Magic tricks, DIYs, Lifehacks & Pranks! ;-)

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  1. Ikhbayar Baldorj


  2. The Queen of Pops

    Eww 😷

  3. Cassi Worthen

    The first ones useless see :two twenty some thing year olds with something not over flowing :so heavy I'm goin to die ahhhhh . me a NINE year old with two over flowing garbage cans :easy no car involved SEE USELESS

  4. Zoe Gunter

    hi hi

  5. Judith Young

    I tried The trick with the dollar bill and the rubber band and the two paper clips and it worked

  6. Carlos Carrillo


  7. shang hawezi


  8. Dal Athwal

    You are scamming

  9. Mr Moosyman

    If you have a knife KILL THE ZOMBIES WITH IT

  10. Demon boi_yt Gaming- roblox

    I’m devil than angel

  11. Violet Linsey

    How dare ya do that it’s so rude to me cause I’m a vegetarian 🌱 how rude

  12. Jessica Kline

    o my god

  13. Arnavjeet Singh


  14. Festoprincess Princess

    God bless ho is poor

  15. Festoprincess Princess

    God bless ho is poor

  16. rachel katzab

    I am a angel

  17. Princess Mia Princess alie

    That is where all the tolit.paper is going

  18. Sebastião Martins

    Muito legal

  19. Samantha Foster

    I love good

  20. Lucy Bradley

    I just want to to the same here but I've like not hat a mansion and the stuff

  21. Emilygenesis Granados

    Video: what if everything in instergram is fake. Me: uhhhhhh instergram is real and my brother has that (I’m lazy) and everything is real

  22. Dd_traxshy

    Me watching this on quarantine 🤧🤧

  23. Jada DUDLEY

    I thought she said the d word 2:31

  24. Jonathan Lee

    I have a cat

  25. Kelly Tasker


  26. Taylor Tilley

    0:34 i think shes doing a bit much

  27. Cam and chunky Cam


  28. Sharon Tobin

    He ng gift KO other day and you utktr🤯😍😋😘

  29. Alen Pašič


  30. Hamilfam

    3:40 who else noticed nothing came out of that hot glue gun

  31. Mark Daniels

    I thought the toast was hot and the hair clip can catch on fire I hate this channel

  32. farrah mae gaza

    I want episode three

  33. Anna Testa


  34. Aissatou Diallo

    I would love to <3

  35. Fafy Shabara

    8 months ago a lot

  36. Google User

    I like devils I'm a werewolf a real one and well.. it's just like I love treats and like I love fries and nuggets to I like the darkside and there's been darkness in my soul for years and I'm just a kid and I'm a tomboy so enough chatting

  37. Kristian Noel Pablo

    0:59 girl iPhone Pic boys is ugly

  38. Nataly Aceves

    Wow they made another youtube channel

  39. Carol Savasuk


  40. Fahim Khan

    My name is farhat it's just that's my dads name

  41. Gurshant Sahasi

    Please do more

  42. Leslie

    This is so extra...

  43. Fahim Khan

    I love your videos I'm new

  44. Abdul Khalique

    Why couldn't you just clean the wall and why didn't you just wash the jeans and why didn't you just wash the jacket ;-; that's just dumb

  45. Christina Guy

    7:07 hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahha lol love it!

  46. Franciska Sodiwirijo

    Hey I'm pregnant gays

  47. Mathaboy Andries Moswatlhe


  48. Ashley Vicens

    Guys are so nice

  49. Taylor The Great

    4:48 ya they look more real than the real fishnets 🙄 👁👄👁

  50. Emma & Holly Catalanello_Maccallum

    When he’s sleeping after she puts the gel on his finger oh no

  51. Carmen Rios


  52. Rick Jackson

    You should do a video of inbaressing things girls do when they have a crush

  53. Amy Park

    And knight amor

  54. Amber_Miss_Motiv8


  55. Roselite JeanBaptiste

    My brother name is cole is so annoying sometimes

  56. Natalia Quinones Osorio

    im in the angel cause i want to help people in this time

  57. Chhouk Phearum


  58. Amy Park

    I would wether use a katana , guns, and amor

  59. Chris Clark


  60. Milano Lolo

    Gaia del canale senza trucco so che hai fatto la reazione di questo video in un tuo video Io infatti ho messo dislike non so perché gli altri hanno messo like comunque ti saluto ciao mi chiamo Maya

  61. Louise Williams

    It's my life!!!

  62. Maya MacKenzie

    I would be horrible at these crafts.

  63. wei zhang

    Snakes and spiders

  64. Louise Williams

    What would we do without troom troom select!???😭😭

  65. Ava Belle

    Bih up hi

  66. saad husain

    I feel so bad for the boy.

  67. Margaret Teo

    Thank You for your help

  68. Landon Brent

    Why the hell are you so interested in violating people’s privacy

  69. Thato Lucas

    I wished I was travelling

  70. Louise Baugh


  71. Emily Guo

    I want to go to home

  72. Georgia Andrews

    Pink 💕💕👄💅🏻👛👚👙🐷🌸🌺💐🍧🎟🛍🎀🎀💝💘💖💗💞🚺😛😝😜😋

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  76. Stoyanka Grueva

    We could pick are own couler you now!!!🌎

  77. Arsing Fronda


  78. Omo Ediru

    I enjoyed watching it between red purple and red which one would you pick I'll pick purple

  79. Payton Bullock

    i love your vidoes troom troom

  80. Xxkittylover_37

    6:01 Seriously? Hardly Qunn?

  81. Emily Guo


  82. Emily Guo

    🤩 wow

  83. Kayla Rivera

    I am hot don’t think about that area but I want to be code thing back to you he broke in the kitchen come to action like this because

  84. Cleopatra Wyatt

    Red 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  85. Fredy Santizo


    1. Fredy Santizo


  86. Angelina S


  87. Ali_eo_sa story

    Ahem angle is more like demon, coffe first thing in the morning is not healthy!

  88. Joel Francis


  89. salma khettat

    creative ways how to reuse stuff around ur house very smart indeed 👯👯👯

  90. Lyle Zeeman

    I want slime can you send to me

  91. Destiny Savage

    I would never say no to a vacation like this🧳🧳🧳🧳🚙🚙🚙🚙

  92. hidden cube:P

    i tried the tape lip one... rip my lips

  93. Cleopatra Wyatt

    Black 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


    ** 0:26

  95. βerᖇy hẸARtS


  96. its Terry!

    Why do they tell eachother baby? There are two girls