Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together.

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  1. Derpy Redneck

    I'll gladly eat carnivorous, but this is disgusting, it's like watching a pack of hyenas pull an unborn antelope out the snatch of the would-be mother while eating her alive... THAT shit gave me nightmares and this is just as horrendous.. I don't even think Paleolithic Homos were like this, they went for the brain or jugular to end them as quickly as possible for food.

  2. Ak

    Keemstar is like a unfunny Eric Cartman

  3. Gabriel Baker

    I feel so much cringe right now that it hurts to even look/hear this video.

  4. Elijah Callen

    Where can I find that intro/outro music?

  5. Gragg743

    Ive lost all respect for Ethan and Hila, unsubbed

  6. Oryx: The Taken King

    I miss this era

  7. RajJ Gaming

    why is he allowed to say it , im a bit confused , i dont mind him saying it but someones gonna use it against him and I'd hate to see that

  8. Jerome Valeska

    Why hasn’t keemstar been banned or been told to actually report news that would be helpful to know, and not make people’s lives miserable. Tony is a perfect example. In the video he doesn’t talk about the catfish story, and that allows his his followers to harass him without information on what it’s about. He needed to talk about that story because he’s supposed to reports the FUCKING NEWS!!!

  9. Apollo Ranger

    The Keemstar impersonation is so much better now with this beef 😂

  10. Aprilhippie

    What old ass generation are they still trapped in ? Who still accesses the Internet that way?! Modems are a thing now people 😂

  11. Brolapse

    It's super cool how you're besties with Susan and can have that _problematic_ Gokanaru video removed from the entire platform, no re-uploads. You've truly exposed the level of censorship and just how corrupt HRsel is. Go on, keep moving the goal post from your Bel Air Mansion. Hey Ethan? Where's the FUPA money? Why didn't you ever help anyone out with copyright abuse? It's ironic that YOU'RE now abusing copyright to silence a valid video criticizing you.

  12. Horrorclause00

    Ethans out here deleting negative comments. I cant believe how respectable he used to be. Keem is a piece of shit, but Ethan is on his way down to Keem's level fast.

  13. Jamesy TheReDevil

    i actually liked keem... but hearing what he did wish the 8 year old child, is absolutely disgusting. i actually feel sick. im done with this prick and you all should be as well.

  14. anony mous

    What a scumbag he is

  15. JustanEdgyGangstar

    Before You Embark On A Journey Of Revenge, Dig Two Graves - Confucius

  16. therealCrazyJake

    I had to turn my phone away from my eyes, because I literally do have a phobia...

  17. Joe Green

    You should do a video on the quartering

  18. JustanEdgyGangstar

    Before You Embark On A Journey Of Revenge, Dig Two Graves - Confucius

  19. JustanEdgyGangstar

    Before You Embark On A Journey Of Revenge, Dig Two Graves - Confucius

  20. Hendrix -

    Keemstar using a ReturnOfWilderness video as a 'source' is perfect. The guy is known in the rs community for being a scumlord, got caught luring & scamming his own viewers multiple times. Look up 'Exposing ReturnOfWilderness' by Raikesy if you need a character reference.

  21. SUBME X

    If you’re on h3h3s side plz hop to a different planet

  22. Lucy Luckern

    tony is to be protected at all costs

  23. SUBME X

    Sorry but keems just better

    1. Kd Widgins

      how tell me how

  24. Dylan Gundberg

    Just here to test: Gokanaru

  25. Wiki GM

    h3h3 is as bad as keemstar or maybe even worse

  26. JustanEdgyGangstar

    Haha H3h3 is banning video now how hypocritical can you be. Both of you are garbage

  27. Charles Mann

    These people piss me off so much. I’m Jewish and soup nazi is one of my favorite episodes. People are way too sensitive and I’m saying this as a 15 year old.

  28. Ronnie Ruble

    Wrong twice about the same man years later. Wonder if he's actually put time into any accusation as serious as this about anyone ever.

  29. savannah lutkus

    Tony is the most wholesome man I have ever seen and I wish him the best.

  30. The8bitdin0

    Ngl, this video’s pretty well made

  31. cough cough boi

    Sayin it aint your fault for swatting is like sayin giving a gun to a paranoid maniac isnt your fault if they kill someone woth it

  32. Salvatore Provino

    After Malone

  33. Mathias Brennhaugen Eike

    Unsubscribing. Make some actual content instead of milking this drama crap.

  34. Elijah Callen

    That bass line at the end.. wow😳

  35. lil xero

    Yo Ethan, I’ll slap this dude in real life. Team H3H3

  36. Kd Widgins

    bruh i like keem star but like he wrong for this osrs

  37. sethrn

    who else is waiting for keemstars crappy apology video

  38. Sean Rossander

    This seems in poor taste

  39. King Muffin

    This just shows how scummy and manipulative keemstar is

  40. Sarchazzm

    Hypothesis: if someone gets threatened with a knife and baseball bat and thrown into a car by three men will they be scared

  41. paxriz

    I’m glad G Fuel is not sponsor him anymore.

  42. Sander Folkvord

    lol ur taking everything out of contekst show the hole story..

  43. Divyesh Makwana

    And Ubuntu is coming again to destroy a countless lives with Ubuntu Touch. Mayans were right

  44. The more I spend time on social media (HRsel included) the less I have faith in humanity. Time to shut it off...

  45. Omega

    Tony should sue for defamation.

  46. Jared Sylvia

    this just made me love and respect FaZe Banks & h3h3 sooo much more !

  47. Y Youssef

    0:31 Jake Paul: 5 Mill on HRsel in 6 months never done before Tie: Here in my HRsel comment, I wanted to ask, are you sure about that?

  48. Noe Silva

    what a weirdo keem

  49. ZABENonPCin480p

    SomeOrdinaryGamer says "fuckin'" way to fuckin much.

  50. Vegard Hagen

    The 30k downvotes must be 12 year olds right?

    1. Vegard Hagen

      .... i give up

    2. Dylan Gundberg

      @YNWA-LucasLevia agree with the point. People aren't willing to look at something from every angle.

    3. YNWA-LucasLevia

      The opposite, people old enough to form there own opinion based on facts and evidence, You guys are probably the youngest fan base on this platform, yet you throw around the "kid" shit to make you feel bigger than other people much like Ethan does. I'm 20 years old, Keemstar is 35, Gokanaru is probably in his 20s, Leafy in his 20s Yet it's us who are kids? How rich.

  51. Abby Mullins

    Nobody: Keemstar: * profits off death and mental illness *

  52. Skitkekt


  53. 300 Glo

    These guys were dating forsure 😂

  54. Skitkekt


  55. The Suicidal Chicken


  56. Brock Whiting

    The downfall of you.

  57. valeforedark

    Lol animeme

  58. _Lixn__JB

    Keem challenged you to a boxing fight, don’t be a keyboard warrior and talk through the internet and when he wants physical contact you tremble. Accept it, you started the beef, you should take the fight.

  59. Don

    Lol I dont follow either guys or any of this utube drama. But h3h3 has a punchable af face

  60. Skitkekt

    “I’ve noticed in Bollywood action movies that, these Bollywood stars somehow always look like janitors”

  61. Skitkekt

    “I’ve noticed in Bollywood action movies that, these Bollywood stars somehow always look like janitors”

  62. Skitkekt

    “I’ve noticed in Bollywood action movies that, these Bollywood stars somehow always look like janitors”

  63. Skitkekt

    “I’ve noticed in Bollywood action movies that, these Bollywood stars somehow always look like janitors”

  64. Captain Xenomorph

    Hey Ethan, have you heard of Gokanaru yet?

    1. Dylan Gundberg

      Never mind I bet he's not someone pretty good at showing how bad Ethan can be.

    2. Dylan Gundberg

      Huh, wonder who that is?

  65. No

    Correction for Ethan: Vidcon was shit as of 2017. Those Idubbbz, Max, and Joji, vlogs were fire tho

  66. Raven

    Sounded like keem said "garbitch" instead of garbage

  67. Shmurda Lurda

    Starts drama with his brother in law for being with someone, and now Keemstar, dude stop acting like a fuckin middle schooler

  68. Tom Gilligan

    Sponsors need to be aware of what they are sponsoring before entering contracts. If you wanna sponsor bully's like keemstar, then be prepared to defend them. However, he's entiled to get new sponsors, hes entiled to continue being a dickhead as this is America after all, were all a bunch of dickheads anyways. I hope he gets trolled off the internet someday.

  69. Alana Bennett

    What the schoolyard bully looks like as an adult.

  70. Hey Swans

    Keep it up Ethan!

  71. Seriously Mediocre Gamers

    I've checked about 7 times that I liked the video during the first watch hahaha amazing video

  72. MageBotR

    This person genuinely doesn’t deserve to be alive. It’s astonishing.

  73. Ashton Andrews

    You say he resurrected the allegations when that’s what you did and in your past 2 videos

  74. Aaron Kosmach

    Did anyone hear the Discord notifications during the video?

  75. Phinball12

    I’m not a fan of either but Ethan does have a point

  76. Los Manzani

    Hope Hugh Mungus is doing well and staying safe in the pandemic.

  77. Raven

    Ethan, do you yourself understand that you are no longer a "content creator" on this site? You yourself steeped down to being nearly identical to Keem, with your podcasts, and lack any creativity in rare video you put out. You yourself a newsman now. And then, you talk about assassinating his character? like your edits and cuts, and constant repeating of the same statement in previous (and, I bet this and the next video) is not a character assassination?? Have you decided to grasp at any remaining of your dropping relevance (because of lack of CoNtEnt) by stirring that drama? It is shameful. That you, yourself hiding from criticism, shushing and silencing it, instead of facing and addressing it, have the audacity to act like some authority around here. And, no, your connection to Susan does not give you the right. I wonder, if you are so righteous, why would you sit silent, when questiones about Gokanaru arise? Where is your thick skin then, huh? You suffocating a clearly talented and passionate content creator. A fellow member of a community, and why? Because you can't look at yourself in the mirror? Life deals you different cards, and even if some things are harsh for yourself (perhaps in personal life) that still does not give you a right to lash onto other. Oh, and f Keemstar, he is a different kind of idiot. But you taking a high stance, when you yourself is dirty, just looks ridiculous. Two idiots going at it. jfc what has this platform become.

  78. JTS_12jags132

    Dude you got susan to delete keems video...👏👏👏

  79. Nicholas Thillemann

    This isnt gonna help anybody, this is just hurting both of you. Just shut the hell up. All ur doing is keeping this drama going

  80. tony the vlogger 69

    Are you gonna address gokanaru’s video?

    1. Dylan Gundberg

      @tony the vlogger 69 he didn't address it directly and hasn't exactly changed since it happened like he said he would...

    2. tony the vlogger 69

      Oh he kinda did

  81. Mason Husted

    Where’s Idubbbz?

  82. JoAnna Edssay

    I'll be honest, I don't really watch either of your content but I really fcuking hate keemstar.

  83. Cipher Fytone

    Baffles me how Ethan has managed to create such a BLIND audience, big congrats, Come back in 3 years and respond to this comment when you are old enough to notice when someone is being deceptive and Lying to you, You can bring a horse to water, But you can't force it to drink.

    1. YNWA-LucasLevia

      It's quite scary to be honest, The fact that a man could be completely debunked and exposed to be such a horrible person, Still some how have an army of people at his dick. This is how Hitler came to power, A bunch of people blindly following regardless of that persons beliefs and behaviours.

  84. Gavin Callow


  85. Dylan

    I don't care for either keemstar and H3H3 but how does no one realize that whenever ethan gets attacked by someone else he goes full psycho and manipulates the situation and people around him to get support. I don't even remember how this happen but i remember when keem did a story on ehtan on one of the drama alerts and i knew right away that ethan would turn it in to a huge thing. If you cant see that ethan is manipulative, than you are just simply ignorant.

  86. gogglesgoogly

    yep. drugs saved your relationship

  87. gogglesgoogly

    yep. drugs are about love

  88. Asollus TV

    I hope these Keem videos keep coming out lol this is great

  89. gogglesgoogly

    you look 40 and she looks 16

  90. Lowry

    now this is all my speculation but, i bet keemstar's dad really didnt like him and constantly harassed him and his family, keemstar was a scared hid and he had noone to protect him, his mom was probably jsut as scared of his dad as he did, so after he grew up, when he was backed in the corner, he fell back on what he learned from his childhood, "if im like my dad and attack everyone around me, i wont appear weak". reply with egg if youve actually seen this comment

  91. gogglesgoogly


  92. Vladimir Somarriba

    Listen can you stop the drama and once more talk about the issues in the world, we just lost another black brother to the police and were talking about this here, please spread proper awareness

    1. Cipher Fytone

      You really you are posting this on drama between two people who have openly said the N word on multiple occasions, Ethan himself saying how much he LOVES saying that word, They don't care.

  93. David Hertz

    She needs to go into a max security prison or an asylum either way she needs to be locked up she is a biohazard to everyone (I wouldn't be surprised if she ate a person in 2030)🤢

  94. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    So who edited the ages?

  95. Big Andy

    these weren't even funny

  96. Coulomb1

    I don't know if you guys didn't know this, but it's actually FAKE.

    1. lego clone trooper


  97. No

    Your mom is hot btw too bad she is jewishinian

  98. Nathan York Jr

    Revenge is ugly and I don't believe in it. Keemstar needs to be put under serious legal regulation and penalty *not* out of revenge, but so that he stops trying to ruin peoples' lives and get them killed

  99. TheGodshelper

    i just see this now, i am only 12:42. i genuinely have an urge to barf *edit15:57 its getting really difficult now *editII 30:53 if he shut that off midstream little keemee was hurtl; the weakling... *editIII i survived.

  100. Holly :3

    He makes three videos about keemstar 😂😭