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  1. i play minecraft

    cute dog!

  2. Keziah Reiss

    Mein Kampf ✋😒 Mein Pants 👈😎👈

  3. Charles Brooks

    u need saddle

  4. Ajdin Kulovic

    There is and a 100 Players Piggy.

  5. Mikey991

    I spilled milk on my keyboard right at the beginning of the video =C

  6. Code Dog

    It was a tree Mark 👍 I gotchu fam

  7. Shaun Of The Dread

    anybody seen some dirt?

  8. Sonique Horne

    Where's Darkiplier? It seems like that would be in good use for the beginning of the 3 scary game videos...with a scare.

  9. Russwin


  10. Haley Webb

    Me hearing the opening: MORTIS

  11. Nub

    Wait, hasn't Mark already played 'A Long Walk Home'? Or was it GreenPewdiepie?

  12. Marco Kröning

    These're 4 Scary Games again. Not 3. And could you pls. play The Big Face?

  13. Truistic Water

    When Markiplier said don't laughed, Everybody laughed XD

  14. Kaden Brown

    It was a tree

  15. Mr T

    Mark, just so you know, the thing on the road was a tree :)

  16. Brazlyn Garrett

    Making dog toys more like giving mark bruses

  17. Motsuki Kirasu

    Here I am having homework but I ended up watching this and I love it

  18. Brandon Heat

    Mark: misses hint to put a jacket on as it's "freezing" Mark: why am I cold!?

  19. Javier Muñoz


  20. Kousei Vishnu

    Mark: I'm good at games! Don't matter what game I'm good! Me: Play a rhythm game like osu! (for pc) Or Arcaea (for iPad)

  21. Random Dils

    "what is that drip?" ITS DROWN MAN 5

  22. Kaden Brown

    1:47 WATER!

  23. chrisb413

    OMG was the blacksmith bit 8 years ago?!? Damn I remember it to this day.

  24. Its Emily

    I will now start calling alcohol fun time juice

  25. Angel Dreamurr

    I would LOVE to watch a Darkiplier plays three scary games that would be AMAZING!!!! 😈😈😈😈

  26. Mckenna Cousineau

    Anyone else think that first game was kind of like COD zombies? Like there was the bus, and he went too far in the wrong way and had a face sucker.

  27. manning blakeslee

    Go Unus!

  28. Your sleep paralyze demon

    hullo c:

  29. Elijah Luna

    Markiplier is the one of the 1st youtubers ok that has got the tape

  30. Jeff Woods

    I can’t get scared when Mark has his little blankie 😂

  31. Fred Pepe

    It’s a tree dude

  32. El nacho gamer 278

    Play super toss the turtle

  33. Saint Wachter

    We know how to raise cattle!

  34. barbara Lucas

    He is so good at doing flips

  35. Rachel Rhodes

    What happend to satisfactory

  36. Ajdin Kulovic

    Outpost - Chapter 11

  37. Peytonious

    What makes Mark such a great content creator is he can never make up his mind in scenarios as a gamer😂😂

  38. Ferdi Şirin

    3:00 play with 1,75x and you have FNAF balloon boy voice

  39. Madam Melisse

    Amazing. After 1 hour of playing i realized that with not so difficult timing, you hit the shark under water first and it doesnt hit you...

  40. Newbornkilik

    Bro that hand thing actually got me good the first time, I was expecting a cheap face jumpscare.

  41. Alex Smith

    Bobs insane laughter is great

  42. Grabnok The Destroyer


  43. A Buff Squirrel

    Is there dirt? Has anyone seen some dirt around here? It looks like dirt. Did the blacksmith take the dirt?

  44. Maleehah gacha lover31

    mr afton

  45. •Gewoon Ninatjuhh!•

    2:23 - R.I.P foxy

  46. Luce 19

    Mark: ArE tHeRe aNy OthEr MonStErS In ThiS gAmE Me: The rats.... the godamn rats

  47. Gamrison

    No one: Mickey Mouse: 19:22

  48. Ajdin Kulovic

    Piggy Inspired Fan Games: Ronald, Pal Face, Bacon Burger, Sponge, Bakon, Jeff, Outbreak, Newbie, Guesty, Fame, Zombie, Rafel, Sheepy, Puppet, Sheepy, Kitty, Foxy, Bunny, Doggy and Babe.

  49. Caspian Darke

    Mark: "At least I got a good B to Blow weapon" Me: *Hey baby just so you know, all you gotta do is press B to blow* (The Markiplier Rap)

  50. Kira McKinney

    Mark is so fricking Wholesome

  51. Theodor Marczak Nordén

    5:53 yheaaaaaaaaaah

  52. Wesley Watson

    Play the last of us 2 when it comes out please I know this is kinda random but I didnt want to wait till your next video to write this down do the last if us 2 finish the story of Joel and ella please finish what you started reach your max potential

  53. The runaway 💙🔦

    Wheres the blacksmith ?!?!?!?!?!

  54. Javid Mirzayev

    Ah you’ve finally Awaken

  55. Paper Mario

    microsoft sam

  56. Plebs Gaming

    Mark’s full inventory trying to get another thing: The random item that’s gonna be replaced: *Aight imma head out*

  57. Shadow 112

    When you say peacock no one batts an eye, but if you say poopcock everyone loses their minds...

  58. Mчѕtíc Rσѕє

    It is getting harder and harder for me to watch anything from your channel, except for goofy, stupid little games where it doesn't have to be taken seriously. I can't even watch your horror playthrough anymore. I prefer when you play with Bob, Wade and Jack. At least then it's excused. No offense Mark, but you turn into a giant child with no intelligent commentary at all. You usually just wind up repeating the same shite over and over again thinking it's funny when it's not. I know you're a good guy and you mostly act like a two-year-old on camera to appeal to the children that watch you... But remember, some of us are actually adults that watch you and would like intelligent commentary. If I want to watch somebody that's just going to repeat themselves I might as well just watch somebody with a stutter. Again, no offense. Just stating my opinion. I still think you're a good, sweet guy but you seriously have to work on your commentary. It's lacking for your more mature audience.... Love ya, Mark.

  59. Eleana Yang


  60. ZombieSlayer22

    Don't spam when you're attacking with your sword. There's a little meter under your crosshairs. It's a cool down.

  61. ada.

    The real scary part of this video is how many scam comments are under it

  62. Jessie Chan

    I love the intros

  63. dreamreaper

    Blair witch intro I love it

  64. Konrad Alexander Prinz von Hessen

    Would you also play with the old glasses and hairstyle to give me more nostalgia?

  65. Supersquirrel06

    It was a tree mark

  66. Blind_Devil6

    I cant believe the blacksmith joke is 8 years old. I feel so fucking old dude. ive ben watching this dude since my sophomore year (2013) and im 22 now. It doesn't feel real saying that.

  67. sneaky squid

    Ah... it goes from hour long episodes to a *10 HOUR STREAM*

  68. Miccraft_HD

    The Light-Following-Scene remembered me to 'Among the Sleep', it's also a pretty good game! Also, such a nice work from your friend, nice game, Mark!

  69. K.O.G King

    What is this the second series 4 scary games

  70. M.

    Has anyone noticed the amount of bots copying other comments?

  71. Skippster _56

    Did anyone else think of BO2 Transit when the hands started covering the screen? 😄

  72. Ajdin Kulovic

    Power Plant - Finale Chapter 12 Endings: Good, Bad. Secret True Ending is Impossible to get. Won Yesterday 2. Won Ever 2.

  73. Ethan Chung

    that second game was wrong in so many ways

  74. The Hand From Poland

    i preferred when bob and mark were a happy couple smh

  75. chrome book

    i was just playing pubg mobile and i killed someone named markiplier but it was not you cuz your not the type of person to try looting in the middle of a fire fight your smarter than that guy was just wanted to let you know that someone is using your name as their gaming tag on pubg also love your letsplay videos you should do more survival games with jack wade and bob

  76. sugar boss

    wait for the cool down mark if you spam u use up your durability

  77. Fausta Gedgaudaitė


  78. VR666 randomgirl

    I love how they don't even get to fight at the end😂

  79. Camel Spotter

    The amount of trash left in the theater is accurate. A large chunk of moviegoers are lazy assholes who treat the theater like a gas station bathroom.

  80. Yuri Nightshade

    I love the faith intro :3

  81. |• DeLta •|

    Hey Mark, remember Dark Deceptions? Chapter 3 is out. Please play

  82. 鉄Tᴇᴛsᴜ

    It was a tree, Mark.

  83. Rightsarenice _

    Mark should play Dead by daylight again 😴

  84. ytrewqmcnoggin

    Aw the intro made me think there was another Faith type of game that was gonna be featured :(

  85. bape nbhd

    remember when he said "Every youtuber plays Minecraft now, but no.. I won't come back to play minecraft" Markiplier now: *SIKE BITCHH*

  86. Ryan Kim

    You ate almost all of your food in the beginning. Big Brain move

  87. RedWants2Die

    So is this a Pilot Episode for Drunk Minecraft Rerun just that Mark will be drinking water over beer?

  88. mediumRARE

    Mark I’m gonna have to ask you to not remind me that it’s been 8 years since you first made that joke

  89. LHS 007

    how mark shout "dont look at me" when the monster sprinted towards him, like hows that gonna improove the situation hahahahahah

  90. Popo The Popsicle

    Going back and playing these survival games again, he should play Ark again

  91. Mage Vester


  92. Rylee Stidham

    "Wife why do the haybells have butt holes chungala,chungala,chungala....Why am I dripping."-mark 2020

  93. Ajdin Kulovic

    Mall - Chapter 10

  94. Hannah Erickson

    Oh HELLLLLL no 😂 my Bluetooth speakers were up so high when this video started. Scared the crap outta me

  95. Rostik Komp

    Markiplier play the game Bully Scholarship Edition Please play

  96. Ajdin Kulovic

    City - Chapter 9

  97. Ajdin Kulovic

    Carnival - Chapter 8

  98. Snavels

    I used to think that this line from phone guy never made any sense; "Also: check on the curtain in Pirate Cove from time to time; the character in there seems unique in that it becomes more active if the cameras remain off for long periods of time. I guess he doesn't like being watched. I don't know." But now I know that both statements are true, you have to check the cameras (checking any camera at all will stop him) but you can't focus soley on him because that will agitate him. "Check on the cameras"..."Guess he doesn't like being watched"

  99. Ajdin Kulovic

    Metro - Chapter 7

  100. El Crz

    Mark it was a tree