no matter how much parkland and gardens were used to produce food. Welcome to a world of unheated houses and food shortages and the best transport being a bicycle. Personally I would rather phase the use of fossil fuels out slowly and accept that it may become a little warmer.

  87. lewisdean22

    This is getting built next to the Carlsberg factory.

  88. Rahman

    Consequences of eating something that isn't a part of human's food chain

  89. pete1201

    4 days of twaddle. Where is the case and evidence?

  90. Josh Renso

    January, Go away!

  91. Jackk

    They definitely need a beacon with haste 2

  92. Matthew Clifford

    Would an we be able to treat it by injecting a virus that we already know how to treat.. wait for it to kill off the corona virus then treat the virus that was injected? 🤔

  93. Mamc_44

    Finnally we are dying, we deserve it.

  94. Marcelo Fabrega

    So we chilling in that hood

  95. Neth BT

    Manufactured Virus

  96. Magna Cartus

    Thanks China!

  97. Blaze IT

    Judging by the comments... Now everyone is considering himself as a expert doctor.

  98. Cameron E

    What country is it in

  99. EMT Catalyze

    Bruh what if you looked at the virus through a microscope and sees "Made in China" on it