I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I do variety gaming, livestreams, reviews, playthroughs, commentary, sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever else comes to mind. Let's explore virtual worlds and have some laughs!
I do my best to upload at least three times a week unless my life is a mess.
You can watch me live on TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/gloom
I'm also on Twitter and Instagram @GloomyKassie :)

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  1. Renee Rivas

    Gloom and Lauren

  2. Humberto Gonzalez

    No girl

  3. Virginia Tapper

    boys are mean lol.

  4. Fun Studios

    "Her name was Karen" divorce her. Before she gets the manager.

  5. Toniekua Mitchell

    Bad words

  6. Brandi Andrews

    Wow Cassie I loved the hacks and you’re Chanel is amazing

  7. Lunging Lin

    u know u can just use ur gand to paint on paper?😒

  8. Obese Tater

    10/10 acting 😂🤣


    What i MIn: is jay her bf or is terry- .0. OH GWAD IM NOT a GUD FAN EnOuGh :( AhHhhHh

  10. olia ali

    i really don't know any of theese toys REALLY

  11. Emma hyponen hyponen

    2020 anyone lol love yo frist vid aka this one

  12. Patricia Biddle

    So cute

  13. Patricia Biddle

    It's a baby bunny!!!!!!

  14. Sophia Roads


  15. Ernest Warren

    when jump scares happen* me gets ready to die*

  16. Sadira Lorenzo


  17. Desiree Price

    Why do you even have condoms.....

  18. Brenda Flores

    (5:11) more like a Parot-ley

  19. Nailah Barron

    Seven-Takes away S from seven and get even.Like if you got all of them right dislike if u got them wrong

  20. John Melvin

    Prolly pocket

  21. Ultracrafter08 Romero

    Did you say something about a garden it looked like a butterfly knife

  22. Kimberly Ruiz Gonzalez

    YHE NECKLES IS ON HER BUN!!!=D HAHAHHAhahahah ps:plz don't think that I am crazy

  23. The Hon-teas

    Gloom: *starts to shake head* Me: *shakes head, the stops and wonders why I’m doing that too*


    Am a kid and I answered it all and also my 5year old cousin answered it all to

  25. Random Diys And Tutorials

    I love it because i love bunnies their so cute

  26. Dani DIY

    Hahaha I lived in dubai

  27. Jiwan Gill

    Do you know your post it note for this right so people can see but you can’t be bored at all

  28. Avaettah Jené

    I live in Alaska born and raised and 15° is warm rn

  29. Mízümì Kãmínãrí

    I really don't care what you are or what you do you're an amazing HRselr and I love your videos ^^

  30. Bianca Narciso

    My dad name rodrigo

  31. Hannah Fischer

    i am happy she came out i just wish i seen this sooner.

  32. Cassidey Lynn

    My name is Delilah

  33. Kyla Alexander

    i love your vid babys

  34. Millie Mae

    I wanted to dislike just to make it even. But I loved the video

  35. Sassy Sisters

    My name is Lauren Gloom “Lauren!” Me “Yes???!?!?!?

  36. Booberry

    Where’s my Netherlands squad? 😉 Just me? Oke... ;c

  37. Kendal Carrell

    I am on “that time of the month rn”

  38. Kendal Carrell

    So true

  39. Queen Jay

    OK get the gas mask leaves OK we're back you still didn't get the gas mask leaves again

  40. Amiyah Williams

    10:53 she knew he was lying then how would he hear her when she said the adress

  41. Karen Monge

    I have a dog to help me to not touch bunnies

  42. Grace Lopez

    She said pimple I was like ok the pimple on the face everyone goes through that but then i realized it was a dog . Me:😔

  43. Snowflake :3

    3:21 Grave? NVM 10:45 ITS 390,625.... OUCH

  44. Dragular Susie

    Energy= my coffee

  45. Avery Hogan

    Yes yes yes yes

  46. Miracle for Mackenzie

    I'm Aries

  47. Elizabeth Howe

    The eat drink feed to cow and plant you can also do coconut :I

  48. sharon forbes

    she already watched this and she's pretending she hasn't

  49. Nikki Renshaw

    I have exma but it’s not bad and 1 like for my friend exma and my mums exma but it’s not air, now I’m comfused😂

  50. Jan Michel Mallbris

    Gloom you don’t need fashion tips! I think you look the best at all times!!😁😁😁

  51. Victoriya Tarasenkova

    I can put my tongue to the 3 thing

  52. it's me melanie :3 :3 :3 :3

    My dad's birthday is Dec 19

  53. Adriana Hernandez

    I'm. Not. Alowd. To. Have. A. Tim. Tim. Gloom

  54. Samantha Reynolds

    Gloom: me azzy me azzy me azzy Azzy: ISA PARTY

  55. 💖Not perfect💖

    G Gl Glo Gloo Gloom Gloo Glo Gl G

  56. Nikki Renshaw

    I see your friends with azzyland eny ways this is my first time watching your video

  57. Sophia Landau

    I played this mission! when you get the glasses, go to the lunch lady. she will let you leave if you do something for her. she will ask you to find her glasses. so just give the lunch lady montys glasses!

  58. Brenna 7


  59. Heather Rosila

    Whooo! So proud of you guys!

  60. Daymon Loyd

    Doctor:you're tricking the body to thinking you're freezing to death Me:🤔

    1. Daymon Loyd


  61. sad melons

    is it me or her nose looks like a...

  62. Millie Mouse

    I genuinely thought that azzy was gonna be judy

  63. Alisha McCracken

    I don't know why she is so afraid of animal

  64. Mariyah Rodriguez

    Max: arrives at two whales diner. Also Max: Talks to warren Kassie after every sentence: Nah its fine let's kiss ;)

  65. Izzy

    I was playing bitlife after this and I watched HRsel with my friend and we watched gloom and she loved it

  66. Kristian’s Gacha

    The one where cannibal John is the answer the werewolf part is wrong because werewolves can’t touch silver things.

  67. catana art productions

    i got anxiety watching you play this and i'm not even doing anything!?!

  68. Fun Studios

    2228: I'm allergic to existing

  69. Rashanda Green


  70. Adriana Hernandez

    This. Is. Halereas.

  71. Elise Perrine

    It was made on Halloween? Timing: perfect

  72. Charlotte Vera

    Me and Lauren both noticed that the ppl were the home alone guys 😂😂😆

  73. Koral Smith

    anyone else wondering why her bf is always there like making sure she doesn't say anything she'll regret or something and HE has the finger print on HER phone idk I might just be paranoid

  74. The_Original_Baby_Yoda

    Tbh if i played this game, i would freak lol

  75. The Gacha Squad

    Kassie’s step-dad was probably being so nice and then she just blamed everything on him and he was probably just so done with her shiiii

  76. Kalali Loosu

    I play the fluteee!!!

  77. Ireland Love

    I've seen some of those true stories before

  78. Charlotte Davis

    Can you do more bitlife videos i lllllooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee them!!!!

  79. meme hodge


  80. Sol Benson

    Um I only got like 3 right .-.

  81. danna mata

    Me crying

  82. Sophie Lewis-Maloney

    Thank U kassie soooo much

  83. Ariel Amram

    what is the name of the cult ?????????????????????

  84. Ella

    "He's only 10 years older then me." *Only 10?*

  85. Queen of Random

    10:24 XD

  86. Emma Jaquez

    9:23 wut...

  87. AriMeep 207

    I HATE MYSELF!!! I was drinking water and something made me giggle and laugh and I sip my water and it went down the worng tube! And I started to choke O,0

  88. low drum dum

    Um what are dunkaroos? Are we Americans missing out?

  89. Trish Edge

    I have asmae

  90. boluwarin oshiyemi

    yes there is

  91. GSL_ Ice

    When I was was in second grade my teacher made a spelling quote that said “ the coward threw foul powder on the crowds chowder

  92. Sean Carmody

    I know have a walk in closet but when I was younger my closet was a mess. A cowgirl hat was one a shelf and a dress was hanging and my cowgirl boots were under. A night I was like hello leave me alone.

  93. cify ale Marshroom

    Is there a law against sleeping with your mom's ex Or your sibling ex

  94. mckenzie cutrer

    I feel like I’m watching a episode of you.

  95. DuAnne Henry

    how do you like being rich if you han't school?

  96. Noah Perry

    there was words on the sign

  97. Allyson Bardales

    So are you still getting maried with terry?

  98. Kalali Loosu

    “I called my mom a loser, GOT EM” 😂😂

  99. Kristie Uva

    The photo of J Jay has no shirt

  100. cify ale Marshroom