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    I have the same headband

  2. Emilie Pilthammar


  3. Ruvarashe Rusike

    I like this move Kkkkkkkk

  4. aafreen Haji-Ismail

    at first I fort it was a Marshallo but it was a egg yuck I hate eggs I love marshmallow now I want a marshmallow yum yum yummy

  5. Maria Vilchez

    I am not amea

  6. Connor Vlogz

    I accidentally hit the dislike button sorry

  7. Ashley

    How many people want to hear their voices and see the girl who talks

  8. It one guy Ok

    1:06 I can’t bring coke to school

  9. Lady Pretty


  10. 360 degrees of Fitness & Wellness

    I love these videos even though they just give you more work

  11. Cookie

    3:28 that was not her real voice

  12. Melissa Tasty treats

    All mom are

  13. Dimuth Sumanasekera

    Who laughed at 4:33 😂

  14. JenSeky


  15. Sea Tea

    So.. cheating and lying is okay.

  16. a basketboy

    It takes a lot more skill to style short hair than long hair. It should be the short haired girl who pays more.

  17. FnafLover Lucy


  18. Hedwig Muller

    I realy like your video’s!❤️😁

  19. FnafLover Lucy

    Why are they making the long haired girl "girly"

  20. FnafLover Lucy

    Lol no When I get up my long hair is a nest literally 😂

  21. Perfect everything Diy

    Really funny.