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    HRsel I would never forgive you for putting this on my recommendation at time like these:(

  2. Drew Swallow

    RIP Kobe A true legend

  3. LuKa Gaming

    RIP Legend😭

  4. elia Rizek

    Rip Kobe we will miss you This the best old video for recommendations from youtube

  5. OOO OOO

    So many homeless people in a LA and when they die nobody cares.Why?

  6. SB Flacko

    “Last online 4 days ago”

  7. Gustavo Venturin

    Take a shot everytime he said yeah

  8. Gustavo Venturin

    "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

  9. fail dog

    Why is this in my recommended? Stop making me sad youtube.

  10. Aff3


  11. MH Productions

    'Hopefully we get to do it again.' RIP 😪

  12. Luka Raguz

    RIP, Like for good memories

  13. Techy Guy

    RIP legend.

  14. Pokémoon


  15. hudor tunnel

    RIP Kobe 😣

  16. Bulletproof Samurai

    Marques look so small now.

  17. The You doodler

    You were a legend rip

  18. angery rabbit

    Thank you HRsel for recommending me dis

  19. Liam Moras

    Why on my recommended

  20. Liam Moras

    This is sad

  21. Justgaming

    Rest. In. Peace. Hope you had a great time during your lifetime man like fuck. The world is so fucked I honestly don’t know how to feel.

  22. theawesomefive

    R.I.P Kobe

  23. Yuvraj Patil

    is it me or did i see more pixels on iphone 11 then iphone 2g?

  24. Mikey Marynicz

    There fucking ugly as fuck 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Abhishek Mondal


  26. Archit Murkunde

    People have become so lazy... don't even wanna tie their lavesy

  27. Shady Lks

    2 0 2 0

  28. 1M Views

    4:33 where can I find full version? Thanks

  29. owen Iduozee

    Have this veen roccmade to you

  30. Ofri Yachin

    Kobe has been blessed by *the algorithm*

  31. Irene and Chris

    My condolences for Kobe Bryant.

  32. Krishna Zala

    Nice phone!

  33. TestChannelplsIgnore

    Long live the GOAT

  34. Loh WenKong


  35. 4-UP

    2:38 id get a widget for the volume(is it not annoying not having 1🤦🏿)

  36. Alex 1330

    Why does youtube reccomend this to me? Do they want to make people feel more sad?

  37. Idk

    Rip kobe

  38. Marulk _23


  39. Arnold Daubermann

    This aged like a fine wine.

  40. GamrKidd


  41. xns


  42. Stormtrooper1845

    Well I am sure the 3310 lasts longer than my Galaxy Note 10+ Should've got an 3310 instead...

  43. Shane Horne

    My favourite android phone

  44. SaliamonXP


  45. Stiaan Kruger

    Its like having a Ferrari in traffic, Any network is as fast as its slowest connection, you might have 5g speed at that tower at 1gig/per second, but will the netflix and playstore server serve you that fast? Clearly Fortnite should have downloaded in 2 seconds but it did not, with all the drawbacks of 5g your real world speed over a cell network wil not be much faster than 4g if at all. Don t waste money on 5g phone, 5g nodes are rare and even at one the range is short, it drains the battery and other components in the network limit your speed anyway

  46. reiko


  47. Pan-D-Man

    Congrats. Always great content! Thank you.

  48. Elijah Dumanovsky

    yep only pewdiepie has the 50 mil one no one else. not even a channel that rhymes with t series

  49. Astra D

    R.I.P F to respect

  50. C0rrupted RBX YT

    R.I.P KOBE

  51. Jack VanMatre

    RIP Kobe 🙏😔

  52. SimoG

    Recommended for 2020... First time ytb didn't messed up with these recommendation, RIP Kobe and his daughter 🥺

  53. Dolphin Tiddies

    Bro imagine a porn director using this thing... Mmmm some top tier content right there ;)

  54. Haider Ali

    If i could subscribe your channel ten times, i would have dont it ... Thumbs up

  55. Filip Hristovski

    RIP Kobe

  56. KappaKilljoy

    Wireless is stupid and predatory at the moment. It's purely revenue driven. This is why batteries are all non replacable, like your buds are useless in 2-3 years from battery degredation and you can't replace it. Even in the case of cambridge audio and other more traditional audio brands. Especially now environment is at the top of the agenda (as it god damn should be) the amount of ewaste these stupid things generate is insane. Guess it wasn't much different with everyone selling terrible quality earphones that's cables break and are non replacable before.

  57. Anders Henriksen


  58. Abhishek Sahani


  59. Omit

    Kobe was a rapist

  60. S I K E


  61. darkovilos

    Thanks HRsel for this recommendation.

  62. Pablonm


  63. Abhay Kumar

    RIP kobe

  64. WhoTheFrickIsAdam

    I triple dog dare you to change your YT name to Markass Brownlee for a while

  65. lasnik

    Tja wenn er am Boden geblieben wäre dann wäre er nicht abgestürzt.

  66. Zaccaria Griffith


  67. Rajasekar M

    I don't know if a lot of people have said this earlier, but I feel the secret to the success or rather the irresistibly likeable nature of MKBHD is in his language. I mean he just almost spontaneously oozes the best possible combinations of words with his sophisticated hand gestures and neat dead pan face expressions.

  68. Dragon sin of wrath Meliodas

    This pops just after the accident in my recommended 😭😭

  69. The Cup

    AirPods pro $250😬😬😬

  70. subas thapa

    Rip to the soul

  71. Jasper Cox

    This video came out 7 years ago. And i did not even realise. At first he had the wrong mac pro pic by mistake

  72. Shyam Sundar

    I can't believe myself i'm disliking an MKBHD video. Liquid nitrogen ≠ Space

  73. Svend Stenfalk

    R.I.P Kobe

  74. Siddharth Mishra

    *R.I.P* *KOBE BRYANT* , you were a legend

  75. DeployTheDRS

    man this hurts... there will never be another chance to do something like this.

  76. AV Productions

    Popped up in my recommendation

  77. Tayo

    Marques looks kinda like kobe

  78. i Exo


  79. Alan Runner

    This got on my recommended just now😭

  80. Keiny Lai

    I'm a big xiaomi fanboy, but in those comparisons, the iphone 11 came out on top for me, allthose photos looked more pleasent to the eye with the iphone, specially the color science.

  81. Zev Freund

    Who's here after the news about Kobe

  82. JustJayy

    Rip in chat

    1. wooby

      that's not what you say when a person dies you know

  83. juan velazquez

    Whi else is watching this Tesla tour and saw a porsche commercial

  84. MK4VLI S

    You added double ad’s

  85. Alejandro Tracey

    Why HRsel? Fucking why bro😭

  86. Shashwat Agrawal

    iPhone is so popular...

  87. KiM VaNHeNG

    R.I.P kobe Bryants :(

  88. Joel Chan

    #1000 has turn into an old fifa game

  89. spomgeboob

    i just got this recommended after Kobe died... thanks youtube

  90. Stefan Frieden

    R.I.P Kobe bryant 🙏

  91. Nasrat Shardally

    Why is this in my recommended 😭

  92. Nightcore lover

    RIP bro, I hope you're happy wherever you are now :))

  93. Nightcore lover

    HRsel algorithm is hinting things

  94. Ismail Adam

    Why youtube?

  95. Jay Sato

    omg i remember this

  96. zub


  97. Universal studios And vlogs

    He is dead

  98. Nazmul Sajib

    one of my favorite mkbhd vids. watched it over 10 time and it never gets old!

  99. gangster old guy


  100. Marvel James

    Who else got recommended this after kobe's death?

    1. ༷